Premium Gas In Regular Car!What Happens? What Do I Do?

I accidentally put premium gas in my car

Mixing premium gas and regular gas has its own consequences that you should know. Accidentally putting premium gas in regular car is a common mistake among car owners.

What happens if I accidentally put premium gas in my car? Nothing significant will happen to cause damage but the overall efficiency of the car can improve in various ways. Adding premium fuel to regular fuel car cannot cause harm. However, putting regular gas fuel in a premium car can be disastrous.

You are not alone, in fact it is a common mistake that happens on a daily basis. A driver can wrongly have their fuel tanks refilled with the wrong fuel either themselves or with the staff at a gas station.

No much harm will occur but that does not say that nothing will happen. Actually, in some luxurious vehicles, premium fuel can be added to a regular gas tank to enhance the vehicle performance.

Expect This After Putting Premium Gas In Regular Car

You are likely to be concerned and sometimes worry about what happens if you put premium gas in a regular car? No damage can occur to your. In fact, you are likely to experience improved car efficiency.

The following 7 benefits of premium gas can happen to your car after mixing premium and regular gas.

1. Lower Fuel Burning Time

Premium fuel takes much longer to burn. As a result, waste generated from the fuel burn is much lower in comparison to the waste deposits that can occur when a regular fuel is burnt. Consequently, your vehicle, now that you have added premium fuel will have a decreased rate of “quench zone” build up.

2. Reduced Build Up Of “Quench Zone”

“Quench Zone” is an automotive term meaning buildup of waste after fuel has been burnt to produce energy. Have heard of driver complaining that after turning off the vehicle it still continues to run for a couple of seconds before completely going off?

Perhaps you have, it is because of buildup of “quench zone” in the car engine. So, premium fuel helps reduce buildup of quench zone in your car, is a benefit despite you having wrongfully put in the wrong fuel to your car.

3. Your car getting Slightly Hotter

Some vehicles will likely to get hot. A heat would likely to build up as the engine tries to burn premium fuel instead of regular fuel. However, no much to worry since your vehicle computer systems would most likely try cool it down.

4. Engine Can Run Cleaner

Premium fuel is much cleaner than regular fuel since most premium fuel is unleaded. Consequently, you will likely notice that you will experience less of maintenance when running on premium fuel than on a regular fuel.

5. More Mileage Cover

Premium fuel takes much longer to burn than a regular fuel. Consequently, you are likely to experience a slight increase in distance you normally cover per gallon of regular fuel.

6. Advantage from the High Octane Ratings

Premium fuel has much higher octane level than a regular fuel. As a result, adding premium fuel can protect your vehicle against fuel detonation (knocking) since it high octane levels enabling peak combustion to easily occur at the optimum moment of the cycle of the engine stroke. In the end, your vehicle will run much better than when it used to run on regular fuel.

Generally, octane levels affects how explosive a fuel can be. A higher octane ratings implies a much reduced explosive capabilities. Thus, adding a higher octane fuel to a lower octane fuel is safe as it reduces explosivity of the fuel. Adding premium to regular fuel is safe.

7. Dual Fuel Performance

Some vehicles have been designed to run on either premium gas or regular fuel. However, running on premium is much better than running on regular gas. Drivers of such vehicles have testified a much improved performance in terms of vehicle efficiency when topping up premium gas instead of regular gas.

Do This When You Accidentally Put Premium Gas In Regular Car

Nothing. Premium fuel in your car will not cause any significant harm. You will likely experience improved performance of your vehicle whether you are driving a car, RV, or a trailer. So, continue driving your vehicle to your desired destination.

But, you must be cautions if you accidentally add regular fuel to a premium car. Your car engine performance can negatively be affected.

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It is not uncommon to here drivers and RVers saying, “I accidentally put premium gas in regular car”. The next thing is automatic fear of unknown of whether or not you have damaged your car engine after mixing premium and regular gas. In fact, you start wondering what happens if you mix premium to regular gas. Generally, you will experience a better performance of your vehicle. Relax, drink some water and proceed with your car road trip or RV road trip.

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