How Much To Rent An RV, And How To Rent An RV

How Much Is Renting An RV?

Find an easy guide with daily, weekly, and monthly prices of how much to rent an RV based on different types. Also, learn how to rent an RV through credible companies that deliver high quality services.

How much to rent an RV for a day can cost you as low as approximately $50 per day, a week can be about $350, and a month could be about $1500. 

Camping for a day, week, or a month cost cannot be similar. Besides, the RV type you choose affects the cost.

There are a number of key factors that need to be considered when you want to rent an RV in order to get the exact cost for a day, week, or a month.

This guide seeks to wholesomely enlighten you on:

  • How Much To Rent An RV Per Day?
  • How Much To Rent An RV for the weekend?
  • How Much To Rent An RV for 3 days?
  • How Much To Rent An RV for a week?
  • How Much To Rent An RV for 2 weeks?
  • How Much To Rent An RV for a month?
  • Renting An RV Costs Fluctuation Causes
  • Types of RV For Rental Characteristics
  • Where Do You Rent An RV?
  • Tips to Stick to Your RV Rental Budget
  • Helpful RV Apps

How Much To Rent An RV?

How much to rent an RV? | RV for rent prices

Once you have considered the above factors that affect the cost for renting an RV, have a look at the average market price of renting an RV. The tables shows a range of commonly charged cost for renting a standard RV. Luxury RV rental cost would be much higher than for a standard RV.

For an exact price, consult the dealers you intent to rent your RV. The average market renting an RV costs shown is only for renting the RV excluding the cost for tax, RV bonds, RV accessories, extra miles, and your own personal camping essentials cost.

How Much To Rent An RV Per Day?

Type of RV RentalNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV Rental$350-$450 per night/per day$150-$250 per night/per day
Class B RV Rental$200-$350 per night/per day$100-$200 per night/per day
Class C RV Rental$225-$400 per night/per day$100-$200 per night/per day
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$150-$300 per night/per day$60-$150 per night/per day
Travel Trailer Rental$125-$200 per night/per day$50-$125 per night/per day
Pop Up Trailer Rental$100-$150 per night/per day$50-$80 per night/per day
RV Campervan Rental$150-$200 per night/per day$75-$150 per night/per day
Toy Hauler Rental$100-$200 per night/per day$80-$100 per night/per day
Truck Camper Rental$150-$250 per night/per day$100-$150 per night/per day
How much to rent an RV per night?

How much to rent an RV for the weekend?

Apart from renting for a single day, you may wish to rent for 2 days such as the weekend. So, how much to rent an RV for a weekend?

Type of RV RentalNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV Rental$700-$900 for 2 days$300-$500 for 2 days
Class B RV Rental$400-$700 for 2 days$200-$400 for 2 days
Class C RV Rental$450-$800 for 2 days$200-$400 for 2 days
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$300-$600 for 2 days$1200-$300 for 2 days
Travel Trailer Rental$250-$400 for 2 days$100-$250 for 2 days
Pop Up Trailer Rental$200-$300 for 2 days$100-$160 for 2 days
RV Campervan Rental$300-$400 for 2 days$150-$300 for 2 days
Toy Hauler Rental$200-$400 for 2 days$160-$200 for 2 days
Truck Camper Rental$300-$500 for 2 days$200-$30 0 for 2 days
how much to rent an RV for a weekend?

How Much To Rent An RV For 3 Days?

Type of RV for RentNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV for Rent$1050-$1350 for 3 days$450-$750 for 3 days
Class B RV for Rent$600-$1050 for 3 days$300-$600 for 3 days
Class C RV for Rent$675-$1200 for 3 days$300-$600 for 3 days
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$450-$900 for 3 days$180-$450 for 3 days
Travel Trailer for Rent$375-$600 for 3 days$150-$375 for 3 days
Pop Up for Rent$300-$450 for 3 days$150-$240 for 3 days
RV Campervan for Rent$450-$600 for 3 days$225-$450 for 3 days
Toy Hauler for Rent$300-$600 for 3 days$240-$300 for 3 days
Truck Camper for Rent$450-$750 for 3 days$300-$450 for 3 days
How Much To Rent An RV For Three Days?

How Much To Rent An RV for A Week?

Type of RV RentalNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV Rental$2450-$3150 for a week$1050-$1750 for a week
Class B RV Rental$1400-$2450 for a week$700-$1400 for a week
Class C RV Rental$1575-$2800 for a week$700-$1400 for a week
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$1050-$2100 for a week$420-$1050 for a week
Travel Trailer Rental$875-$1400 for a week$350-$875 for a week
Pop Up Trailer Rental$700-$1050 for a week$350-$560 for a week
RV Campervan Rental$1050-$1400 for a week$525-$1050 for a week
Toy Hauler Rental$700-$1400 for a week$560-$700 for a week
Truck Camper Rental$1050-$1750 for a week$700-$1050 for a week
How Much To Rent An RV for 7 days?

