Dual Fuel Generator For 50 Amp RV

High quality, durable and best dual fuel generator for 50 amp RV has been listed for you. Key characteristics of the dual fuel generator including pros and cons have been discussed.

is the one that is capable to efficiently power all your heavy duty RV electronics. Often, a 12,000W generator can be used to power your 50 amp RV appliances simultaneously. Choosing the best dual fuel generator for 50 amp RV that meets your needs enhances your RV life comfort.

Among the top rated best 50 amp generator for RV, I recommend using DuroMax XP12000EH dual fuel generator. It is because the RV generator meets the CARB and EPA standards making the 50 amp generator legal to use.

Besides, other than using either gasoline or propane, the RV generator is fuel efficient with longer running time hours. Furthermore, the DuroMax RV generator will automatically switch of at low fuel level in a safe mode while prevents your electronics from being damaged.

In addition, even if the generator is on and there is no devices consuming much power it has idle control over fuel resulting in less fuel consumption and minimal noise. You definitely have great value for money.

However, there are other dual fuel RV generators that you can also consider to use in powering your 50 amp RV electronics.

In this guide, expect more about

  • Top 06 Reviews : Best Dual Fuel Generator For 50 Amp RV
  • How to Choose the best 50 amp generator for RV?
  • How many watts does a 50 amp RV use?
  • What size generator do I need for a 50 amp RV?
  • How do I know if my travel trailer is 30 or 50 amp?
  • How to Maintain a Portable Generators for RV
  • How Long Can A 50 Amp Generator Cord Be?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Top 06 Reviews : Best Dual Fuel Generator For 50 Amp RV

Best Dual Fuel Generator

Below is a table summary of top 6 best dual fuel generator for RV. Detail analysis of what you need to know about the RV generators manufacturers’ specification has been tabulated.

RV 50 Amp Generator  

DuroMax XP12000EH, 50 Amp Generator RVPulsar G12KBN, 
50 Amp Generator RV
Westinghouse WGen9500,      
50 Amp Generator RV
Firman H08051

 50 Amp Generator RV
Champion Power Equipment 100161,
50 Amp Generator RV
Pulsar PG10000B16,       50 Amp Generator RV
Running watt 9,500 9,500 9,500 8,000 gas 7,250 propane7500 8,000 gas 7,000 propane
Starting watt 12,000 12,000 12,500 10,000 gas 9050 propane9375 10,000 gas 9000 propane
Engine(cc) 457 457 457 439439 420
Voltage & Amp@RV 120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A 120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A 120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A 120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A 120/240V 30A 120/240V 50A
Voltage & Amp@Locking 120/240V 30A 120/240V 30A  120/240V 30A   120/240V 30A   120/240V 30A 120/240V 30A
Fuel Sources(Duel Fuel/gas) Either gas or propane  Either gas or propane Either gas or propane Either gas or propanegas  Either gas or propane
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.3 gal 8.0 gal 6.6gal 8.0gal6.1gal 6.6gal
Sound/Noise Level(dBA)Minimum noise at ¼ load 72dBA Minimum noise at ¼ load 76dBA Minimum noise at ¼ load 74dBA Minimum noise at ¼ load 74dBAMinimum noise at ¼ load 74dBA Minimum noise at ¼ load 76dBA
Running Time@1/2 load 9hrs –gasoline 4hrs -propane12hrs –gasoline 5hrs -propane 12hrs –gasoline 7hrs -propane 12hrs –gasoline 6hrs -propane8hrs –gasoline 12hrs –gasoline 9hrs -propane
USB Port(DC-Supply)Y/N Y Y Y YY Y
Weight 221 lbs 209 lbs 288lbs 221lbs207lbs 209lbs
Dimension 30”x22”x26” 28.5”x21”x22” 27.2”X26.1”X26.5” 31.7”x22”x23.8”27.3”x26”x27.8” 28.5”x22.2”x21.8”
Warranty 3yrs 2yrs 3yrs 3yrs3yrs 
Top 6 Best Dual Fuel Generator

1. DuroMax XP12000EH RV 50 Amp Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH generator is a dual fuel generator for RV. Duromax 50 amp generator has a high capacity engine branded DuroMax. For maximum efficiency of the RV generator performance, a high starting wattage of 12,000W and a lower running wattage of 9,000 wattage is needed.

