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Get free access to all USA States Chinese foods near me restaurants open now that do deliveries. Simply choose your State from the list and there you have it. 


The United States has diversified food open near me restaurants that offer delivery food services. Among the restaurants, several Chinese foods near me restaurants deliver food to clients at points of order.

The following Chinese restaurants near me open now offer quality and timely services to customers on food orders. Below the States list are some of the popular Chinese food being made to help you decide you menu.

Simply click your State to get details of Chinese restaurants that can deliver your menu.

Chinese Restaurant Near Me In:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arkansas
  4. Arizona
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delaware
  9. District of Columbia
  10. Florida
  11. Georgia
  12. Hawaii
  13. Idaho
  14. Iowa
  15. Illinois
  16. Indiana
  17. Kansas
  18. Kentucky
  19. Louisiana
  20. Maine
  21. Maryland
  22. Massachusetts
  23. Michigan
  24. Minnesota
  25. Mississippi
  26. Missouri
  27. Montana
  28. Nevada
  29. Nebraska
  30. New Hampshire
  31. New Jersey
  32. New Mexico
  33. New York
  34. North Carolina
  35. North Dakota
  36. Ohio
  37. Oklahoma
  38. Oregon
  39. Pennsylvania
  40. Rhode Island
  41. South Carolina
  42. South Dakota
  43. Tennessee
  44. Texas
  45. Utah
  46. Virginia
  47. Vermont
  48. Washington
  49. Wisconsin
  50. West Virginia
  51. Wyoming

Chinese Food Menu

Most of the best Chinese food near me restaurants in the United States provide customers with delivery food near me’ services. All the states have Chinese food restaurants near me and guarantee customers with best choice dishes for everyone. Make your order from a Chinese restaurant and have your menu delivered.

Some popular Chinese Food menu comprises of:

