Can You Drink in Moving RV?

It is very normal to have an urge to take a couple of sips of a drink. Many people do and you are not the first one. Some even have parked cans and bottles of drinks for the journey since RV lifestyle is all about fun and adventures.

You can drink as long as you are not the driver or probably not intending to drive. It’s safer when you drink while in the “house” section of the RV and not in the driver’s cabin. Also, some States do not allow open alcohol containers in moving vehicles so know your State laws.

The following is an informative guide with aim of sharing more insights on

1) Drinking When You are in an RV

  • Drinking in a Moving RV
  • Can you drink in an RV in California?
  • Can you have open container in an RV?
  • 10 easy cocktail you can make (video)

2) Cooking in an RV

  • Can you cook while an RV is moving?
  • Can you use the microwave in an RV while driving?

3) Movement Inside a Moving RV

  • Is it legal to walk around in a moving RV?
  • Can you use the bathroom in an RV while driving?

4) Using TV’s in an RV

  • Can you watch TV while RV is moving?
  • How can I watch RV TV without a generator?
  • Do you need a special TV for RV?
  • Are there special TVs for RVs?
  • What is the best TV for a motorhome?
  • How can I watch TV in my motorhome?
  • How can I watch movies in my RV?

1) Drinking When You are in an RV

Drinking Alcohol in a Moving RV

Besides, as long as the RV is in motion traffic laws are applicable to the driver as well as the passenger. However, in most cases the driver and not the passenger is on the wrong side of the law when drunk.

When the RV is not in motion say parked, you can as well drink as long as you have no intentions of driving the RV afterwards. Also, as long as the RV is parked it’s considered as an open container and no traffic police will bother you even if they find you drinking.

But, for safety concerns if you are camping in public lands sometimes the police may arrest you for violating alcohol laws including a search of your loaded packages in the RV. Anything that is perceived a violation of a policy would result in an arrest.

Be sure to know open alcohol container laws. Some States do not allow open alcohol containers in a moving vehicles including RVs.

So even the passengers can find themselves in the wrong side of the law if open containers policy applies in your State.

Can You Drink in an RV in California?

No. For both the driver and the passenger it is illegal to drink in a moving RV unless the RV is parked. Besides, even when the RV is not in motion you should not be the driver or have intentions to drive. Also, the age limit of above 21 years old to drink is applicable.

For the issue of having alcohol containers, RV is exempted from the law under California Vehicle Code Section 23229 VC. But the containers carried must be sealed.

The RV can carry alcohol and even store some as long as there are no minors in the RV or the storage is safe and not accessible to minors. Besides, the container should not be at reach of the driver.

Drink when the RV is not in motion. Besides, it should not be in a public road or highway since it’s forbidden. Besides, some campsite do not allow drinking just anywhere to protect minors.

Can You Have Open Container in an RV?

No. Most State alcohol container policy do not allow the containers to be open in a moving RV. If you have to open it and have some drinks consider parking the RV safely.

Otherwise, even the drivers even if they were not touching the container can be arrested for allowing open containers in their trailers.

Often, it is recommended not to load your RVs with alcohol and purchase it at your campsite. However, in most cases people prefer carrying their preferred brands.

In this case, have it stored safely and open it in your destination. Although the law enforcers can have questions for you when found carrying alcohol and can even lead to arrest.

Also, stay safe in camp grounds by enquiring some rules concerning open containers. Not all campsites allow drinking in any place but a specific designed area.

10 Easy Cocktail You Can Make (DIY)

Watch this video to get easy recipes of cocktails you came make and drink while RVing.

Amazing Cocktail Recipes

2) Cooking in an RV

Can You Cook While an RV is Moving?

No. Because you can face some legal issues. You should not cook while the RV is on the move since you will be moving about and perhaps standing in a moving vehicle and its illegal.

The law mandates everyone in an RV to be seated and even buckled up the safety belts. Definitely, you can’t cook while being held in a safety belt on a seat.

Also, not all appliances will be available for use when the RV is on the move more so in a towable RV. So, you can consider having prior preparations for your journey to avoid the temptations of cooking in a moving RV.

Besides, cooking in a moving RV has lots of safety risk issues. Keep in mind the rough roads, sharp corners, uneven roads, and slippery grounds so movements can be strong in the RV. Imagine cooking in a stove, you should be standing most of the time.

Then the RV negotiates a sharp bend your cooking pot falls, pours all the soup and you can as well fall. Remember the stove is still on. Perhaps you have burns or injured your legs you can’t stand.

