Driving With Both Feet, Is It Illegal?

Is it illegal to drive with both feet

It is possible to drive with two feet. Actually, some drivers are used to doing it that way and they are fine. Probably, they believe they are more novice and perhaps better drivers than others.

However, it is not advisable. That is why even in most driving schools you will be taught to use one feet to avert incidence of accidentally stepping on both pedals.

So, is it illegal to drive with both feet? No. None of the USA State laws has prohibited driving with both feet. However, practically you risk damaging your brakes and drive train, sending wrong signal to those behind you of whether you are breaking or not, and you risk causing a collision when you get out of control is high when driving with both feet.

One Foot Driving Norm Is Legal

For a manual car, you have a clutch, a brake pedal and an accelerator. In this case it is expected that your right foot operates both the brake and accelerator, so no way you will press them at the same time, while the left foot should exclusively operate the clutch.

On the other hand, in an automatic vehicle, there is no clutch. You have access to the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal. It is still recommended that one foot often the right foot operates the brake and the clutch, the left foot will actually remain idle.

In the case of driving with one foot say you step on a wrong pedal such as the accelerator instead of the brake, it is easy to correct the mistake and change the pedal as soon as you can. Chances of stepping on a wrong pedal when driving with one foot is slim.

Driving Against The Norm: Driving With Both Feet

Although, some people will be tempted to drive with both feet. One foot is placed on the brake pedal and the other foot is placed on the accelerator pedal and are both ready for action.

In such a case, getting out of control is very easy and a slight error of wrongly stepping on both pedals when you meant to press one can be disastrous.

Besides, in a panic your feet tends to respond since that is where your brain tells you should act. In the case of driving with both feet, without lifting one foot off a pedal to operate the other can wrongfully send mixed signals and would definitely land you in a mess.

However, racers put some fun to step on both the brake pedal and the gas pedal when negotiating a corner. It seems fun but practicing the act on normal roads not dedicated for racing can end up badly.

Although some people say they are confident driving with two feet, making the topic of whether or not you should drive with both feet debatable.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Both Feet

I believe you have seen or heard of cars entering stores front, run over pedestrians, bumped into a parked car or a moving vehicle from the back, yes.

Some of these cases have been contributed but wrongfully stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake, or stepping on both the brake and accelerator simultaneously making the action of the accelerator override the braking system.

1. Fatal Emergency Reaction When Driving With Both Feet

In the instance of an emergency and you have both feet on the pedals, chances of you stepping on both pedals is high since your feet are in a habit of working together.

For instance when driving and you come across the red light where you are supposed to apply pressure on the brake pedal to stop. By mistake, you also apply pressure on the gas pedal that will in turn counteract your efforts of breaking.

Consequently, the action will automatically increase the breaking time and the aftermath can be bad. You can seriously get in a fatal crush for such a mistake.

2. Delayed Braking Time When Driving With Both Feet

In some instances, you may be moving at a very close distance to another car. The person driving a head of you can also step on an emergency brake while on the road and you being the follower you need to respond immediately and reduce your speed.

However, with both feet emergency braking cannot happen fast and you can bump into the car. Similar concept can happen when you have to stop immediately a pedestrian, a kid, or an animal blocks your way. Driving with both feet can negatively affect your ability to respond fast to avert the damages.

3. Confusion On The Road When Driving With Both Feet

Anytime you step up on the brake pedal and apply pressure, signal evident by blinking lights alert those drivers following you of your intention.

However, in the case you constantly step on both pedals, you easily confuse other drivers who then become uncertain of your intentions. The confusion could be grievous if one assumes you are not actually braking and comes at a speed only to realize that you meant to engage in braking.

4. Easily Sell Yourself To Police When Driving With Both Feet

It is a fact that whether you drive with both feet, or one foot no one outside will know. Unless, perhaps you are driving in a fully opened jeep that has no doors which is not true.

So, the police can follow you up when checking the back light signals which will constantly be blinking showing your intent to brake but you do not mean to brake. Definitely, you will have a case to answer for creating confusion on the road.

5. Damage Your Car When Driving With Both Feet

The accelerator pedal and the brake pedal have been designed to be operated independently. Actually, once you release one then you can press the other.

Pressing both pedals at the same time disrupt the pedals functionality resulting in damages. In the case of an automatic car, the brake system can easily wear off and you braking effort on the road can become difficult.

Besides, stepping on both pedals is a waste of gas since when braking the drive system should automatically cut off the fuel supply to the engine to reduce the speed. However, if both are pressed simultaneously then it means gas won’t be cut off as intended.

6. Denied Insurance When Guilty Of Driving With Both Feet

In the instance you enter an accident as a result of applying pressure on both the brake and accelerator pedal, and the act is proven then you can be charged of negligence and careless driving. In this case, an insurance may fail to compensate you for your mistake.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it illegal to drive with both feet in Georgia? No, but it is not recommended.
  • Is it illegal to drive with both feet in Iowa? No, but it is not recommended.
  • Is it illegal to drive with both feet in Ohio? No, but it is not recommended.
  • Is it illegal to drive with both feet in Texas? No, but it is not recommended.


Is it illegal to drive with both feet? No. However, it is not recommended to simultaneously have your feet on the brake pedal and the gas pedal as a way to avert confusion and prevent getting in an accident. For either manual or automatic car, it is recommended to use one foot to operate the two pedals. Although some people are already used to using both feet when driving. Way your options and engage in best practices for both you and other road users.

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