Are Jayco Campers Good Quality?

The brand is much popular and the chances of spotting this trailer brand using its bluebird logo is high. Actually, Jayco trailers is one of the most selling brands of RVs in the U.S.

Are Jayco trailers good quality? Yes. Jayco campers are of good quality. In fact, since the company focuses in producing high quality campers, the company worn the 2016 Trailer Life Readers awards. Jayco trailers’ craftsmanship ensures maximum satisfaction of customers’ experiences.

Thus, in case you are still not certain of whether or not to purchase a Jayco trailers, go for it. You won’t regretted your choice. Jayco brand is one of the best RV brand that guarantees you value for your money since Jayco trailers are good quality.

What to expect in this overview of Jayco brand guide is as follows

1) Jayco Trailers History

  • Who makes Jayco trailers?
  • Awards won by Jayco brand
  • Common Jayco RV models in the market

2) Jayco Trailers Characteristics

  • Is Jayco Jay flight a good trailer?
  • Does Jayco make a good travel trailer?
  • Do Jayco camper trailers leak?
  • Which is the biggest Jayco camper trailer?
  • Look inside Jayco RV (video)

3) Warranties Offered by Jayco Brand

  • What does Jayco warranty cover?
  • Scenarios for denied warranty?
  • What does Jayco 2 year warranty cover?
  • Is Jayco 2 year warranty transferable?
  • What does Jayco 5 year warranty cover?
  • What does lifetime warranty cover?

1) Jayco Trailers History

Who Makes Jayco trailers?   

Jayco trailers are made by a company known as the Jayco Inc. which is a subsidiary of Thor Industries.

Thor Industries purchased Jayco in 2016 for $576 million. Jayco Inc. is located in Middlebury, Indiana. Most of the employees are residence of the State of Indiana.

The company is popular for manufacturing recreational vehicles in America. Some of the popular models manufactured include

  1. camping trailers,
  2. toy haulers,
  3. conventional travel trailers,
  4. motorhomes,
  5. fifth-wheel travel trailers.

Awards Won by Jayco Brand

In the RV sector, Jayco brand has worn several awards such as:

  • Quality Circle Awards
  • Best of Show-New Unit by RV News (2018 Octane)
  • Motorhome Silver Award Winner-Readers’ Choice Award 2015 (Class C)
  • Travel Trailer-Trailer Life 2015  Bronze Award Winner-Readers’ Choice Award
  • 2015 RVDA Titan Award

Common Jayco RV models in the market

Jayco RV trailers come in several models including

  • Hummingbird,
  • Jay Feather,
  • White Hawk,
  • Jay Flight,
  • Jay Flight SLX 7,
  • Jay Flight SLX8,
  • Jay Flight Bungalow,
  • Eagle HT,
  • Eagle,
  • Eagle HTX Fifth Wheel,
  • Eagle HT Fifth Wheel,
  • Eagle Fifth Wheel,
  • North Point,
  • Pinnacle,
  • Octane Super Lite,
  • Talon,
  • Talon Platinum,
  • Seismic
  • Redhawk,
  • Greyhawk,
  • Greyhawk Prestige,
  • Melbourne,
  • Senaca,
  • Alante,
  • Precept,
  • Precept Prestige,
  • Embark.

The most popular trailers among the Jayco models is the Jay Flight model. It is the best-selling model that has greatly expanded the Jayco Inc market share of the RVs. In addition, general customer reviews is positive.

2) Jayco Trailers Characteristics

Is Jayco Jay Flight a Good Trailer?

Yes. Being a best-selling RV brand for 15 years in a row in the American market, Jayco Jay Flight can be said to be a good trailer. Furthermore, customer review shows customer satisfaction for those who have has the opportunity to ride in the trailer.

In addition, the trailers is of high quality, good construction, and its pricing is affordable since you can choose a trailer you are comfortable to pay best on your budget.

Besides, the trailer designs is suitable for as little occupants of 2 or 1 to large families creating a diverse options to the consumers. In fact some RVers use Jayco trailers/RV for full time living while camping.

The interiors are luxuriously furnished with comfy sofa. Various floor plans have been used in different model from which you are likely to get your taste for choice.

High quality brakes and tires have been used in all models. Besides, the company do adjustment to fit consumer needs and any concern raise is not taken lightly as it will be addressed.

Does Jayco Make a Good Travel Trailer?

Yes. The trailers are of good quality with elegant and high quality finishing. The RV offers desired luxury and the pricing is worth the comfort obtained.