How Much To Rent An RV For 2 Weeks?

Type of RV for RentNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV for Rent$4900-$6300 for 2 weeks$2100-$3500 for 2 weeks
Class B RV for Rent$2800-$4900 for 2 weeks$1400-$2800 for 2 weeks
Class C RV for Rent$3150-$5600 for 2 weeks$1400-$2800 for 2 weeks
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$2100-$4200 for 2 weeks$840-$2100 for 2 weeks
Travel Trailer for Rent$1750-$2800 for 2 weeks$700-$1750 for 2 weeks
Pop Up for Rent$1400-$2100 for 2 weeks$700-$1120 for 2 weeks
RV Campervan for Rent$2100-$2800 for 2 weeks$1050-$2100 for 2 weeks
Toy Hauler for Rent$1400-$2800 for 2 weeks$1120-$1400 for 2 weeks
Truck Camper for Rent$2100-$3500 for 2 weeks$1400-$2100 for 2 weeks
How Much To Rent An RV for 14 days?

How Much To Rent An RV For A Month?

Type of RV RentalNew or Latest Model Excludes taxOld(at least 10 years) Excludes tax
Class A RV Rental$10500-$13500 for a month$4500-$7500 for a month
Class B RV Rental$6000-$10500 for a month$3000-$6000 for a month
Class C RV Rental$6750-$12000 for a month$3000-$6000 for a month
5th Wheel Truck Rentals$4500-$9000 for a month$1800-$4500 for a month
Travel Trailer Rental$3750-$6000 for a month$1500-$3750 for a month
Pop Up Trailer Rental$3000-$4500 for a month$1500-$2400 for a month
RV Campervan Rental$4500-$6000 for a month$2250-$4500 for a month
Toy Hauler Rental$3000-$6000 for a month$2400-$3000 for a month
Truck Camper Rental$4500-$7500 for a month$3000-$4500 for a month
How Much To Rent An RV for 30 days?

Renting An RV Costs Fluctuation Causes

RV Rental

Renting an RV costs is not fixed. The price of renting an RV can vary based on these 12 factors:

1. Season:

Renting and RV cost during summer is more expensive than renting an RV for camping during winter.

2. Brand:

Popular brands tends to be more costly that less popular brands

3. Age:

New and latest model with highly upgraded features are more expensive RV to rent compared to renting an old RV

4. RV Sizes:

Renting an RV costs for larger RV tend to be much higher than the cost for renting a small occupancy RV

5. RV Design:

Luxury RV for rent are more expensive than regular RV for living a standard life.

6. RV Accessories:

The more the number of RV accessories are included in your RV rentals package, the higher the cost for renting an RV. Example, you can add extra $10 to have satellite TV.

7. Tax:

Some States have zero tax on RV. However, majority of States charge a percentage tax on all RV sales.

8. Insurance:

Some RV Rental companies can add a small fee to contribute to the general insurance of the RV

9. RV Bond:

Often, renting an RV requires you pay extra refundable fee to the dealer that acts as a security just in case anything such as damages made by you need to be fixed when you return it.

10. Stocking Fee:

Dealers will increase the cost to stock your RV with supplies needed such as kitchen essentials or bedding based on occupancy. However, you may choose to stock yourself using an RV camping checklist.

11. Minimum Rental Duration:

Minimum duration to rent a camper varies from companies. Some RVs are only meant for One Way RV Rentals, others you can rent based on your days, but a few RV must be rented for at least 3 days or 7 days depending with the companies’ policy.

12. Miles:

The starting rental fee is often for a specific average number of miles you are expected to drive your RV. However, you may wish to travel more miles and an additional fees per mile will apply.


Once you have rented your RV, there are other extra cost you have to incur to enjoy your RV life on the road. Based on your RV travel duration, be sure to set aside a budget for:

  • Gas/fuel
  • Food and Water
  • Campground Fees
  • RV Cleaning fee when you return. Depends with the state of dirt it will have. You can pay $50-$100 or none if you did a good job.
  • RV Delivery: You may incur about $150-$200 extra when you need your RV delivered to your place of choice and even set up. If you can set up yourself the cost can be low.

Types of Rental RV Characteristic

RV to rent America

Depending on the number of people you intend to use a rental RV, you can be interested in checking out key factors below to help you decide which RV is right for you.

When camping with kids, having to choose a large RV is great since there will more space for child movement. Also, when camping with dogs or other pets size may be a necessity.

Below is a general guide. However, based on brand the sizes may vary including the exact sleeping occupancy. You may sleep many but if comfort is of essence then a recommended number is given.  

