RV Toilet Paper: Do You Really Need It?

Apart from RV toilet paper, there are so many alternatives you can use. Imagine running out of RV toilet paper in the middle of the road, what do you do and you get a call of nature? Find these best RV toilet paper alternatives you can use.

Toilet paper is an essential item you regularly use be it at home or anywhere else you would use a washroom including the RV toilet. However, running out of a good RV toilet paper can make you freak out for fear of clogging your waste tank that can result in RV toilet smell.

The good news is if you can’t get best RV toilet paper, then use septic safe RV toilet paper brands that can act as RV toilet paper alternative. Arm yourself with the following key toilet hacks to properly use regular toilet paper.So, do you really need to use an RV toilet paper in an RV?

Actually, No. But based on preference to some people YES. How you intend to dispose off the used toilet paper affects your choice. If you flush in RV toilet then you need an RV toilet paper or septic safe toilet paper.

If you dispose the tissue as garbage then you do not need any special RV toilet paper and regular toilet paper will still work well.

So, is RV toilet paper necessary? Ye but if you run out of it you can till use other options. An alternative to RV toilet paper is any toilet paper recommended as septic tank safe.

Also, you simply use regular toilet paper but instead of flushing the used toilet paper into the RV holding tank just dispose it in a waste bag then put it in trash container for proper disposal later on.

Whichever toilet paper you are using, if you are flushing into a holding tank be sure to use plenty of water. Empty the tanks properly, clean, and treat well as part of regular maintenance of the RV holding tanks.

This guide aims to enlighten you on:

  • The best RV toilet paper to use
  • How to safely use regular toilet paper in RV
  • How to test your toilet paper
  • Aftermath of flushing regular toilet paper in RV
  • What you can use when you run out of RV toilet paper
  • How to unclog a blocked RV toilet (Video)

Toilet Paper For RV

RV toilet paper| Septic safe toilet paper | RV toilet paper alternative

RV Toilet Paper

Generally, the RV toilet paper are specially meant to be used in An RV. They are the best to use in RV since they are safe even when flushed in the holding tanks. Besides, RV toilet paper can easily fit in RV toilet paper holder.

Chances of clogging when using the RV toilet paper are very slim if any since they dissolve faster in water and is biodegradable. Thus, great value RV toilet paper comes about due to ease of decomposition. However, RV toilet paper are expensive since they are ‘special’.

Besides, you might run off of the toilet paper in a location where purchasing the RV toilet paper is difficult. Besides, you still need to use plenty of water to flush to prevent clogging.

Septic Safe Regular Toilet Paper

In the instance you are not able to purchase an good RV toilet paper you can look for a toilet paper recommend by manufacturer as “septic safe”, “safe for septic systems”, “RV/Marine toilet tissue”.

Note that if the toilet paper is safe for use in septic systems then it is safe for use in your RV. Such septic safe toilet papers easily disintegrates when flushed in a holding tank. Septic safe toilet paper can be said to be quick-dissolving RV toilet paper.

Thus, they are less likely to clog the holding tank when you use plenty of water to flush and empty the holding tank properly. Be keen to read the instructions for proper use of the toilet paper especially when you intent to flush it into the holding tank.

Several brands manufacture septic safe toilet papers that can be used in an RV. Often, it can be a 1 ply or 2 ply septic safe toilet paper. Keep in mind that when using 1 ply sometimes you may have to fold it twice to form a 2 ply to make it more comfortable to use. But both of them work well.

Random list of RV safe toilet paper brands that you can consider making a purchase as an alternative to RV toilet paper include but not limited to:

  1. Scott RV toilet paper
  2. Costco RV toilet paper
  3. Angle Soft RV toilet paper
  4. Charmin RV toilet paper
  5. Dollar General RV toilet paper
  6. Purex toilet paper for RV
  7. Thetford RV toilet paper
  8. Camco RV toilet tissue
  9. Seventh Generation RV toilet paper
  10. Valterra RV toilet paper
  11. Cottonelle RV toilet paper
  12. Dometic RV toilet paper
  13. Firebelly RV toilet paper
  14. Kirkland RV toilet paper
  15. Kroger RV toilet paper

Learn how to maintain your holding tanks to get rid of RV toilet smell and prevent clogging. With proper maintenance, you are less likely to encounter issues of clogging of toilet paper in the waste tanks.