DuroMax portable 50 amp generator for RV is equipped with two 120 V receptacle. Dual receptacle system are connected in parallel such that they collaboratively ensure efficient load balancing whenever the RV generator is in use. 

Furthermore, the RV generator design has meet the air pollution laws and is safe for use. DuroMax XP12000EH generator is fitted with fuel gauges and indicators. Fixed GFCI outlets protects against electric shocks during power surges. Voltage is automatically regulated.

Besides 1 DC outlet of 12V 8A outputs is available. 5 AC outlets of 120/240V 50A, 120/240V 30A, 120V 30A, and 120V 20A GFCI outlet.


  • Dual power capability makes it convenient to use
  • Can be moved from one place to another
  • Has indicators to show various status condition for oil level, power outlets, and circuit breakers
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Can be used in all States in USA
  • 50-amp outlet


  • This 50 amp generator for RV weighs about 221lbs and is quite heavy. You cannot move it alone.
  • It cannot run completely quiet

2. Pulsar G12KBN RV 50 Amp Generator

Pulsar G12KBN 50 amp generator is heavy duty dual fuel generator for RV. The 50 amp generator for RV is fitted with 6 AC power outlets with the following ratings 12V 8A, 120/240V 30A, 120/240V 50A, two 120V 20A duplexes, and DC outlet.

Pulsar G12KBN 50 amp generator is portable, sturdy and can be used for outdoors power needs. Output status display panel indicates lifetime house, voltages, and frequency. Fuel level indicator has an LED that can indicate low fuel warning signal based on the readings from fuel gauge.


  • Meets environmental safety air standards
  • You can use either gasoline or propane fuel
  • Great for outdoor use
  • It is portable
  • Approved for use in 50 USA States
  • Easy to use
  • 50-amp outlet


  • You need extra help to move the RV generator from place to place since it is heavy
  • It cannot run quietly

3. Westinghouse WGen9500 RV 50 Amp Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500 generator is a dual fuel generator for RV. The DC outlet and USB ports comes in handy when you need to charge laptops, tablets, and phones among others.

Westinghouse generator power outlets are rated as 120/240V 30A, 120/240V 50A, two 120V 20A duplexes, and 2 DC outlet. Furthermore, you have double USB ports each rated 5V.

Greater powering power backup techniques since the engine starting method can be either remote, recoil, or electric. Furthermore, on full tank the RV generator engine can continuously run for up to 17.5hours.

Besides, Westinghouse dual fuel generator for RV can automatically switch to use either fuel without shutting down. Control panel display allows you to keep track of voltages, fuel level and frequency. Besides, fuel indicator displays enables you to plan ahead on when to refill your tanks.


  • Up to 17.5hrs operation on full tank
  • Meets CARB guidelines
  • High powering capacity
  • Can be remotely started electrically
  • 50-amp outlet


  • Lacks automation idle control
  • Heavy to lift
  • Has noise when operating

4. Firman H08051 RV 50 Amp Generator

The Firman dual fuel generator is a dual fuel generator for RV. The outside casing is made from steel making it more strong and suitable for use in harsh environment outdoor power needs.

High automation capability such that whenever the fuel level is low the 50 amp generator for RV automatically switches off. Besides, there is an LED indicator to show levels of fuel to help you refill the tank to avoid inconvenience.

Frequency, voltage and the RV generator’s running hours can be viewed from the control panel. Power outlets include 120V 30A, 120/240V 30A, 120/240V 50A, and 2 GFCI rated 120V 20A. It has USB and DC outlet.


  • Duel fuel use capabilities
  • Meets environmental safety standards
  • Run time hours is long
  • Has a remote starting capability


  • The heavy weight makes it hard to move from place to place
  • It has noise

5. Champion Power Equipment 100161 RV 50 Amp Generator

The Champion generator for RV is a dual fuel generator for RV. The RV generator also has 2 USB outputs and a 12V DC output that can power your DC powered devices.

The champion dual fuel generator has the following ratings for power outlets; 4 GFCI of 120V 20A, 120/240V 50A, 120/240V 30A, and locking 120/240V 30A.