What a disaster. Instead of risking your safety and those inside, and losing your hard earned RV investment simply have the RV safely parked then you cook.

In short, the answer to can I cook driving? Is a NO. For safety reasons it is better not to attempt cooking in a moving RV. The sudden braking, jostling, and bumping of the RV along the route can result in a fatal accident.

Consider carrying enough snacks and fruits before main meal times that can be eaten in a moving RV. Also, cook enough food and store others to be consumed in some hours ahead. Besides, if you have to cook have the RV pull over.  

Can You Use the Microwave in an RV While Driving?

Yes you can. However, note that it is not legal to be using some of the amenities while RV is in motion. In fact, when the RV is moving you should sit and have fasten your seat belt. Otherwise if police find you moving about you can be arrested.

That said, if you have to use it, microwave is safe to be used in a moving RV. It is much faster to warm your food in a microwave and snack then sit, instead of having to cook from scratch which may need more time and preparation. ‘

But, consider putting solid food in the oven to prevent spills when RV moves sideways in a poor road.

3) Movement Inside a Moving RV

Is It Legal to Walk Around in a Moving RV?

You can walk around but it is highly recommended sit and fasten your seat belts. As long as the RV is in motion, it is a locomotive and cars or vehicle policy concerning safety applies and so do the rule to sit and fasten your belt applies.

Majority of State laws do not allow people walking around in a moving RV and law enforces can easily have you arrested during their inspection. The States policy require that all RV users both the driver and the passengers to sit and belt at all times in a moving RV.

However, you are free to move around in a safely parked RV. In fact, if you have small children they can freely run about without violating any traffic laws concerning fastening the seatbelts. Learn fun activities you can engage to beat boredom.

Can You Use the Bathroom in an RV While Driving?

No. It is highly discouraged for safety concerns. In the need to use the toilet, have the trailer safely parked for some minutes. Once you have completed your business the journey can continue.

It is not allowed because most toilets have not been designed to be used while the RV is in motion. Besides, in worst case scenario imagine being in the toilet partially naked.

Then the RV gets an accident. You are likely to be messed up with the RV waste tank. Imagine being rescued half naked and messy!! You wouldn’t like that.

Besides, walking and moving around in the camper is not encouraged because it somehow affects towing. It’s because the camper design was in a manner that weight would be evenly distributed.

But with people moving about the weight can be concentrated in a place that affects towing. And if it’s too much stability issue can arise.

4) Using TV’s in an RV

Can You Watch TV While RV is Moving?

Yes. You can watch your TV while your RV is in motion. But, keep in mind that not just any TV can work well in a moving RV besides, you need special antenna to receive signal while the RV is moving. Investing in satellite is worth it.

Some TV models such as the CRT won’t work well in RV. In fact, there durability can be less since the RV is moving up and down and the screens can easily be detached when some impact is strong especially on a bad road.

LDC TV can be better than the CRT. However, you could have issues to accessing signals. Also, terrain issue could be a hindrance to antenna access to signals and sometimes you won’t be able to watch any of your favorite programs.

There are other essential camping safety considerations you ought to embrace to enhance your well-being and overall experience during your trip.

How Can I Watch RV TV Without a Generator?

It is not a must for you to have a generator in your RV to be able to watch your television. With a few investment on specific gadgets you can easily power your TV without generator.

Besides, you also do not need a battery to run devices in your RV. Yes. You can actually run your RV without batteries also.

There are several strategies you can implement to get you started in powering your TV without the need of having to power through generator.

The following are some of the ways you can try either that works for you:

Buy a (Uninterruptible Power Supply) UPS.

The bigger wattage the UPS the longer it can power your TV. UPS can be charged in advance when you have access to enough electricity. Then when you begin your journey simply plug your TV power cord to the UPS and enjoy.

Install solar panels in your RV.

If you are travelling a region with plenty of sunlight, or in summer you can consider investing in solar panels so that it can be charging and powering your devices while you are travelling.

Besides, solar panels are durable and robust so in the long run you have minimal to no maintenance cost of them.

Buy a 12V TV.

These are dc powered televisions that have good quality images but sound quality is not very good. You will still need a medium sized inverter for this TV.

Use an Inverter

Buy an inverter whose capacity is enough for your TV. The inverter converts the RV power in batteries often in DC to AC that can be used by the TV safely.

Do You Need a Special TV for RV?

