How To Move A Mobile Home And The Cost To Move A Mobile Home

How to move a mobile home yourself

Planning to move a mobile home yourself and you don’s know how? Get pro tips of how to move a mobile home and how much it cost to move a mobile home.

In brief, moving a mobile home needs you to get a

  • moving permit,
  • licensed driver,
  • qualified personal to sort your hookups,
  • moving supplies,
  • towing vehicle,
  • insurance cover,
  • Calculate the distance to move your mobile home.

Note that the mobile home to be moved must be road worthy and meets laws on moving a mobile home. All this you have to do yourself since you are not involving professional companies that move mobile homes.

10 Pro Tips On How To Move A Mobile Home Yourself

Moving a mobile home

Weather you are moving a mobile home in Georgia, moving a mobile home in Florida, moving a mobile home in Washington State, moving a mobile home in Michigan, this 10 pro tips will help you in moving a mobile home yourself or with companies for moving mobile homes.

1. Get A Permit to Allow You Move A Mobile Home Yourself

Even if the mobile home is yours, you cannot move it from one location to another say from a city to another city without a permit. You must know how to get a permit to move a mobile home.

The cost of permit of moving a mobile home is about $25-$100, for one way. The next time you have to move the mobile home you will have to reapply the permit. Maintain standards at all times to be on the safe side of the law.

In some cases once you move in to a new park, the local authorities may have to inspect your new mobile home setup before being allowed to be use.

2. Consider The Size of Your Mobile Home To Be Moved

The larger the size of your mobile home the more complex it will be for your to move the home from one location to another. Besides, smaller homes are easier to move and require less labor in terms of removing hookups and engaging in any other labor works.

Large homes like a double wide mobile home measures about 56ft – 90ft long and 26ft wide. On the other hand, a smaller mobile home often a single wide mobile home measures about 72ft long and 15ft wide.

3. What is the age limit on moving a mobile home?

20 Years. If the age of your mobile home is below 20 years it is safe to be moved by yourself or even when engaging companies. However, moving older mobile homes is risky.

In fact, chances of destroying an older home during movement is high. You may have to incur high cost of repairs yourself. Besides, companies for moving mobile homes will likely turn down your offer when engaged to avoid incurring loses.

4. Moving A Mobile Home Yourself, Distance and Weight Is Key

The distance should be considered as a driver can charge per mile as well as accounting for the weight of the mobile home. Generally, larger mobiles homes are heavier than smaller mobile homes.

Although in few cases some smaller mobile homes can be heavy. The heavier the mobile home the higher the cost of labor, and transportation cost needed.

5. Find A Towing Vehicle To Move The Mobile Home

The towing vehicle should be able to securely transport the weight of the mobile home. You can consider

  • Moving a mobile home with a pickup for small mobile homes
  • Moving a mobile home with a trailer for large mobile homes

Besides, the vehicle be roadworthy and meet all the required regulations. Keep in mind that moving a larger mobile home can be challenging especially on a rough terrain.

More caution has to be practiced and it will take the driver more time to deliver a larger mobile home compared to a smaller mobile home. Therefore, the driver cost for moving a larger mobile home will be much higher than moving a smaller mobile home.

6. A Mobile Home Mover Must Have A License

If you are not a licensed mobile home mover, you have to find a driver who is licensed to transport a home mover. Licensed drivers can be found through referrals and even the moving companies can provide you with the driver.

Since the home is a huge load, in case the driver needs to stop, stopping and parking rules must be observed as part of the laws on moving a mobile home. Be sure to know:

7. Get A Professional To Disconnect and Setup Your Mobile Home

a) Disconnecting Hookups Off Your Mobile Home to Move

Your mobile home is hooked up to essential services such as electricity, water and sewer hookups. With the help of a plumber and an electrician, you can securely detach all the hookups without causing damages.

You may have to purchase the needed supplies for removing the hookups and any resources needed to move your mobile home to a towing vehicle since you are doing it yourself.

Although if you have no prior experience you will have to involve someone more experienced in moving mobile homes.

b). Loading Your Mobile Home To A Moving Vehicle

You require labor for this task. The larger and heavier your mobile home is the more labor cost you will have to incur to move to mobile home to and from the transporting vehicle.

Besides, structure standards based on State laws must be upheld when dismantling the hookups. Repairs has to be done if need be.

c). Setting Up Your Moved Mobile Home In New Location

Other than labor, be sure you meet all the needed standard in fixing the hookups and setting the mobile home in the new location. You may have to do repairs since some parts are likely to be damaged during the move.

