Can I Rent Out My RV on My Property?

Thinking of renting your RV during the unused period when its simply parked on your property could be a good idea to make some extra coins. However, in most cases State laws do not allow renting RV on a property.

Can I rent out my RV on my property? No. It’s illegal to rent your RV even for more than 3 days in your own property. It’s because renting a property would require a user’s address details yet your RV is an automobile that has no specific permanent address. Besides, RVs may not allowed in driveways.

However, if the city laws allows RV to be rented it is ok. Besides, if in other areas they allow and not your place, consider advertising it for rent when not using the camper.

It will actually earn you extra income instead of letting it idle in your backyard. So, do your homework well to know the existing policies on renting an RV.

Be safe with the law and your RV would be more than an asset and not a liability.

This guide further seeks to share more insights on

1 Living in an RV

  • Is it legal to live in an RV?
  • Can I live in RV on my property?
  • Do you need a permit for someone to live in an RV in your backyard and pay rent?
  • Can you camp on your own property?

2 Renting your RV

  • What are the pros and cons of using your RV for rental income?
  • How much can I rent my RV for?
  • Can you rent out an RV on Airbnb?
  • Can I rent my land to campers?

3 Things to know before renting RV (video)

1 Living in an RV

Is it Legal to Live in an RV?

You can legally live in an RV. However, you must be acquitted with laws concerning RV parking. Not every place you find an empty slot you can park your RV even if that land is yours.

You can park in an RV campground, and mobile home parks that meet the necessary zoning standards. For a frequent traveler using an RV, you are less likely to have issues with the law. But, if you intent to camp in a specific area for long be sure to know the policies.

In rural and very poor places the law enforcers are less likely to show any concern in your parking and living in an RV wherever you get a good place. Although, a call from an unhappy neighbor to the authorities can end your comfort.

Can I Live in RV On My Property?

Yes and No. You can live in the RV in your property temporarily. If you want to make the RV your permanent residence then it is illegal. You are likely to break the land use laws concerning homes even if the land is yours. However, full time living in RV while camping is possible.

Thus, full time living in an RV is illegal because an RV is not listed as permanent dwelling in the law. Based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an RV is considered only for camping, travel, and recreational use.

Beside, you cannot have an address using your RV. So paying bills, receiving commodities, paying taxes and loans can be a challenge by the suppliers to track you. You need a permanent home for an address.

Be sure to know the local laws concerning RV living and parking in your home backyard to be safe with the authorities. Otherwise, you are likely to be on the wrong of the law when you get caught during normal surveillance or you be reported by a neighbor.

Do You Need a Permit for Someone to Live in an RV in Your Backyard and Pay Rent?

No. You actually do not require any permit since in the first place in most States it is illegal to live or rent in an RV a backyard. Actually, it is a violation of housing policies concerning rental living.

However, some people still manage to live and even rent there RV for living but in rural or very poor areas where the law enforcement is less likely to be stringent.

Although in case a problem occurs and the authorities are notified then you can be in a big mess.

Besides, if you decide to rent your RV in your home some neighbors may not be happy. Worse case is if the neighbor calls the insurance company to notify them of your deeds. They are likely to cancel your policy and in case of a problem you won’t be compensated.

In addition, in places where rental and housing policies are being followed, if you are reported to authorities for civil violations, then be sure to face the law.

Furthermore, in case you do rent your RV for living and in worst case scenario your ‘tenant’ refuses to pay rent.

The municipality is likely not to intervene in the matter since the financial transaction would be considered as being private that involved the two parties and no apartment laws applies on an RV since it’s a locomotive.

So, before making a conclusive decision to rent your RV in your backyard be sure to follow the laws. Find out the existing policies of whether or not you can be allowed to rent.

Remember in matters concerning the law, ignorance is not an excuse. Consult an attorney who is familiar with rental and local property laws if need be.

Can You Camp on Your Own Property?

No. It is illegal to camp in your own property in the USA. Actually, the maximum time you can camp at your place is two weeks. Unless you obtain a permit from the authorities if you plan on extending your camping on your land.

Besides, before you are given a permit you must meet the zoning restrictions in your city. Also, the minimum square footage requirement must be met.

The dwelling will also need to be approved by the authorities and therefore a search would be conducted. Remember police can search your RV without a search warrant.

Minimum home size ranges from 500-1000 square feet in most States. Thus, a cabin of 200-400 won’t be allowed to be built in that place. The cabin built must meet international codes of standards.

Rural areas can have a much larger lot size in case it is a business you intend to do. You are also required to have water source, power system, and septic system to be given a permit.

It is because an RV is not considered as a dwelling place and no land or house or rental laws applies to it since it is also a locomotive. Actually, an RV should be used for travels, camping, and recreational activities.

Furthermore, most States prohibits leaving in RV since it will trigger more people including the homeless to set up the new home in the cities and surroundings.

As a result, the properties in the vicinity would be devalued. Also, no physical address needed for various essential such as paying bills, and loans can be given for a locomotive.

2 Renting your RV

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Your RV for Rental Income?

When it comes to renting your RV for other people to use in their travels, you need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your action. There exist gains and wins that need to be weighed to inform your decision.

