Fire Hydrant Parking: How Far From A Fire Hydrant

How close can you park to a fire hydrant

Fire hydrant parking is one of the places you should know how far from a fire hydrant can you park without getting into the wrong side of the law. States have varying fire hydrant parking rules you should know before parking in front of fire hydrant.

How far from a fire hydrant? 15 feet parking distance from a fire hydrant.

Majority of USA States and cities allows you to pack at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant from whichever side. Also, 15 feet distance parking away from a fire station entrance is allowed and at least 25 feet distance from an intersection of curb lines. In a few states, you can pack at least 10 feet or 16 feet from a fire hydrant.

Make use of apps for measuring fire hydrant parking distance to help you know the exact distance on how close to a fire hydrant can you park.

Fire Hydrant Parking Distance

How close can you park to a fire hydrant?

Fire Hydrant is a location from which fire fighters draw water to put out a fire. At all times the environment and routes heading to and from the hydrant must be free from obstruction to enhance efficiency of firefighter incase their services are needed.

For lack of prior knowledge on safe distance for a fire hydrant parking, many drivers have been caught on the wrong side of the law. Illegally parked vehicles have been towed. In fact, total revenue in terms of millions of dollars is collected as penalty fee from people who illegally park close to a fire hydrant.

Based on your State, you need to know the safe distance of how close can you park to a fire hydrant. Also, a safe distance in parking in front of a fire station entrance or perhaps an intersection should be maintained.

How Close To A Fire Hydrant Can You Park (choose your State)

USA States
How far can you park to a fire hydrant in
Fire Hydrant Distance Parking
Fire Hydrant Distance Parking
Alberta, Edmonton, British Columbia, BC, Montreal,16ft5m
Arizona, AZ, Brooklyn, Baltimore,
California, CA, Colorado, Detroit,
Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho,
Michigan, Missouri, Maryland,
MD, NYC, NC, Ohio, Oregon,
Philadelphia, PA, Seattle,
Washington State, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, New York City,
Boston, DC, Hawaii, New Jersey,
NJ, Minnesota, Massachusetts,
How far away from a fire hydrant are you required to park

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How To Measure Parking Distance From Fire Hydrant

You may not have to get out of your car and literally use a tape measure to measure the distance of your parked car to a fire hydrant. It seems tiresome. One method is to estimate.

If you are good in estimating distance, you estimation can be almost true but for people who have been in driving for years. However, the most accurate method is to use measuring Apps.

Yes, you smartphone can save you from being on the wrong side of the law. The measuring apps are many and can depend on the software in which your phone runs.

Commonly used measurements are for

  • iOS Apps: If your phone is iOS, download its distance measuring app.
  • Android Apps: Plenty of google apps for measuring are compatible for android devices
10 Measurement Apps
(for fire hydrant distance parking)
User Device Platform
Mapulator AppAndroid, iOS
Measure AppAndroid, iOS
EasyMeasure AppAndroid, iOS
Measure Tools AppAndroid, iOS
Moasure AppAndroid, iOS
GPS Fields Area Measure AppAndroid, iOS
SizeUp AppAndroid, iOS
Ruler AppAndroid, iOS
AirMeasure AppAndroid, iOS
Measure Map AppAndroid, iOS
Apps that can measure fire hydrant distance parking

How To Use Measurement App To Calculate Parking Distance From Fire hydrant

  • Go to the apps store of your device.
  • Download the measurement app of your choice.
  • Install the application in you device.
  • Once the application is open, simply select the distance of the fire hydrant and select the distance to the rear wheel of your car.
  • The distance will automatically be shown and you can adjust your parking to a safe distance.


Understanding the legal fire hydrant distance parking in your State can help you know how close can you park to a fire hydrant. Illegally fire hydrant parking can attract towing and penalty including jail term. Do not assume your State distance apply everywhere. Know the exact safe distance on how far away from a fire hydrant are you required to park.

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