The three starting method that can be used to start the RV generator include:

  • Electric starting
  • Remote starting
  • Recoil starting

The heavy duty 50 amp generator can power two air conditioners for travel trailer or for a fifth wheel as well as power other electronics inside the RV. Besides, the automatic display monitor helps you track operating hours, voltages, and frequency.

Fuel indicator is available to enable you know when to refill your tanks. Also, the internal surge protector automatically protects your electronics from being damaged by power surge.


  • Longer run time hours
  • Meets CARB standard guidelines
  • Several power outlets makes it convenient power source for RV
  • Can be started remotely


  • Much lower run time at half load
  • It has noise
  • Efficiency in terms of fuel is much low

6. Pulsar PG10000B16 RV 50 Amp Generator

Pulsar PG10000B16 is a dual fuel generator for RV. Pulsar portable 50 amp generator for RV, is fitted with 6 AC power outlets with the following ratings 12V 8A, 120/240V 30A, 120/240V 50A, two 120V 20A duplexes, and DC outlet. The 50 amp generator meets the environmental laws standards.


  • Dual fueling capability increases convenience of use
  • Higher running time hours
  • Fuel efficient
  • More outlets makes it attractive for RV use


  • Has noise when operating
  • Lacks remote operation
  • Standards does not meet CARB requirement

How to Choose the best 50 amp generator for rv?

50 Amp Generator For RV | RV Generator

In order to choose the best 50 amp generator for RV, it is important to consider several factors including your RV electrical demands, and wattage of your amp.

Then, you try to match the RV generator that has enough capacity to fit your demands without providing extreme low or high power. That way, you will be able to find the best RV generator for full time RV living or when you rent an RV.

Electrical Rating For RV Electronics

There are commonly used RV appliance whose ratings you must consider before powering the devices with a 50 amp for RV. High water devices include AC, microwave, and fridge that informs the most on the RV generator to choose.

The table below is an average electrical wattage for RV electronics that you can sum up to find your power needs. In the instance any of your electronics is missing, check the manufacturer manual to see the wattage ratings.

Electronics for RVStarting WattageRunning Wattage
Coffee maker800800
Satellite Receiver250240
Microwave Oven1,500/1,300/1,0001,500/1,300/1,000
Electrical grill1,6501,600
RV Fridge600800
DVD Player350350
Portable fan12040
Hair dryer19001800
Table showing how many watts needed for RV electronics

Finding Total Wattage for a 50 Amp

Once you sum up the total starting and running wattages for RV electronics that you use using the above table, let’s compute the total wattage of a 50 amp.

Total wattage=Amps x Volts

Where amp= 50 amp, Volts=120V (One hot wire voltage of a 50 amp RV plug)

Resultant total voltage =6,000W.

However, since there are 2 hot wire rated 120V of RV 50 amp plug, we multiply the wattage by 2. The final total voltage of a 50 amp for RV is 12,000W.

Buying The Best Generator for 50 amp

The 50 am RV generator you should choose should be able to supply the 50 amp power. However, we actually do not need to get an RV generator with an output power of 12,000W.

The 12,000 wattage is too much since you can realize from the wattage computed for RV electronics is much less. Besides, an RV generator which such capability is very costly yet it will be under used in RV having the listed electronic devices.

Keep your focus on starting voltage when choosing an RV generator for 50 amp. With an assumption that you will have a single AC for RV then an RV generator rated 4,000W can meet your electrical demands.

However, if you are to run 2 AC systems, then a higher wattage RV generator will be needed in order for all your devices to be powered.

Wattage Ratings for RV Air Conditioning

Heavy duty dual fuel generators are among the best generator for RV air conditioner. 50 amp generators for RV have high wattage rating sufficient to run your AC.

The generator should have wattage above the starting wattage for ac and extra wattage to cater for other devices. Can I run my RV air conditioner on 110? Click to find out more.

Air Conditioning for RVStarting WattageRunning Wattage
15,000 BTU3,500W1,500W
13,500 BTU2,700W1,250W
10,000 BTU2,000W700W
7,000  BTU1,700W600W
Table showing how many wattage does RV ac use

Final Word On Choosing Your Generator for RV

Thus, once you add up all the wattage you may need you can have a clear picture of the kind generator for RV to choose. However, relying on the total summation can make you buy a high capacity RV generator that you do not need especially when you will not be running all the appliances together.