The mobile home must meet the dwelling laws of that State to ensure safety of the inhabitants. Authorities have standards set for mobile home before it is considered a safe dwelling place.

d). Mobile Home Moved Must Meet Standards Such As

  • Regulations of fire
  • Exterior and interior standard rules
  • Parking regulations
  • Lot and home maintenance
  • Skirting your mobile home

8. Insurance Cover For Moving A Mobile Home

Anything can happen on the road. To be safe, ensure you are the owner you have been covered by an insurance. Your personal driver should also be under a cover by an insurance company.

Also, the mobile home should be covered under liability coverage. It can cost you some money but it is worth insuring your property for a move just in case things do not go as planned.

9. How To Move A Mobile Home For Free Yourself

From the above discussion, you have a clear picture of what it takes to move a mobile home. So, in the instance you want to move the mobile home for free you have to do all the work yourself. However, permits are not free.

So, things that you can do for free when moving your mobile home include:

  • Hookup and set up services: assuming you are skilled enough you can disconnect your hookups at the old place and set them up in the new place while meeting the building standards.
  • Packing your items in boxes for transportation
  • You need to have your own towing vehicle or a friends vehicle, and be your own driver or get  a friend to drive you for transport to be free. However, fuel is not free
  • Loading your mobile home to your towing vehicle you will definitely need help. Use your family members and friends to help you.

10. With Limited Confidence To Move Your Mobile Home, Use Moving Companies

Generally, it can be much complex if you have a big mobile home to move all by yourself. The process can be tiring. Simply, get professional help from companies that move mobile homes.

When you want to use a moving company to do the work of moving your mobile home from one place to another you have to meet some standards.

Before Contacting Companies That Move Mobile Home, Be Sure To

  • If you do not know how to get a permit to move a mobile home, first, get in touch with building commissioner of your place.
  • Seek permission to move the mobile home. Your application will be analyzed if you meet the zoning guidelines.
  • You can still hire a mobile company to do all this for you at an additional fee.
  • Get your county treasure and title certificate. These documents will be used on obtaining the permit at the county licensing office.
  • Once you have the permit, contact a moving company.

At a fee, mobile home movers companies can save you a lot of stress of moving a mobile home yourself. Several companies have specialized in moving mobile homes.

They have all the resources including labor, towing vehicles, and have the necessary legal documents to allow them to legally transport a mobile home.

Companies The Move Mobile Homes Include:

  • Compass mobile home movers
  • Gordon Spardling mobile home service
  • Capital mobile home movers
  • Pro-mobile home
  • Henley trucking
  • And Rite-Way mobile home service
  • Heavy haulers
  • J&N mobile home service

How much does it cost to move a mobile Home?

The cost of moving a mobile home can cost an average of $10,000 to $13,000 to move a large double wide mobile home, and $5,000 to $8,000 to move a single-wide mobile home within 50 miles distance using a company.

The cost is also inclusive of fixing the hookups and moving permits. If it is simply moving the motorhome while you cater for other services needed it can cost you a transport fee of $1,000 to $5,000.

Cost for moving a mobile home can vary depending on

  1. Motorhome size
  2. Motorhome weight
  3. Transportation permit
  4. Labor cost
  5. Distance of moving
  6. Resources for moving including supplies for set-up services and repairs
  7. Insurance cover

Pro Tip When Dealing With Mobile Home Moving Companies

Be sure to consult. Use referrals to select a reputable company. You can consult an RV dealer or other mobile home owners for referral recommendations.

Moving a mobile home through a company is expensive and landing in unqualified companies can not only result in poor performance but also risk damaging your valuables.

Summary of Things To Avoid When Moving A Mobile Home

  • Get all your permits ready
  • Use referral to get a licensed driver if you are moving a mobile home yourself.
  • Use referral recommendation when moving your mobile home with a company
  • Get a good understanding of park rules you are moving your mobile home
  • Be sure to use qualified electrician and plumber to sort out the issues of utilities and hookups
  • Understand you mobile home before moving: can it be safely moved? Do you have capacity to move it? Is the weather convenient to move the mobile home? Snow season increase risk of your mobile home getting damaged.


How to move a mobile home yourself entails getting the necessary documentation, having sufficient resources, and meeting set laws on moving a mobile home. Companies that move mobile home can make your work easier when moving a mobile home. The cost of moving a mobile home varies. Besides, if you think about how to move a mobile home for free be sure you have all the needed expertise yourself or source the expertise for free.

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