Sleeping In Walmart: Is Sleeping In My Car Allowed?

Can You Sleep In Your Car At Walmart

Sleeping in my car can be a great option especially when its late and you have not reached your destination or you are camping. Walmart store may be near, so is sleeping in Walmart allowed?

Sleeping in Walmart is allowed. So if your question is can you sleep in your car at Walmart? Yes. You can sleep in your car or RV in Walmart. Sleeping in Walmart parking lot is legal. Walmart store is one of the stores that allows overnight parking.

You can consider free overnight car parking or free overnight RV parking at Walmart Store after a road trip. However, a few Walmart stores do not allow sleeping in Walmart parking lot.

There is nothing complicated in sleeping in Walmart parking lot. You simply find an empty parking lot preferably at the rear ends far from the main entrance, park your vehicle, and sleep.

Completely NO tent camping at Walmart is allowed.  Besides, in case you need to do restocking during your overnight stay at Walmart, the store operates 24 hours and you can go in any time.

Despite having some places illegalizing sleeping in car in a private property, Walmart stores is an exception and most of the managers have no problem with anyone sleeping in Walmart parking lot.

Besides, since the store operates 24 hours, it becomes complex for security personnel to tell which RVer or car has just parked to sleep and who has parked to shop.

Best Practices For Parking And Sleeping In Walmart

If possible, call in advance to check if the store allows overnight parking near me since not all store allow sleeping in Walmart store. Often, a one night stay is allowed. Besides, once you have permitted you can comfortably sleep without being anxious of being noticed by the security guards.

If there is no dedicated parking lots for RVs or perhaps the parking lot is full, do not park at the main entrance parking lot. Finds at the far rear ends parking lot to park where you won’t act as an obstruction to other shoppers.

All your pets should be leashed. Dog walking or free pets wandering about in the store parking lot and its environs is prohibited. Make your pets such as dog comfortable to limit barking noises from an over reactive dog.

You can show gratitude for the free parking space and ability to sleep in your car at Walmart by purchasing your supplies at the store. You can find something to buy such as food, drinks, toiletries, grocery, and many more. Master the Do’s and Don’ts to enhance your sleeping at Walmart parking lot.

Do’s and Don’ts When Sleeping In Walmart

While most management allow sleeping in Walmart parking lot, there main aim is to allow travelers and RVers to rest as they shop. Thus, they tap in the gap for long distance travelers who may need to restock their supplies.

Thus, it is not your right to be sleeping in Walmart parking lot but you can do as long as you are not a nuisance. Here are some key tips to help you comfortably park and sleep in Walmart parking lot.

  • Behave well, do not be an obstruction or cause disturbance
  • Park at far ends away from the main entrance
  • Your RV or car lights should be off most of the time so as not to attract security guard attention
  • When using your phone, be sure the curtains are in place to offer a cover and not attract security check.
  • If your RV road trip or car road trip involves kids and pets, be sure to control their movement and noise whenever possible
  • Park in places that there is a shared parking lot with other business nearby to avoid being pinpointed by any.
  • Unlike RVers who have toilets in the RV, car travelers will have to reduce fluid intake to minimize unnecessary movement to washrooms that will attract attention of the security.
  • Do not litter
  • Do not walk around aimlessly, Walmart store does not welcome idlers
  • Do not overstay in one parking lot for days, your vehicle will be towed
  • Do not overstay since you will be considered among the homeless people taking advantage of free parking
  • If you need other alternatives for free overnight parking near me, find more on what stores allow overnight parking?

Benefits of Sleeping In Walmart Parking Lot

  • Walmart stores are strategically located in the USA and you can easily find one to spend a night.
  •  If you are new, Walmart overnight parking app, or AllStay app can help you locate a nearby store for overnight stay.
  • Availability of free overnight parking lots
  • You can restock your supplies for the next day road trip
  • Availability of a 24 hour security and well-lit parking lots, but you must be watchful of your environment and neighbors.
  • Free access to WiFi services
  • Some Walmart stores have even reserved parking lots for huge vehicles such as an RV, or a travel trailer

Limitations of Sleeping In Walmart Parking Lot

  • It’s difficult to sleep with lots of lighting at the parking lot. Make use of curtains, and tint your windows
  • There is more movement since the store is busy, expect to see more people and vehicle coming in and getting out. Some shoppers are naturally noisy.
  • No tents, awnings, barbecue grills, or lawn chairs is accepted
  • No running of your generator
  • Long term parking is prohibited. Find out more on where can I park my RV to live?



Can you sleep in your car at Walmart? Yes. Most Walmart stores allow you to park and sleep at their parking lot. In fact, sleeping in Walmart parking lot has been welcome for several years for RVers and other car travelers since they are potential customers. If you get the chance to enjoy free overnight parking at Walmart, be sure not to misuse the opportunity. Behave well and respect their policy.

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