Regular Toilet Paper

Yes. Any regular toilet paper can still be used in an RV toilet. However, most often you do not need to flush it into the holding tank but if you flush then use plenty of water.

For prolong safe use of RV toilet paper do not flush the toilet paper down the toilet. Dispose as trash. Simply wrap and discard in trash container.

Yes, the way you dispose of garbage such as dog poop, wipes, or used by diaper do so with the used regular toilet paper. You can garbage the used regular toilet paper using:

1.Doggie poop bags: is among must have items for camping with dogs that can still serve you well and hide the odors.

2.Cheap sandwich bags are better since there are more in the box and they are cheaper than doggie bags.

3. Put in plastic bag or grocery bag in waste/trash can with lid. Line your trash can with plastic bag or grocery bags.

The named techniques are easy to do, dispose and saves a lot of room in the holding tank. With proper waste disposal, using regular toilet paper in the RV is cheap, affordable, and you will never have any problems of clogging your holding tanks with toilet paper since they will never enter the holding tanks.

Besides if you have to flush the regular toilet paper into the waste tank follow this hack to keep your tank free from clogging. Once done flush the toilet with water mixed with dish soap, white vinegar and baking soda.

You can do this after 2 days especially when you do not intend to empty your tank. The solution easily disintegrates the toilet paper.

Where Can I buy RV toilet paper?

There are so many stores both physical and online stores you can buy. However, thanks to technology you can still buy RV toilet paper online and get it delivered where you want to receive it.

Here are some online stores of where to buy RV toilet paper

  • Amazon RV toilet paper
  • Walmart Toilet  Paper
  • Ebay RV toilet paper

How to Conduct Toilet Paper Test

Sometimes, you may be curious is what is recommended as septic safe toilet paper is actually safe and worth using in RV holding tank.

You can do a simple RV toilet paper test that won’t take lots of your time and anyone including you young children can perform the test. The test can help you determine the best RV toilet paper. Not that the fastest dissolving toilet paper is RV safe to use.

The following is a step by step guide of how to conduct an RV toilet paper test on RV toilet paper or RV toilet paper alternative to find out if the toilet paper is septic safe:

  1. Get an empty clear glass or jar (glass or jar represent a holding tank).
  2. Fetch water from any of your RV faucet or any tap directly
  3. Half fill the jar with water.
  4. Roll out, cut, and put a number of toilet paper sheets (perhaps amount almost the one you can use at one instance) into the water
  5. Watch it for 3-5minutes to see whether it disintegrates/break down naturally
  6. Shaking is optional but for this experiment do not shake since the shaking force can help disintegrate the tissue.
  7. If the tissue paper disintegrates faster then it is septic safe. However, if the tissue appears as if nothing has happened and you still see large pieces of toilet paper then do not use it since it will clog your tank.
  8. If you further shake it and no significant improvement then do not use that brand in your RV. Test another brand to get the most suitable.

Thus it is evident that any toilet paper can be used in the RV. However, how you intend to dispose off the used toilet paper greatly affects your choice of which toilet paper to use.

Always remember that if you have to flush the toilet paper down the RV toilet use an RV toilet paper or septic safe toilet paper with plenty of water.

If you can dispose the tissue as garbage such as using waste bags or dog poop bags, then any toilet paper can be used since you are not flushing it in the toilet.

Using Regular Toilet Paper In An RV?

You can use a regular toilet paper as long as you dispose it correctly using any of the tips discussed above. Keep in mind common toilet paper does not decompose faster thus does not break down easily. Besides, whichever toilet paper you choose for RV always clean your RV with best RV toilet chemicals to minimize odors and flies in RV toilet.

 However, assuming you use the normal toilet paper I mean the one that is not recommended as septic safe or RV safe such terms, then you risk several things that may cost you a good fortune to do repairs.

When regular toilet paper is flushed into the RV septic tank, it sits at the bottom of the tank as it decomposes slowly if possible. As a result the clog triggers odor that can attract flies that in turn negatively affects your comfort.

Furthermore, it may even clog the hose directing the waste to the septic take making the route impassable and no more incoming waste can find the way to the waste tank.

In the end, all waste materials remain on the toilet and the picture let alone the smell is bad. So, be sure to use the correct toilet paper in RV if you have to flush it. Otherwise, use anything else and dispose as garbage.

