Tips for RVing with Kids on a Long Trip: A Comprehensive Guide

Tips for RVing with Kids on a Long Trip

Embarking on a long RV trip with your family, especially with kids, can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re planning RVing with kids for a week, RVing with kids for a month, RVing with kids cross-country, RVing with kids requires careful planning and consideration to ensure everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights gathered from experienced travelers to make your RVing journey with kids a breeze.

1. Plan Ahead for Your RV Adventure

One must know tips for RVing with kids on a long trip demands meticulous planning. Start by choosing the right RV that suits your family’s needs, considering factors like size, amenities, and safety features. Depending on the duration of your trip, whether it’s a week or a month, ensure your RV is equipped with essentials to accommodate your family comfortably. Consider looking into specialized resources like the book “RVing with Kids: 12 Months a Year” to gather valuable insights.

2. Create a Flexible Itinerary

When RVing with kids, flexibility is key. Plan a rough itinerary, but be open to changes and spontaneous stops along the way. This approach allows your family to explore unexpected attractions and take breaks when needed, enhancing the overall experience. Cross-country RVing with kids offers unique opportunities to discover diverse landscapes, cultures, and cuisines, so embrace the journey as part of the adventure.

3. Pack Smart and Efficiently

Pack strategically for your RV trip, considering the needs of both parents and children. Don’t forget to bring along essentials such as clothing, toiletries, first aid supplies, and entertainment options for the kids. Utilize the RV space wisely, and consider storage solutions to keep the living area organized. Remember, RVing with kids for an extended period requires a balance between being prepared and traveling light.

4. Engage Kids in the RV Experience

Get your kids involved in the RVing process. Allow them to help with setting up camp, meal preparation, and even route planning. By engaging them in these activities, you foster a sense of responsibility and excitement about the journey. RVing with kids can turn into a fun, educational experience, offering opportunities to learn about nature, history, and geography first-hand.

5. Prioritize Safety and Comfort

RVing with kids demands extra attention to safety. Ensure that all safety measures are in place, such as childproofing cabinets, securing furniture, and installing appropriate car seats. Regularly inspect the RV for any potential hazards. Moreover, prioritize comfort by creating designated sleeping areas for the children, allowing them to rest and recharge after a day of exploration. RV manufacturers like Thor Industries offer valuable resources on traveling safely with young kids.

6. Stay Connected and Seek Support

While the allure of RVing is often the escape from the daily grind, staying connected is crucial, especially when RVing with kids. Ensure your RV is equipped with reliable communication devices and internet connectivity to stay informed about weather updates and emergency situations. Additionally, connect with the RVing community through platforms like Xscapers and Escapees. These communities provide valuable advice and support, offering a sense of belonging during your travels.


Embarking on an RV adventure with kids, whether it’s a week-long escapade or a month-long cross-country expedition, can create lasting family memories. By planning ahead, staying flexible, engaging your kids, prioritizing safety and comfort, and seeking support from the RVing community, you can make the most out of your RVing experience. Remember, RVing with kids is not just a journey; it’s a transformative adventure that brings families closer together, fostering bonds that last a lifetime. Safe travels on your RVing journey with your little adventurers!

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