Also, the camper sizes varies depending on the occupant capacity that in turn informs the user’s choices. Besides, the trailers have sufficient storage space.

Do Jayco Camper Trailers Leak?

Leaking even in our homes do occurs ones in a while. RVs are not perfect and sometimes do leak. Once you notice your RV leaking, it is important to investigate the source of the leak in order to troubleshoot how to fix the problem.

Jayco trailers do leak although not always. Some leaks you can fix it yourself, moderate leaks you may need a technician but severe leaks needs to be addressed by the brand itself.

In fact, Jayco does recalls its RV whenever consumers complain of leaks so that it gets fixed. You can also contact support for more guidance on the same.

Leakage can be a great source of discomfort and can negatively impact your travel. There are several causes of leakages in the camper. When you notice your camper is socked especially during the rainy season check for leaks.

Your RV might be having a leak between the main body and the roof, or at the loose rubber seal and clamps could trigger leaking. Rusting screws or tighten screws should be checked since they can leak.

Rusting screws should be replaced. Tighten any loose screws. Get the body properly fixed to seal any possible leaks. Besides, if your RV is still within the warranty period return it to the dealer so it can be freely fixed for you.

Even if you have exhausted your warranty period, severe leaks should be reported and even have the RV recalled for repairs.

Which is the Biggest Jayco Camper Trailer?

Jayco Swan Outback is the biggest Jayco camper trailer. Despite the size, its easy to be towed. Its dimensions include:

  • Tare weight 1130kg
  • Interior opened height 2.070m
  • Travel height 1.660m
  • External width 2.140m
  • Open length 6.550m
  • Travel length 5.306m
  • Body length 3.833m

Look Inside Jayco RV (Video)

To see the actual features of Jayco trailer, watch this video.

Jayco Camper

3) Warranties Offered by Jayco Brand

What Does Jayco Warranty Cover?

All Jayco brands have warranty from the year of purchase. If you are interested in Jayco brand, you might be wondering how long is Jayco warranty?

Jayco offers 3 types of warranty: a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, a 5 year structural warranty, and a lifetime warranty. You can also check your manual to see specific details of the warranty. Compare Jayco brand with other RV brands in the market.

Scenarios for Denied Warranty

Some of this instances may hinder you from benefiting from the warranty

  • In an accident
  • Used commercially
  • Used for unintended purpose
  • Towed by a vehicle that is not a standard passenger vehicle
  • Damages such as tear and wear due to making the RV a permanent residence
  • Fading, tears, and punctures
  • Damages due to repairs and alterations done with an unauthorized Jayco personnel.
  • Damages from misuse
  • Damages from water during crossings
  • Stone or impact damage to the running gear, chassis or body
  • Soiling of internal fitting and fabrics due to dust or any other airborne substance’
  • Dislodgement of fitting and appliances due to hard impact, extreme rutted roads, or heavy landings.

What Does Jayco 2 Year Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers product’s workmanship and ensure that the RV if free from defects. Once you notice a defect, it will be a good idea to notify the Jayco support rather than trying to fix it yourself in case you still need to enjoy the warranty.

In case of any defects repairs is done by Jayco or an authorized personnel from Jayco. If you have a warranty, then you may not have to pay anything out out pocket. However, that is not always the case since your warranty can be denied.

Is Jayco 2 Year Warranty Transferable?

No. Jayco warranty is not transferable. It’s only applicable to the original owner. Even if you purchase a used RV for just a week, you cannot benefit from the warranty since you are not the original owner.

The inability to transfer the warrants makes the RVs depreciate fast in the market during a resell.

What Does Jayco 5 Year Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers the overall structure of the vehicle. It’s available to original owner only. The warranty covers:

  • Components and ensure leak free including silicone
  • Galvanized chassis components with exclusion of rubber and adjustment components
  • Suspension components such as J-tech suspension excluding rubber and adjustment components
  • Roofs and walls and warranty is limited to cracking, pitting, delamination, and deformed cladding
  • Workmanship and defect materials
  • Warranty chargers are free

Please not that RVs equipment such as tires, toilets, cooking appliances, fittings and other equipment are not warranted by Jayco but by their own manufacturer.

Although Jayco support can help you claim the components from a manufacturer. Maintenance that is upon purchaser responsibility is not covered under any warrant.

What Does Lifetime Warranty Cover?

The original manual roof lifting winch installed in a Jayco camper trailer carries a lifetime warranty. The warranty is applicable to original owner only and is not transferable.

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