Difference Between Standard Toilet Paper and Biodegradable Toilet Paper?

 Standard/Common Toilet PaperBiodegradable/Septic Safe Toilet Paper
Material70% hardwood trees and 30% soft wood trees-Recycled papers -biodegradable materials such as sugarcane, bamboo, hemp, kenaf
Decomposing speedSlow and can cause blockageFaster, does not clog nor cause blockage
RV UseNot Safe causes clogs and blockageSafe
EnvironmentPollutes environmentDoes not pollute environment
Skin SafetyNot safe for highly sensitive skinSafe for sensitive skin

RV Toiler Paper Alternatives

Actually you do not need to use an RV toilet paper. However, the following hacks mainly depends on how you feel when using them since some people may not agree to use them. Be sure not to flush any of them since they are not septic safe. Dispose as garbage.

The tips work and you can choose whichever toilet paper alternative you like. Also, do you know you can use a regular toilet in your RV and not necessarily an RV toilet? Yes. In fact you will need to do a replacement some of which is DIY.

The major categories of alternative to using toilet paper while in an RV include the use of:

  1. Paper based alternatives
  2. Water based alternatives
  3. Cotton based alternatives
  4. Nature based alternatives
  5. Old school alternatives

Paper based alternatives

Coffee filters: Yes, they can do a great job. Besides, they are biodegradable, light weight, and occupy small space.

Receipts: Your shopping receipts can come handy when you run out of tissue

Newspaper: Old newspapers can be of great help and do you good.

Toilet paper rolls/Cardboard tube: Paper rolls in which toilet paper is wrapped can save you when you run out of tissue. It might be a little bit uncomfortable to use but it can still do a better job. Do not flush into the waste tank.

Paper towels: The use of napkins, Kleenex tissues, and paper towels can be a great alternative to using a toilet paper.

Compressed toilet paper coins: The paper is compressed in a manner that appears like a small coin and often has water. Once removed from the packaging the wipes extends and you can use it. It is biodegradables. Buying in bulk is much cheaper that buying in small quantities.

Water based alternatives

Water bottle: A water bottle can act as a bidet. Use the water to wash your bum before leaving the toilet.

Bidet: Is a good place to wash your bum with water although is not popular in some countries.

Cotton based alternatives

Family cloth: They act just as cotton. They are washable and in place where water freely runs then it is a great alternative.

Baby wipes: Wet wipes for wiping various surface of a baby can be a great tissue paper alternative.

Cotton pads: You can actually use cotton or female sanitary napkins can also be used. They clean well.

Nature based alternatives

Snow: Despite the cold, it can clean well.

Smooth rock: Collect a smooth rock when you desperately need a tissue alternative and you only have access to rocks.

Smooth sticks: Just as using a smooth rock, smoot stick can also be used to wipe your bum.

Running water: In case you traverse a river, lake, or creek then you can collect the water in water bottle then clean yourself at least 100 yard away from the water source to prevent contaminating the water since it is being used downstream.

Leaves: Some leaves are safe for use as toilet paper alternative. However, be sure that the plant whose leaves you intend to use is non-poisonous since a poisonous leaf can cause irritation and swelling.

Common plant leaves you can use include banana leaves, sage leaves, banana peels, maple leaves, lamb’s ear, cottonwood leaves, large-leaved aster, and mullein leaves.

Moss: The plant is often found in damp places. It is soft and moist enough to do a good job of wiping your bum. Use when fresh and dumpy since when it losses moisture assuming you intend to use hours later after collection it is likely to crumble and won’t be very helpful.

Old school alternatives

Corn husks: If you can get the inner shelled corn cobs the better since they are very soft and can gently clean your behind.

Sponge: If you are to recycle then clean it well and always sanitize it before use. It is soft and comfortable to use.

Rope: Ropes are commonly used among sailors. Although it is likely to be uncomfortable but worth trying if you got no other better option.

How To Unclog RV Toilet.

Not using enough water to flush, or flushing the wrong items such as non-septic safe toilet paper, or baby diaper among other causes could lead to a blogged RV toilet. In case you are in this situation, what do you do? Here is a DIY video of how to unclog your RV toilet.

Clogged RV toilet | How to unblock RV toilet

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