 If you can run at least one heavy wattage appliance at a given time then you can save a lot when getting your RV generator. In most case it is rare to find that you are using all electronics for RV at the same time.

How many watts does a 50 amp RV use?

A 50 amp RV uses 12,000 watts. The wattage comes about by the presence of 2 hot wires in the 50 amp. Each hot wire has a voltage rating of 120V. Mathematically, the power supplied to each hot wire is equivalent to:

Watt=Amp x Voltage=50 x 120=6,000W power per single hot wire.

Since the 50 amp uses 2 hot wires then to compute the total wattage this formulae can be used:

Method 1

6,000W + 6,000W=12,000W

Method 2

Watt=Amp x Voltage

50 amp has 2 hot wires each rated 120 volts.

Therefore, Watt=2(50 x 120) =12,000W

Method 3

Watt=50 x (2×120) =12,000W

Method 4

Summing the total voltages of the 2 hot wires gives 240V

Thus, Watt=50 x 240=12,000W


It is evident that a 50 amp RV can output a lot of power amounting to 12,000W. On the other hand, a 30 amp RV can supply a total of 3,600W. Since 50 amp supply more than 3 times power for a 3 amp, 50 amp as used in RV that demand high power.

Even if you have the best 50 amp generator for RV with an output capacity of 12,000W, it is less likely that all the power will be consumed at the same time. It is because despite the high out capability, it is less likely that you will be simultaneously run all the electronics for RV.

What size generator do I need for a 50 amp RV?

Best RV Generator

Choose 20% Extra Wattage for RV Generator

Once you do all your power needs computation, you need to work with a safe margin. Using the total wattage for your appliance, compute an extra 20% of that wattage. Use the final readings to get an RV generator with an output wattage within that range.

Furthermore, depending on your future power needs you can decide to buy a higher power generator for RV. In that manner, any further upgrades for RV can comfortably be added to the RV generator with no worries of generator’s performance.

Low Load, Use 4,000W RV Generator

You require an RV generator with at least 4,000 watts. However, the exact wattage generator for RV can be based on your power needs. You have to do the total wattage computation of all your appliances before choosing an RV generator for your 50 amp RV.

It is not recommended to buy a 4,000W RV generator yet you have a roof air conditioning. It is because most roof air conditioning for RV have been rated 3500W starting and 1,500W running. The AC functionality is likely to be negatively affected when you wish to simultaneously power other devices.

However, if you can start an AC alone until it starts running before powering other low wattage devices then it can work well. Be sure to start powering your AC first before other electronics. Air condition for RV uses a high starting power and a low running power. Once on, you are good to continue.

Medium Load, Use a 6,000W RV Generator

However, with 6,000W RV generator capacity you can be able to simultaneously run a toaster, microwave oven, and a roof AC. These appliance have a higher starting rating. Once started, running wattage is low. Besides, you can still be able to power other small appliance.

Majority of RVers use a 6,000W RV generator since chances of simultaneously running an AC, microwave oven, and a fridge is very high.  

High Load, Use a 12,000W RV Generator

It is also worth noting that in the instance you have 2 air conditioners and would also like to simultaneously run other high wattage devices such as a fridge then consider getting a 12,000W RV generator.

The high wattage RV generator is heavy duty with a higher capability to power all your RV electrical appliances at the same time.

Often, a 12,000W RV 50 amp generator are commonly used in high end RV such as luxury motorhome. RVers owning luxury RVs or any motorhome that uses 2 AC, and can simultaneously power other devices such as microwave oven, fridge, and RV water heater.

In such as case it is only a high output 12, 000W RV can efficiently be used. Furthermore, this high end RV generator is quite expensive than other low wattage RV generators.

Storage Location

Be sure the about the size of the 50 amp RV generator you intend to buy. The generator should fit in your RV as you intend to use it while RVing. Often, there exists a specially made RV generator location in your RV. Get the dimensions of the 50 amp RV generator and the generator compartment for RV.

