Sleep In McDonald’s Parking Lot?

Sleeping in car on a road trip is common. It may get late when you are within or near McDonalds and perhaps you wish to spend the night in your car at the premises.

However, unless you have permission to park overnight in a McDonald’s parking lot, the answer is a big no whether or not McDonald’s parking lot seems the best place for an overnight parking near me.

Can you sleep in McDonald’s parking lot? No. Even if you have no ill intentions of causing malice, sleeping in McDonald’s that is not operating 24 hours is illegal. You can’t stay in a McDonald’s Overnight. McDonald’s stores are not legal places to sleep in your car or RV. You need to find other free RV parking places to sleep in car.

Why Is It Illegal To Sleep In Your Car/RV in McDonald’s

Security Concerns

Often, sleeping in car in a McDonald’s parking lot without permission easily make the management to worry. In fact, police may be called if you insist on staying there. Once the stores are closed it is expected that all guest would depart.

In fact, immediately the dining room of McDonald’s is closed, it is expected that all customers ought to vacate the premises immediately. McDonald’s security crew often inspects the entire premises including the parking lots, overnight RV parking and the cars parked for any oddities.

In the instance they notice something is out of place, they immediately notify the police and it is not a good idea you end up in police. As you are likely to be arrested and even fined a hefty penalty.

Assuming when you get drunk on the parking lot whether you came in drunk or drink while in the lot and you are still in the driver’s seat then you are in for a big trouble.

Furthermore, normal cops will randomly inspect the area. Once they find a motorhome parking in a closed private business then you are likely to be questioned.

Your license plate will be checked including inside the car inspection and high chances of being told to leave the premises immediately is high.

Equal Privileges

Besides, you may have a notion that since you are a regular customer and perhaps even known by the staff and the management you are free to park and sleep in McDonald’s store. It is wrong. No customer has any special privilege above others to park overnight.

Cleaning and Restocking Time

Unless with an exception, closing the stores allows time for cleaning and restocking without having to worry about someone on a driveway sleeping or perhaps maliciously watching over the stores. To be safe, seek permission prior attempting to sleep in the parking lot or get into trouble.

Closing Policy

McDonald’s stores have a policy that once the store is locked, it is locked. Leaving car in parking lot overnight is not allowed even an RV. Besides, no one is to enter even if they wish to simply use the restroom and not eating. However, there are customers who will always drive in late or some minutes to closing.

Such customers will be allowed to purchase the desired products and allowed few minutes before being released. In short, the policy does not allow sleeping in the parking lot.

Safety and security concerns for the employees and consumers is important that the rules of what time no one is allowed to enter is strictly followed.

Parking Time-Limited

Most McDonalds’ stores uses a technology system that is able to automatically read your vehicle’s number plate immediately you enter and leave the gates.

The machine determines how long can you park in a parking lot. When entering, the machine flashes your number plate in a large visible LED display and allocates you the time you have to use to eat and leave the store.

Depending with the traffic of the stores you can be allocated about 45minutes after which you are expected to leave the premise. Besides, the staff will also manually notify you that you have 45 minutes.

The time varies as some store can allow up to 1 hr or less. If you intend to have more time then speak to management as they are human enough to understand you.

Exceptions to Park and Sleep

However, it is not to say that McDonald’s stores completely deny overnight RV parking. In rare situations it is possible. For instance when you get rendered homeless say because of a nature’s wrath then you will be allowed to temporarily seek shelter and even sleep in the parking lot overnight.

Besides, a close friend share a touching story of one homeless lady who was allowed to stay in the McDonald’s parking lot almost the entire summer for being homeless as long as she does not cause any mess or disturbances. So, get permission if you have to sleep there.



If you have to stay overnight in a place without paying an overnight fee, there are free overnight parking near me that you can check for boondocking during an overnight stay without breaking any law.

As long as any of the free parking places are available you can camp overnight for as long as you desire, not even the cops will harass you as long as you are not a threat.

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