Yes and No. Even the basic home TV can still function but its durability will be low since conventional TV cannot withstand bumping and jostling effects of the RV in motion. For better experience consider purchasing a TV designed for RV use. Its durable and robust.

Are There Special TVs for RVs?

Yes. RVs have specially designed TV that can be suitable to withstand the jostling and bumping of the moving RV without compromising its functionality and durability like other conventional household TVs.

Before buying an RV TV be sure to know what you want before buying

  • If you want to watch local channels you need an antenna
  • If you want to also watch international channels invest in a satellite subscription
  • Indoor antenna picks few signals than an outdoor antenna
  • Some antennas have both indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • If you buy an outdoor antenna by the HD type so you access high definition channels
  • Get a booster for the antenna to enhance your signal strength in weak signal areas
  • If you are in love with music get an RV FM antenna
  • TV size, it should comfortably fit in your RV when mounted
  • TV mounting options should be easy and safe to mount
  • TV power type and whether its compatible with your RV power source. Is it AC or DC
  • TV functions including the features so check your manual well

What is the Best TV for a Motorhome?

The following are some of the best TVs specifically designed for RV that you can consider mounting in your RV. They include:

1 Proscan PLEDV2488A-E 24-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV-DVD Combo


  • DVD and TV both work expect few quirks
  • Easy to install, and set up using the manual guide
  • Broadcast station is well received by antenna
  • Roku Box can work also with its HDMI


  • HDMI port is just one

2. AXESS TV1701-24 24-Inch 1080p LED HDTV


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Many sources of input
  • Works with both AC and DC power
  • Good receiver of local channels


  • Remote can be a problem. Test before leaving for your trip and fix or replace it

3. Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 24.0″ 720p TV DVD Combination


  • Easy to use built in DVD player
  • Voice function for information and TV guide
  • Light weight
  • Easy to mount


  • Sound quality is poor. Consider attaching speakers to fix the problem

4. AXESS TVD1805-24 24-Inch LED HDTV


  • Can use Micro SD for trail picture and video viewing
  • Great in receiving signals and has good reception
  • Good in using multimedia input devices
  • Low power usage


  • SD card is not fully supported. Few video formats can be viewed

5. Sceptre 24″ 1080P LED HDTV DVD Combo


  • High quality images
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Advanced DVD player that you can pause and resume later
  • Easy to mount


  • Sound quality is poor. You can use external speakers is need be

6. Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19″ LED TV


  • Good product to base decision on adverts since is exactly as advertised
  • Clear images
  • Great sound quality
  • Good tuner and receiver
  • The tuner is easy to use and its built-in


  • No base for flat screen mounts.

7. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV


  • Allows headphone jack control volume
  • Light weight
  • High quality images even in small TV
  • Close quarters viewing is great


  • You can have difficulties to assemble due to unclear instructions

8. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Wall Mount


  • Various sizes to suit diverse RV sizes
  • Suitable for RV and camper since its heavy duty
  • Clear and easy to follow instruction manual
  • Organized hardware correctly labelled
  • Package contains all materials you need


  • Sometimes final mounts still moves a little

9. Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Panel HD Television


  • High quality sound and image
  • Easy to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Low power consumption


  • You may need to improve the sound quality

Learn how to prevent leaks in your RV by resealing and coating the RV roof.

How Can I Watch TV in My Motorhome?

First, you need to get a way to get the TV signals to your RV. The three ways include satellite, antenna, or a cable. Although most RV user do a combination of the techniques depending with their budget and what they want to view whether local or international or a combination of both channels.

Once you get the signal, connect it to the TV. The prices of cable, antenna, and the satellite dish vary and you can always work within your budget and best on what you actually want to watch to select.

If you are considering to traverse a greater place where signal coverage can be difficult, you can go with a satellite dish. One of the latest satellite dish is Dish Tailgater. The dis is portable, durable and offers maximum functionality.

Besides, you can used the dish for other uses other than in an RV. The dish can be used in tailgating, camping, and any other outdoor event. Thus, the dish becomes a multipurpose in the instance you desire to do a lot in terms of getting the best signal anywhere.

How Can I Watch Movies in My RV?

You can either follow the TV programs movies, watch through a DVD or if you have a good internet connection you stream your video directly online via iTunes store, Netflix, and Hulu.

Consider investing in RV TV such as the Jensen RV TV. Besides, you can invest in a satellite service as a subscriber. Though expensive but you can be assured to be able to access your programs wherever you are in your travels.

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