Rental RVGeneral AppearanceSizeDrive/TowComfortable Sleeping Occupancy Up to
Class A RV for RentBus-shaped25ft-45ftDrive8
Class B RV for RentVan-shaped20ft-26ftDrive4
Class C RV for RentCutaway chassis from van or truck22ft-35ftDrive8
5th Wheel Truck RentalsTruck22ft-40ftTow10
Travel Trailer for RentTrailer25ff-45ftTow8
Pop Up for RentFolding camper/collapsible trailer11ft-25ftTow5
RV Campervan for RentVan15ft-17ftDrive6
Toy Hauler for RentRectangular shape with space for toys13ft-30ftTow6
Truck Camper for RentTruck11ft-25ftTow6
RV for rent characteristics

How To Rent An RV?

Cruise America RV for rent |RV Share rentals | Outdoorsy RV rental

Nowadays, there are so many RV companies for rentals you can consider based on your preferences. Here are commonly used companies that engage in RV rentals.

Bookings and other reservations can also be done online or by calling.

a. Cruise America RV Rental

America Cruiser RV rental is popular RV rental USA Company since Cruise America owns their RVs. The company has about 130 different locations you can choose from and allows one way RV rental.

Besides, RV for rent Cruise America prices vary and you can select based on your budget. Cruising America RV rental also offer one way RV rental near me. Learn more about Cruise America RV rental.

b. RV Share Rentals

Unlike Cruise America RV Rental, RV Share is a platform that allows RV for rent by owner. Often, one list their RV for rent whenever they are not using it.

Thanks to RV share, private RV rentals is a great opportunity to prevent RV lot rot when it stays idle. RV Share reviews can help you make informed decision. Besides, the owner earns extra money.

c. Outdoorsy RV Rental

Similar to RV share, Outdoorsy allows RV for rent by owner who showcase their RV for rent when not using it. Rental RV are often listed at varying prices. RV rental prices vary and you can find an RV that is within your budget that ideally is likely to suit your needs.

Tips to Stick To Your RV Rental Budget

Failure to plan in advance for all possible expenses you will incur for renting an RV can easily make you go beyond your budget. Here are tips that can help you stick within your planned budget.


Make good use of discounts and promotions. For example, cruise America promo code is a good way to get a discount. Clubs such as Passport America and Good Sam Club is a good play to find more discounts. Besides, negotiate to get better deals and more discounts.


Be keen on fuel especially when you are engaging in extra miles, using a portable generator for RV, or using air conditioning for RV. Besides, fuel prices do fluctuate and when preparing a fuel budget have a reasonable margin.

RV travel for about 150 miles a single day, the following are the approximate average fuel expenses you are likely to incur:

RV TypeGas Fuel Consumption Minimum Approximate AverageGas Fuel Cost for 150miles/day Minimum Approximate Average
5th Wheel Travel Trailer8-12mpg$26.62
Class A RV6-10mpg$31.95
Class B RV18-25mpg$12.78
Class C RV8-12mpg$26.62
RV gas mileage comparison


Most campground charge a fee. Planning ahead and perhaps making earlier reservation is a good way to stay on budget. Besides, you can consider park and sleep for places for free such as when doing boondocking in free campsite in RV.

However, for a paid campground here is an approximate market charges for an overnight stay. The prices can be slightly lower or higher depending with camping season.

Type of Camping GroundCost for Overnight Stay
State Parks$5-$50
Luxury RV Resort$60-100
Overnight Campsites$20-$50
Campsite prices

Peak season is generally costly. Absence or availability of hookups also affect the cost. Learn more on RV campgrounds near me that you can choose for camping based on your budget.

RV Load

When loading your RV, stick within the recommended towable limit. Otherwise, excess load can greatly use your fuel and you will have to spend more to refill fuel.

Other Key Factors To Consider When Renting an RV


Often, RV toilets use water to flush. As a result, water is an essential commodity to help keep your toilet in good state and not smelly. Be sure to use the right RV toilet paper or RV toilet paper alternatives in case you run out of RV toilet paper.

Other than using RV toilets, you can consider using RV toilet alternatives some of which do not need water and can be used for extended period of time.


For long camping duration, fridge for RV can help you safely store food. Learn more on how long does a propane fridge get cold?


RV air conditioning helps bring about a cooling effect when camping in hot weather. However, AC needs a lot of starting power from the generator or from an RV campground shore hook up. Find out more if you can run air conditioner on 110

Helpful RV Apps

RV apps are helpful when RVing. Apps that can show you nearest campground and their possible charges can help you in planning. Example:

GasBuddy App:

GasBuddy App helps you easily find the cheapest gas supplier near you


Roadtripper helps you track your routes and indicates various stops, natural scenes, and manmade features you may be interested to view along the route.


If you are in the USA, the app helps you locate campground near you. Also, you can see availability of amenities including seeing reviews.

Wrap Up

Renting an RV cost vary depending on the type of RV rental you intend to rent, the duration for camping, taxes, and the season you are renting. How much is renting an RV therefore fluctuates depending with where you rent RV. Renting an RV cost from private RV rentals or from company such as Cruise America RV rentals, Outdoorsy RV rentals, or RV Share is different. The good thing is the price variability allows you get an RV rental that fits your budget.

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