Dog Monitor For Dog Safety

Depending with the number of pets you have, camping with dogs has a great impact on your overall camping experience. Just as you ensure your children are safe, RV pet dog safety is important.

So, what would you do to keep your dog safe? Safety of the dog entails maintaining safe living environment in RV, use of dog monitor, have potty breaks, and use a dog safe harness to tie the dog. Camping ground should be safe including safe interaction with outsiders and their pets.

To begin with, enhancing the safety of your dog needs you pack dog essentials for camping. You may not want to get to a campground then remember you forgot basic needs such as dog safe food and dog safe treats. If the dog gets injured during camping you need to administer first aid that sometimes can save the pets’ life.

This guide seeks to provide more insights on

  1. Techniques to remotely monitor your dog when left in RV alone
  2. Tips of preventing your dog from getting lost or be stolen
  3. Ways of preventing your reactive dog from always barking
  4. Containing dog movement with portable dog safe fence (Video)

At the campground, sometimes you may have to leave your pets in the RV when visiting some places in which pets are not allowed. So, how do you ensure your pet is safe in the RV while you are away?

Remote Monitoring of Dog Safety

Dogs are living beings and are affected by environmental factors such as temperature, water, and air among other things. You need to be able to remotely monitor your dog.

Thus, having gadgets to assist you have an extra eye on your property and pets will go a long way in enhancing safety. Besides, you can consider buying the monitors for full time RVing.

Environmental conditions in the RV keep changing such as RV temperature. Being able to remotely monitor the RV temperature using the best RV temp monitor for pets can be a life saving in some situations.

Among the popular pet monitors, the following have the best RV pet safety reviews from RVers.

1. MarCell Monitor

As an RV pet safety monitor, MarCell monitor is able to monitor several environmental conditions and send you instant alert without the need of WIFI or a prior internet connections. So, anyone can use it.

The device monitors temperature, power loss, humidity levels, water leakages and flooding. MarCell monitor is a great rv pet safety temperature monitor.

Besides, automatically the monitor sends you text messages, phone calls, or email alerts instantly once a significant change that is beyond the recommended level is detected. Also, you have a dashboard on your end from which you can watch the real time analysis of the conditions.

To start using MarCel is very easy. Follow these simple 5 steps that will also be in you manual to help you connect the device.

How to Set Up a MarCell Monitor in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1
Create an Account
-You have to register on the product website. Check manual.
-Enter name, email address and a password to create an account.  
Step 2
​Add a device
– Select “Add Device”
-Enter Device ID (6 digit code on label on top of MarCELL PRO unit), 
Step 3
​Adjust safe ranges and set up notifications
-Accept or change Temperature, Humidity safe ranges
-Set up notifications (What you want MarCELL PRO to do when an alert condition is detected)
Step 4
Subscribe to a plan
– Add billing info 
Step 5
Plug in and test out!
– All done!  Plug in your MarCELL device, after it registers itself in a few minutes!

MarCell Device Specifications

Base Unit Specifications 
Battery TypeInternal Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
Battery Duration36-48hrs once fully charged
Operating RangeBase Unit: Temperatures of 10-120 degrees Fahrenheit Detachable temperature probe: Temperatures of -20-127 degrees Fahrenheit Water Proof: upto 5m Probe length: 80inches  
Pet Alarm/Notification ConditionsTemperature (Out of safe range determined by user) Humidity (Out of safe range determined by user) Power (Change in Status) Water (Presence with Sensor Puck (SPUCK))
Notification TypesText Message, Email, Phone Call (North America)
Number of NotificationsUp to 9 separate notifications (text, email, or phone call) plus 2 additional SPUCK notice on each
Communication TechnologyCellular-4G LTE M1
Historical data recording and sampling frequencyAlarm conditions are monitored after every 10 seconds and reports immediately. In no alarm is detected, data for power, temperature, and humidity is recorded after every 30 minutes. Upload of the data to servers is done after every 8hrs or when you activate “instant update” from your dashboard.

MarCell Water Sensor Puck (SPuck) and Feet Extender Wire

MarCell Sensor Outside View
Internal View of MarCell Sensor

MarCell SPuck Specifications

SPUCK Specification 
Dimension & Weight0.75’’ Tall x 2.40’’ diameter 1 ounce
Battery TypeCR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
Operating RangeTypically 5 years- depending on number of times in alarm
Operating RangeUp to 200 feet from base unit depending on structures
Wireless TechnologyRadio Frequency (RF-Compliant to FCC Part 15)
Communication Frequency917MHz
Status Indicator1 Blue LED

Benefits of Using MarCell Monitor

  1. Easy to Set Up
  2. Pet alarm provides instant alerts even remotely
  3. Real time monitoring dashboard access
  4. 24/7 Customer support
  5. Affordable billing starting from 50 cents a day
  6. Pricing is INCLUSIVE of alerts, data fees, taxes, etc
  7. You can add more than one devices to receive the alerts.

2. Nimble Monitor

Nimble pet monitor is an RV pet safety device with capabilities of helping you to monitor the temperature, humidity, heat index and the location remotely. Nimble monitor is a good dog car temperature monitor even when you lock the dog inside.

Besides, you can monitor the location of your RV using the Nimble Monitor but the feature is only available on Pet Monitor 4G (GPS).

With Nimble monitor you have two plans that you can choose: Pet Monitor 4G and Pet Monitor 4G Lite.