Cross check the dimensions and select the best 50 amp generator for RV that can comfortably fit inside your RV. Avoid the last minute disappointment where you have to leave the 50 amp RV generator behind simply because it cannot fit in your RV.

How do I know if my travel trailer is 30 or 50 amp?

Even with no technical background, it is not complicated to know at a glance whether or not your RV is 30 amp or 50 amp. Simply, have a look at the plug and check the number of prongs.

5 significant difference between a 50 amp plug for RV and a 30 amp plug for RV.

1. Difference In Plugs

Observe keenly at your RV plugs to be able to identify which type of the plug it is. 50 amp RV uses a 50 amp plug while a 30 amp RV uses a 30 amp plug. Here is the difference between the two.

A 50 amp RV plug has 4 prongs consisting of ground wire, 2 hot wires and 1 neutral wire. The two hot wires have voltage ratings of 120V each. On the other hand, a 30 amp plug has 3 prongs comprising on one hot wire rated at 120V, ground wire and neutral wire.

2. Difference In Power

50 amp for RV can be able to handle a total of 12,000W load. Consequently, 50 amp plugs high power capabilities makes them suitable for use in heavy load RVs. RVs that have high power demanding devices such as running 2 AC then it is the most suitable for use.

On the other hand, the total power wattage of a 30 amp can handle is 3,600W. Consequently, 30 amp plugs for RVs are used in low load RVs. They can power a fridge and other low power devices such as a TV.

3. Use of Appliances

When using a 50 amp, simultaneous electronics for RVs can be powered at the same time. The output power is sufficient to handle the devices power needs. However, when using a 30 amp for RV the low power output limits devices you can run simultaneously.

4. Inside the Amp Circuit Breaker

In a 50 amp for RV, dual 50 amp circuit breaker are used. Thus, enabling the 50 amp handle more power needs without the breaker tripling. On the other hand, 30 amp for RV uses a single 30 amp circuit breaker. Load to be added is significantly reduced.

5. Power Outlets

With keen observation, it can be noted that a 50 amp RV has more power outlets compared to a 30 amp RV. Consequently, you have more opportunities to add more devices in a 50 amp RV compared to when using a 30 amp RV.


You may be tempted to use either plugs in your RV without being keen on power load. Although the plug can handle the power, but over an extended period of time you are likely to damage your electronics. Thus, only use the recommended plugs for 50 amp for RV or 30 amp for RV.

How to Maintain a Portable Generators for RV

Once you own the best 50 amp generator for RV, it is important to maintain it well in order to increase its durability and efficiency. A well maintained 50 amp generator for RV ensures that the RV generator is ready to use whenever you need it.

Failure to do regular maintenance is likely to affect the engine starting mechanism. Proper maintenances of generator for RVs entails:


Whether or not the 50 amp generator is in use, the RV generator surroundings as well as the outer casing should be clean at least on a monthly basis.

Wipe out any waste debris, fuel spillage, molds, or dust particles. During storage, use generator covers for RVs such that you cover the machine.

Be sure to remove the covering when you want to run the 50 amp generator to reduce the risk of overheating. For maximum performance of generators there should be free air circulation around the generator.

No Idle Full Tank

Once in a while your RV generator can still have plenty of left over fuel after use. It is not recommended to store the generators for RV for a prolonged period with idle fuel. Empty the tanks before storage to minimize gum deposit formation that can affect performance.

Back Up Fuel

Make it a good habit to always have extra fuel just in case the 50 amp RV generator runs out of fuel yet you need it. Before starting your generator, be sure to check fuel gauges and top up the fuel whenever the indicator shows low fuel.

Besides, purchase extra fuel filters as you may need to use them frequently when topping up with fresh fuel.


Some generators use battery for startup. In the instance you want to store the generator for long periods, it is recommended that you change the battery before storing. However, some portable generators for RV do not have a starting battery.

Running Generator When Stored

It is recommended that the best 50 amp generator for RV should be run at least once after 30 days if your storage duration is prolonged. Running the generator makes fuel circulate the engine and the tubes thereby making it ready for use when you need it.

How Long Can A 50 Amp Generator Cord Be?