English NameChinese Name
Sauteed Mixed Vegetable炒混合蔬菜
Kung Pao Tofu宫保豆腐
Tofu Home Style Fried Tofu with Mix vegetable in house brown sauce豆腐家庭风格炸豆腐与混合蔬菜在房子棕色酱
Ma Po Tofu麻婆豆腐  
General Tso’s Tofu佐将军的豆腐
Sauteed Broccoli in Garlic Sauce大蒜酱中的炒花椰菜
Sesame Tofu 
Chinese food menu
English nameChinese name
Sautee Mix Vegetable Combo索蒂混合蔬菜组合
Chinese food
English nameChinese name
Chow Fun周乐趣
Beef Chow Fun牛肉周乐趣
House Special Chow Fun Roast pork, chicken, shrimp, onion, and bean sprout.房子特别周乐趣烤猪肉,鸡肉,虾,洋葱和豆芽。
Roast Pork Chow Fun烤猪肉周乐趣
Shrimp Chow Fun虾周乐趣
Vegetable Chow Fun蔬菜周乐趣
Chicken Chow Fun鸡周乐趣
Chinese food near me
English nameChinese name
Fried Rice炒饭
Beef Fried Rice牛肉炒饭
House Fried Rice炒饭屋
Roast Pork Fried Rice烤猪肉炒饭
Vegetable Fried Rice Broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, celery, carrot, zucchinis, and bean sprout.蔬菜炒饭花椰菜、卷心菜、蘑菇、芹菜、胡萝卜、西葫芦和豆芽。
Chicken Fried Rice鸡肉炒饭
Shrimp Fried Rice虾炒饭
Chinese food near me menu
English nameChinese name
Sweet Sour Pork甜酸猪肉
Roast Pork with Broccoli烤猪肉与花椰菜
Moo Shu Pork穆舒猪肉
Best Chinese food near me
English NameChinese Name
Chow Mai Fun周麦乐趣
Chicken Chow Mai Fun鸡周麦乐趣
Vegetable Chow Mai Fun蔬菜周麦乐趣
Shrimp Chow Mai Fun虾周麦趣
Beef Chow Mai Fun牛肉周麦乐趣
Roast Pork Chow Mai Fun烤猪肉周麦乐趣
Singapore Chow Mai Fun新加坡周麦乐趣
House Special Chow Fun Roast pork, chicken, shrimp, onion, and bean sprout.房子特别周麦乐趣房子特别周乐趣烤猪肉,鸡肉,虾,洋葱和豆芽。
Chinese food open near me
English nameChinese name
Chop Suey乔普 · 苏伊
Shrimp Chop Suey虾切苏伊
Vegetable Chop Suey蔬菜切苏伊
Chicken Chop Suey鸡排苏伊
House Special Chow Fun Roast pork, chicken, shrimp, onion, and bean sprout.房子特别周乐趣烤猪肉,鸡肉,虾,洋葱和豆芽。.
Beef Chop Suey牛肉切苏伊
Roast Pork Chop Suey烤猪肉切碎苏伊
Chinese food near me delivery open
English nameChinese name
Beef with Mixed Vegetables牛肉与混合蔬菜
Beef with Broccoli牛肉与花椰菜
Mongolian Beef蒙古牛肉
Pepper Steak with Onion辣椒牛排与洋葱
Chinese food near me open now
English NameChinese Name
Gourmet Specialties美食特色菜
Lemon Chicken柠檬鸡
General Tso’s Chicken佐将军的鸡
Hunan Triple湖南三重
Happy Family Features chicken, beef, scallops, shrimp and roast pork served with our special blend of Chinese vegetables and enhanced with a traditional brown sauce.快乐家庭特色鸡,牛肉,扇贝,虾和烤猪肉与我们特殊的混合中国蔬菜,并与传统的棕色酱增强。
Sesame Chicken芝麻鸡
Triple Delight三重喜悦
Orange Chicken橙鸡
Teriyaki Chicken特里亚基鸡
Seafood Delight combination of jumbo shrimp, scallops, squid, fish cake and imitation crab meat sauteed with vegetables in a delicate white sauce.海鲜喜悦组合的巨型虾,扇贝,鱿鱼,鱼饼和模仿蟹肉炒蔬菜在精致的白酱。
Honey Walnut Shrimp蜂蜜核桃虾
Chinese food delivery
English nameChinese name
Chicken with Cashew Nuts带腰果的鸡肉
Chicken with Garlic Sauce鸡肉配大蒜酱
Chicken with Broccoli鸡肉配花椰菜
Kung Pao Chicken功夫鸡
Moo Shu Chicken穆舒鸡
Sweet and Sour Chicken甜酸鸡
Chicken with Mixed Vegetable鸡肉与混合蔬菜
Food open near me
English nameChinese name
Appetizer开胃 菜
Pan Fried Pork Dumpling潘炸猪肉饺子
Shrimp Egg roll虾蛋卷
Crab Rangoon螃蟹仰光
Steam Pork Dumpling蒸汽猪肉饺子
Roast Pork Egg Roll烤猪肉蛋卷
Fried Wontons弗里德·旺顿斯
Vegetable Spring Rolls蔬菜春卷
French Fries薯 条
BBQ Boneless Spare Rib烧烤无骨备用肋骨
Best Chinese food
English nameChinese name
Jumbo Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables巨型虾与混合蔬菜
Jumbo Shrimp with Garlic Sauce巨型虾与大蒜酱
Jumbo Shrimp with Broccoli巨虾与花椰菜
Jumbo Shrimp with Lobster Sauce巨型虾与龙虾酱
Delivery food near me
English nameChinese name
Lo Mein罗梅因
Shrimp Lo Mein虾罗梅因
Chicken Lo Mein鸡洛美因
House Lo Mein罗梅因之家
Vegetable Lo Mein蔬菜罗梅因
Beef Lo Mein牛肉罗梅因
Roast Pork Lo Mein烤猪肉罗梅因
Delivery Chinese food near me
English nameChinese name
Wor Wonton Soup沃旺顿汤
Hot & Sour Soup热   酸汤
Tofu Vegetable Soup豆腐蔬菜汤
Wonton Soup豆腐蔬菜汤
China food near me


The Chinese dishes mentioned above are just a few of the Chinese restaurants’ food in the United States. Chinese food open near me restaurants produces yummy dishes from traditional and international recipes. Get your favorite taste at your doorstep by placing your order from any Chinese near me restaurant with timely delivery.

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