Can I Park My RV In My Backyard? USA States Ultimate Guide For Parking RV In Backyard

Can I Park My RV In My Backyard

You have a backyard and wondering whether or not you are allowed to park your RV in your backyard? Find facts about parking RV in your backyard.

Can I park my RV in my backyard? Yes. There is no law that prohibits parking RV in backyard for loading or offloading but fulltime living in your backyard can be a problem and you need a permit. Is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard?  No. It is illegal to live in RV in your backyard.

Check the local and HOA regulations concerning your area. Find your area authorities to get a permit if you have to legally spend a night or 2, or do repairs in your backyard.

Federal Law On Parking RV In Backyard

Parking RV in backyard

There is no specific federal law yet that prohibits your from parking RV in backyard. However, in some areas the requirements may be that parked RV should be out of view or only overnight RV parking is allowed.

In some States, completely no recreational vehicle of any form weather a motorhome motorcycle, travel trailer, boat, camper, mini-scooter, or a motor vehicle among others can be parked in your backyard.

Although you can find some RVers parking and living in their backyards, in most States it is illegal especially if you do not have a permit.

Some of RV Parking Conditions If Allowed in Your Backyard

  • Maximum dimensions not to exceed 10 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 28 feet long
  • Accessory structure setbacks should be met
  • No parking in front of yard except when loading and offloading
  • Maximum loading and offloading time is 48 hours
  • Parking for a limited time stay should be at the rear side of the backyard. Your land zone should also meet the set standards of residential parking laws.

Do not spoil your RV living with family, get a permit if you have to park in your yard for purposes of loading or offloading your RV. Note that loading and offloading of passengers or goods is allowed for a limited period of time in most States.

Parking RV In Backyard in USA States

USA States Parking RV in backyard inIs Parking Allowed?Is living allowed?
AlabamaYesNo, to be left empty no overnight stay even for owner. Permit is needed for extended parking
CaliforniaYes Maximum of 2 RVs Extended stay need a permitNo
North CarolinaYes, Maximum of 48 hoursNo
South CarolinaNoNo
ChicagoYes, with permitNo, unless with exceptional permit
ColoradoYes, with permit, at the rear/side of backyard. No more than 28 day is a YEARNo
FloridaYes Rear/side of backyardNO
MichiganYes Only 1, at the rear/side of backyardNo  
MissouriYes Not more than 6, for purposes of loading and unloading only, Within 48 hours in the presence of ownerNo
New MexicoYes Follow the rear/side backyard parkingNo
New York, NYCNoNo
TexasYes, with permitNo
VirginiaYes, Maximum of 48 hours for loading and offloadingNo
Is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard

Living In RV In Your Backyard

Is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard?  NO. It is illegal to live in RV in your backyard. In most State you cannot live in RV in your backyard. You have to rent somewhere else to park your RV. Some lands such as RV parks have been designated for RV living but not your backyard.

Besides, if you are living in RV fulltime you must know the laws concerning RV parking. There are so many places you can park your RV, including an overnight stay, and legally live in long term RV park, but not in your backyard.

Things You Cannot Do When RV Is Packed in Your Backyard

  • No living in the parked RV
  • No sleeping
  • No housekeeping

Things You Can Do When Parking is permitted in Your Backyard

  1. Loading and offloading of goods and passengers: in most States a maximum of 48 hours is allowed to do so
  2. Repairs if needed you must get a permit and is time limited

Why Not Park Your RV in Your Backyard for Fulltime RVing

Based on federal law, RV is not considered as a permanent dwelling in the housing laws. Rather, RV is considered as vehicles for recreational, camping, and travel purposes.

Therefore, parking your RV in your backyard is illegal and if you have to especially for an extended stay, you need a permit from your area authorities.

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Can I park my RV in my backyard? Yes. Loading and offloading is allowed. For extended stay parking you need a permit but is not allowed in most States. Is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard?  No. It is illegal to live in your backyard even if parking RV in backyard is allowed. Follow the recommended parking guidelines when parking RV in backyard when permitted. Seek permit if you have to do repairs of your RV in your backyard.

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