Recommended Length

Majority of 50 amp generator cords for RV have a length of 25 feet. Often, when buying a new 50 amp RV you will be given a 50 amp generator cord. Similarly, 50 amp generator for RV can have a 50 amp RV cord as part of the accessories.

The 25 feet long 50 amp generator cord ensures that you receive the much needed power with minimal power loss if any. Otherwise, using an extremely long cord can alter the power reaching your RV.

A typical scenario is power cords in campgrounds. Be keen when plugging in to campground shore power.

Scenario Where Cord Length May Meet the Standard

Assuming you get a power outlet that is 200 feet away from the main campground power source. At the same time, say the campground owner had used a 6 gauge wire cord. Already, the voltage along the power cord has already reduced. What do you do?

Make use of voltage surge protectors to monitor the voltages. In summer peak seasons being at the same place yet other RVers are powering high power devices, then chances of you running into problems is high. You are less likely to power your device.

Also, when booking for a camping spot be sure to consider the distance from the power source. However, most campgrounds ensure a safe power distance that can effectively supply your power demands.


Generators can be quite expensive and finding the best dual fuel generator for 50 amp RV that meets all your power needs brings about the desired satisfaction.

When choosing the best 50 amp generator for RV ensure the physical sizes fits your RV compartment, and the generator output voltage fits your RV equipment power needs.

It is recommended that you compare the manufacturer specifications among your generator choice list to be able to decide on the best dual fuel generator for 50 amp RV.

Furthermore, never buy a generator for RV with wattage equal to your total electronics likely to be used simultaneously. Have an upper limit of at least 20% extra wattage to be able to get value for choosing the best 50 amp generator for RV.

Besides, always store your generator in a good environment free from dirt, water leaks, and other debris that could affect the generator’s efficiency. Empty all the fuel from the RV 50 amp generator when you do not intend to use for an extended period of time such as winter.

Run the RV generator at least once after 30 days for better engine maintenance. Also, use the best dual fuel generator for 50 amp RV covers to cover the RV generator when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size wire should I use for a 50 amp RV plug?

For a 50 amp RV plug, use either 6 gauge wire or 8 gauge wire. A 6 gauge wire is efficient to use for RVs with length of about 50 feet. On the other hand, an 8 gauge wire can be used in a 50 amp RV plug for RV that is about 25 feet length for maximum efficiency.

What can you run on 50 amps?

You can safely run a single high starting power devices alongside other low starting power device. Choose to run either air conditioning, electric water heater, microwave oven, or space heater one at a time. You cannot power them all at once. In addition, it is safe to run the fridge. Be sure to use EMS for RV in the instance you need to power more devices.

Can I run a 50 amp RV on a 30 amp generator?

Yes but not directly. You must connect the female 50 am RV adapter to a 30 amp RV adapter to safely complete the circuit. In that manner, you can hook up your 50 amp RV into a 30 amp RV Park shore power.  However, the load to be powered by the 50 amp RV will have to be reduced to enhance efficiency.  

Is a 50 amp RV 110 or 220?

50 amp RV is 220. Normally, manufactures designed allowable range of voltage for 50 amp RV is 220-250 volts. On the other hand, a 30 amp RV can safely operate at voltage range of 110-125 volts.

Will 8 gauge wire carry 50 amps?

Yes. 50 amp RV can run on either 8 gauge wire or a 6 gauge wire. Do not use 10 gauge wire. 10 gauge wire are good to use for 30 amp RVs but not for 50 amp RV.

What is 50 amps in volts?

240 Volts for few RV that are superior. However, 120 volt for most general RVs. A 50 amp RV plug has 2 hot wires rated 120 volts each, a ground wire, and neutral wire.

Can I plug my 50 amp RV into my dryer outlet?

No. 50 amp generator plug operates at a voltage rating of 120V while dryer outlet operates at a voltage ratings of 240V. Since the voltages are not similar, the connection can reduce efficiency of devices. Example, a microwave oven for RV rated 50 amp will produce less than ¼ needed heat when connected to 240 volt of say dryer outlet.

Can I plug my 50 amp RV into 220v?

No. The 2 hot wires operate separately at 120V and together can power a 240V system. That does not mean you can plug your 50 amp RV to 220V. To prevent damaging an electrical appliance in your RV do not plug your 50 amp RV to 220V

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