Can I Sleep In My Car In A Hospital Parking Lot?

Perhaps you are late, or maybe you haven’t finish your errands around the hospital. Now you have a big question can I sleep in my car?

Yes. You can sleep in your car or sleep in RV in a hospital parking lot. Generally, hospitals are among free places to park and sleep since they have free parking lots for patients and visitors.

In order to enjoy sleeping in my car without causing disturbance, you can act as a visitor even when you do not have a patient. Then make the hospital a legal place to sleep in your car.

Hospitals are generally busy place with lots of incoming and outgoing movement. At the end of your road trip and you are stranded where to sleep overnight, a hospital parking lot can be a free sleeping place for you where you can park for free and sleep in your car.

Apart from hospitals, where can I sleep in my car? There are other free places you can park and sleep for free. Do not get stranded, get knowledge.

In order to enjoy sleeping in car in a hospital parking lot be sure to:

1) Be Creative

In the instance the security personnel gets concerned that you have overstayed, you have to be creative to continue sleeping. Remember the place is entirely for visitors linked to someone who is sick and is being attended.

So, you can fake your claim that you have a relative perhaps in the intensive care and you just came to you RV to sleep. Honestly you are more likely to be removed if you just say you came over to sleep as it appears malicious.

2) Park Properly

Be sure not to cause any obstruction even when parking. Do not park in parking lot designated for emergency as you will get in trouble with the hospital security. Park within you lane so even your neighbor won’t get disturbed by your presence and alert the hospital security team.

3) Changing Your Parking Spot

Furthermore, if you have to stay in the hospital parking lot perhaps for more than 24hours then consider changing parking lot. Switching parking lots to another distance parking space allows your car or RV not to be viewed as an abandoned car. 

Actually, it will appear as if you have just arrived and in big hospital parking lots that are busy, chances of the security following up with you is slim.

4) Manage Your Kids

In the instance you are camping with kids be sure to control your kids’ movement. Besides, being at night and in a hospital it will look weird to have kids being unruly and running around at night even if you are still camping. If you have to use the hospital washrooms, have the kids do so in an orderly manner.

5) Covering Car Windows

Have your doors and windows tinted. Otherwise, you need to know how to cover car windows for sleeping using curtains. Tinting prevents people from outside from seeing you sleeping on the inside.

Car camping window covers or car camping curtains are a cheaper option for covering car window. With no one seeing what is happening inside, the hospital personnel can assumed that you have taken a patient inside the hospital and the car is empty.

6) Maintain Silence

Avoid making unnecessary noise. Silence must be maintained at all cost. Sleep in passenger seat if it is a car or sleep in bed in an RV. You can accidentally hoot when sleeping in front seat of car and the security personnel are likely to be curious and follow up.

7) Put Your Lights Out

Do not turn on you RV lights unnecessarily. Weather intentional or not, putting on lights when in a parking lot frequently can rise suspicion and the security guards will come to see what is happening.

Make use of the hospital security lights that illuminate the parking area. Having prolonged lighting can attract security attention since they may think you need help to enter the hospital.

8) Control Your Reactive Dog

For the lovers of pets, it can be quite an uphill task to go unnoticed sleeping in a hospital parking lot with a reactive dog. Camping with dogs is fun but sometimes controlling the animal especially if it is not trained can be difficult.

Have your RV doors and windows tinted or use curtains to prevent the dog from seeing too many movement that can trigger uncontrollably barking.

Also, dog treats and curdling can ease dog stress and make the pet relax. Having a hyperactive dog in a hospital that causes disturbance will definitely have you evicted from the premise. 

Sleeping in a Car with the Windows Rolled Up

Can you sleep in your car with windows rolled up? Yes. Sleeping in your car with windows rolled up can be safe. So, are cars airtight? No. Not a single vehicle is airtight and it is just mere myths that one can suffocate when windows are rolled up.

Air circulates freely in the car and you have nothing to worry about getting fresh air when sleeping.

Free Air Circulation

Several reputable sources have agreed with the study conducted by J.H Park et al that in a car with all doors closed and rolled up window, air gets replaced within 1 to 3 hours. Actually, no mechanical intervention has been used to circulate the air.

Cars and RV aren’t Waterproof

Besides, cars are not waterproof. In worst case scenarios when a car floods, water seeps in through small holes and vents. That steady incoming flow of water will increase the car’s weight and cause it to sink.

That is why car tools that can be used to break windows during submission are important since you cannot escape drowning in a rolled up window. Swim away.

Car Maintenance Prevents Fume Poisoning

If your RV or car is not in good condition in terms of maintenance, be sure to slightly leave some space by not fully rolling up the windows to allow aeration. It is because a poorly maintained car that runs with a blocked tailpipe can cause toxic fumes to circulate in the car.

So, can you suffocate in a car? Yes. When the toxic gases levels is higher than the normal rates then you can be deprived oxygen supply and you end up suffocating in your car.

Worse is that most exhaust toxic fumes are odorless and colorless and you can hardly notice their presence. Be checking the exhaust pipe to ensure it is always free from obstruction.

Buy Carbon Monoxide Detector

To minimize carbon monoxide poisoning when sleeping, install carbon monoxide detector in the RV. The detector will sound alarms whenever the carbon monoxide levels increases beyond normal early enough for you and your loved ones to get out of the car for safety.

Do Not Completely Roll Up the Window Panes

If you further feel unsafe to sleep with all windows rolled up that you can suffocate in a car, just leave some space and do no completely close them. Be sure the space is small enough that external intruder such as a malicious person may not enter the hand to pick something from your car.

Have Insect Repellents Handy

One way on how to sleep comfortable in a car with slightly open windows is to use repellants. Free guest intruders such as bugs and mosquitos can give you company at night.

Nothing big to worry about the insects since these are small creatures that you can manage to control them using repellants. Find a repellent that does not trigger allergic reactions or cause you to sneeze due to the fumes.

Use a Fan

In the instance you are sleeping in car during summer, have a small portable fun that can bring a cooling effect without depleting your RV battery. Fans are also good for fulltime camping in hot weather. Some fans come with a rechargeable battery while others use solar.

Besides, portable fans can be a great tool especially when you cannot run an ac due to lack of enough power or perhaps you do not own an air conditioning system.



Sleeping in hospital parking lot can be a good choice for someone looking for a free overnight parking. Many people have done it. However, you can not live in a hospital parking lot since it is free.

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