Pros of Renting Your RV

Great value:

RV is an asset that you won’t want it to idle when you do not use it since it depreciate. Renting increases its value

Ready for use:

Since the RV is frequently being used the chances of ensures it is well maintained is very high. So, the next time you want to use it, just start the ride

Minimal lot rot:

Lot rot occur when the RV is idle. Since it in use the high risk part for lot rot such as gears, slides, seals, and pipes undergo minimal to no rot

Extra income:

The more you rent it the more income you make. Besides, some people can are willing to pay more than enough to sustain your income. Remember, renting is not a get rich quick way since you still need to do some maintenance after use.

Cons of Renting Your RV


As mileage increases depreciation also increases. It is advisable for you to deliver the RV to their desired campground, venues, or events for safe driving. Some users are careless.


The more other people drive the RV, the higher the risks of damage. Just deliver the motorhome where needed. In fact, deliver, set up, and tear down. These services include in your charges and your contract policy for better maintenance of your RV. 

How Much Can I Rent My RV for?

The rental price for an RV varies depending with the model of the RV. More often, Class A campers tend to be more expensive since they have more amenities. Besides, you can earn good extra money on rentals but you must meet the set standards.

The table below shows an average market price for renting out an RV based on the type of RV you are renting.

Type of RVRental Price (per night)Rental Price (per week)Potential Earnings (per year)
Pop-up Camper$50-$100$350-$700$6,000-$13,000
Fifth Wheel$60-$150$420-$1,050$11,000-$22,000
Travel Trailer$50-$125$350-$875$9,000-$19,000
Class C$150-$200$1,050-$1,400$$13,000-$27,000
Class B$100-$200$700-$1,400$12,000-$25,000
Class A$175-$275$1,225-$1,925$15,000-$30,000
How much is renting an RV?

You can rent out your RV during the warm seasons including during summer which is the peak season for camping. Also, you can rent out during your off season whenever you do not intend to use. Instead of making your RV stay idle, rent it out to make extra income.

Some of the sites you can advertise your RV for renting include RV Share, Outdoorsy, Campanda, Cruise America, El Monte RV, Airbnb, and LandShare among other rental sites.

It is easy to create the account in this site and little effort is needed to post your RV. Ensure your photos are of good quality and appealing. Get more information on how much is renting an RV for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and months.

Can You Rent Out an RV on Airbnb?

Yes. You can rent out your RV on Airbnb and make extra cash without letting your RV idle for lack of use when you do not need to use it. You just have to list out your RV or camper on the platform to allow potential people to get in touch and rent it out.

The following is a simple guide of how to rent out my RV on Airbnb.
  1. Visit the website
  2. Select “Become a Host”
  3. Fill in the details such as your country, the specifications of your rental, and capacity of the rental
  4. Sign in or create an account. It’s always free
  5. Read the terms and conditions on “Before You Join”
  6. Go to “What kind of place are you listing”
  7. Select “Unique space” then select Camper/RV
  8. Select the amount of space for rent and select whether it is to be primarily used by guest or not, and whether you list as a company or an individual
  9. Complete the RV information section details: rooms, beds, bathrooms, kitchen etc
  10. Add your location: where the RV will be picked
  11. Add the amenities that can be used while RV is on rent such as dishwasher, washing machine etc
Follow this steps on how to rent an RV on Airbnb
  1. Check platform
  2. On upper left corner of the screen, select the area near you or the place you intent to travel with the rented RV
  3. Select “Filters” button on top
  4. Scroll down to “Unique Homes”
  5. Select Camper/RV
  6. Check the available RVs listed and go ahead and rent
  7. If no options pops out, select another neighboring area. Probably in your choice area there was no RV for rent at that time.
Getting reviews on Airbnb

Some few tips on how to get good reviews on Airbnb as a host after you have successfully rented out your RV and has been returned.

  • Maintain cleanliness of your RV
  • Provide towels/paper towels/soaps/toilet papers etc
  • Communicate clearly and be specific
  • Ensure the check in and check out process is quick and easy
  • Be understanding of circumstances and be polite
  • Make your camper stylish and super adorable
  • Be enthusiastic and personable when striking a deal with guest

Can I Rent my Land to Campers?

Yes you can. If you have a beautiful land, you can consider sharing it with others and make extra income. Remember, you must follow the local zoning laws and fire restrictions since not all places welcome RV camping even in your own land.

Post your land on the Landshare. The Landshare platform is operated with Hipcamp. The platform is an online space that allows people to list their unique lands or find camping space of their chosen locations.

Landshare is now becoming popular since the traditional campgrounds tend to be highly booked and even filled to capacity especially on peak seasons such as summer. Consider renting a space on the platform within your budget.

Landshare has a safety guarantee of up to $1,000,000. Each landscape got its own page, photos, and even booking software.

Other than land, you can also list camping dwelling such as

  • trailer/RV/Camper,
  • yurt,
  • barn,
  • safari tend,
  • gypsy wagon,
  • teepee including their features and amenities.
  • farms, wineries and other commercial lands for campers.

Some of the spots listed on the Landshare include but not limited to Tee-Pee Hollow in North California, and a tree house near Austin in Texas among others. Besides, just as in Airbnb guest and host can post reviews on each other.

3 Things to Know Before Renting RV

It is important to gain better understanding before renting your RV to prevent being scammed and still get your desirable profit. Watch this video to gain the tips.

Tips For Renting RV

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