How to Get Started with Nimble Monitor

To get started with Nimble monitor, follow these 3 easy steps

Step 1

Attach the monitor in the RV (Location you intend to monitor)

Step 2

Install the Nimble Pet APP and Register

Step 3

It’s ready for use. Now watch on your device

Benefits of Using Nimble Monitor

  1. Allows remote monitoring of environment of your pet including access to nimble temperature monitor
  2. Instants alarm alert to enhance safety
  3. You can also monitor the location of your asset e.g. RV
  4. Affordable monthly and annual subscription
  5. Battery is long lasting and rechargeable
  6. Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  7. Allows multiple device connections

Ways To Prevent Your Pet from Being Stolen or Getting Lost

It is fun camping with your pet. Pets also enjoying outdoor experience. However, have you imagined a possibility of your lovely pet getting lost? That is so traumatizing and I would like it to happen to you.

Prevent the loss of your dog by following some of these simple techniques:

Pet Safe Dog Collar and ID Tags

Always have your dog wear collar and IT tags always. One Key identification details that should be clearly written on the ID include your current phone details. Be sure to always update the phone number whenever you change.


Microchips can be implanted in a dog’s body part that is clearly visible such as an ear.  The chip can get scanned by a veterinary and all its details including medical history retrieved when need be. Besides, once the vet gets out the details you as the owner can easily be contacted.

Neuter or Spay Your Dog

Many studies have come to an agreement that majority of sterilized animals have a minimal tendency to roam. Have your dog sterilized to reduce chances of it roaming around and get lost.

Create Safe Environment

When a dog feels its environment is safe, even in your absenteeism it is less likely to roam around seeking a better place to stay. Always have your pet’s interest addressed before leaving such as feeding it well, and leaving behind toys.

Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable

Do not leave your dog alone as a prisoner. If unattended, do not leave your dog leashed. Just as you leave it free when home free so you can also free it when it is in an RV. Ensure the place is well ventilated.

Protect Your Dog from Wildlife Attacks

Never take it lightly that you have a big pet and no wild animal can attack it. It is a big lie. Attack can occur to whichever pet you have and most often it is unsuspected. Have in mind that even the wild animals are wise and have their own strategy to attack a prey without being noticed.

Imagine yourself out in the camp having fun with your dog, then an unsuspected huge enraged owl attacks your dog, what will you do? Screaming alone may or may not save your pet from being a prey. Check this few tips on how to protect you dog from wildlife attacks when camping.

Leash Your Dog Always

Whenever you are engaging in an outdoor activity, have your pet leashed at all times unless you are just having a good time inside your RV. With a leash, you can also help pull off your dog when attacked by a wild animals and at the same time you are also safe.

When choosing a leash choose a flat one that has minimal chances of tangling up like the retractable leashes. Besides, pets that roam around freely with no leash are easily attacked and preyed on by wild animals and birds.


Just as you supervise your little kids during an outdoor activity so should you do to your dog. Keep watch its moves and sometimes the dog can sense danger ahead of an attack. Any weird behavior should be keenly monitored do not ignore.

Leave No Trace

Fecal matter of your dog is a delicacy to wolves and coyotes that may lag around just to prey on your dog. Be sure to collect the droppings and dispose it in a recommended garbage place such that predators may not easily wait on the dog.


Always feed your dog inside the RV or in a tent where you can easily collect the leftovers and put them in garbage bin. It is because outside feeding attracts wolf, bear, cougar, coyote, or any other lazy wild animal that may come feed on leftovers and may trigger an attack.

Bird Feeders Should Be Left Home

Using a bird feeder is likely to attract insects that feed on foods dropped on the ground. In turn rodents get attracted which in turn attract animals that prey on rodents and your dog may fall victim.

Be Watchful of Breeding Grounds

Whether on the ground or on trees where you can evidently see birds’ nest be watchful. A breeding ground attracts preys such as coyote or wolf since it as a place for easy prey. Be vigilant to not only save your dog but also yourself.

Practice Caution

Even if you have a smallest puppy, it can be seen as a threat to largest creatures such as a bear and an attack can occur. Whenever you see such animals during hiking or exercising our dog do not ignore. Keep a distance and move away from the wild animals.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking When Camping?

Some dogs are naturally hyper. They are very reactive even to slight movement of any moving object or noise they just feel like barking endlessly. Actually, a reactive dog can be a bother to your neighbors and your relationship may not go well.

Besides, dogs often communicate by barking. Often, a dog can sense danger and sends an alarm through barking. However, it is difficult to even understand a reactive dog and you may end up ignoring the barking when actually you need to heed to its call.

To some people they prefer leaving their dogs behinds simply because they like barking and can be noisy. However, instead of leaving your reactive pet you can manage it and control its barking by following some of these tips.

Selecting a Campsite

When you want to do reservation, select a place that has some trees and bushes such that the environment screens the road and other people’s campsite from direct view of the dog. In such a manner, you will less likely experience too much barking.

Also, a narrow driveway can be a good choice where movement by other campers has to be minimal and you can comfortably enjoy your own privacy with your pet and loved ones with minimal interruptions if any.

Proper Use of Leash

It is a great irritation to tether your dog directly on its neck as the irritation may make it reactive. Instead use a dog leash and dog safety harness.


It is paramount to engage your dog in both physical and mental exercises even when you are in a vacation. As a result, most energy is used in wholesome body development rather than simply barking.

Furthermore, as the dog is busy playing and moving about it is less likely to be sensitive to new smells and sights even of a coming pet from a neighbor.

Camping Season

Peak season is likely to be congested and will definitely make your dog hyper as its sees too many events at the same time. Barking may be inevitable. Instead, if possible camp during the less busy seasons where there is minimal activity at the campgrounds.


Training your dog would go a long way to manage its reactive nature. You can do it yourself or seek professional help. It is through training that a dog would easily adopt to change in environment.

Portable Fencing For Dogs (Video)

It is possible to limit dog movement using fencing for dogs such that you can always know where your dog is and prevent a wandering dog that can easily be stolen or attacked by predators.

Portable fencing for dogs outside

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