How To Rent A Camper: Cruise America RV Rental Guide

cruising america rv rental

Get tips of how to secure the best deals with Cruise America RV rentals, the company contacts, offers and discounts, and what to expect for different Cruise America RV rental package.

Cruising America RV Rental is a reputable company that has specialized in RV rentals. Cruiseamerica RV rentals is suitable for one way RV rentals near me some of which can be cheap RV rental. Make use of Cruise America hot deals and Cruise America promo code to your advantage.

Cruiseamerica has about 130 locations you can choose RV rentals near me. In fact, they own several fleets of motorhomes, travel trailers, and campers that makes it easy for them to engage in motorhome rentals near me.

In North America, cruiseamerica RV rentals ranks the first among the RV rental companies USA. The ranking is evident from most consumers’ positive Cruise America reviews.

The company has enough capacity to rent RVs in several parts of the USA and Canada. The largest RV rental has a capacity of 7.

A Detailed Cruising RV Rental Guide On:

  • Types of RV Rentals Available
  • Key Features of Cruise America RV Rentals
  • Inside Cruise America 2020 Thor Majestic 28A Class C (Video)
  • I wish I knew this before renting from Cruising America RV rentals for the first time
  • 13 reason to rent with Cruiseamerica RV rentals
  • Limitations of Cruising America RV Rentals
  • Customer reviews of Cruise America RV rental (video)
  • Cruise America phone number and address
  • RV Apps to make your RV life easier
  • Conclusion

Types of RV Rentals You Can Rent From Cruiseamerica RV Rentals

Cruising America RV Rental |Large RV Rental

RV options are limited. However, you can always find an ideal camper that meets your needs. Here are 4 categories of RV rentals in Cruise America

1. Large RV Rental:

Cruise America Large RV rental is a comfortable motorhome with an allowable maximum capacity of 7 occupants. Most families can comfortable fit in this RV.

Although a few large families or camping groups that may need an extra large RV if available or order another one.

Common bed dimensions include rear bed 80” x 54”, cab-over bed 96” x 57”. You can find a luxury RV rental among the Cruise America large RV rental category.

2. Cruise America Standard RV Rental:

Cruise America Standard RV rental has a maximum occupancy of 5. It can have a generator. Cruise America standard RV has bed dimensions that include convertible dinette 65”x39”, rear bed 80” x 54”, cab-over bed 96” x 57”.

3. Compact RV Rental:

Cruise America Compact RV rental has a maximum capacity of 3. Common bed dimensions include convertible dinette 72”x37” and master bed 84” x 60”.

4. Truck Camper Rental:

Truck camper rental has a maximum capacity of 3. The dimension for bed is 80”x60”.

Locations to find Cruise America Truck campers RV include:

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • San Francisco (Newark), CA
  • Seattle (Everett), WA
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Denver (Federal Heights), CO
  • Phoenix (Mesa), AZ
  • Portland, OR
  • Los Angeles (Carson), CA
  • Las Vegas (Henderson), NV
  • Missoula (Lolo), MT
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, AB

Key Features of Cruiseamerica RV Rental

RV Airconditioning

Rooftop air conditioning powered by plugging RV to a campground power or from an onboard generator outlet.

Fresh RV toilet

The RV toilet uses water from a pressurized RV water tank. The waste holding tank is large enough to allows you longer storage before you think of emptying the tank. Find more tips on alternative to RV toilet

Gas coocktop

Easy to use gas coocktop that you can turn the burner to “light” position to get a flame. You can cook any meal as the burner is high output and high quality burner.


A receiver hitch is equipped on the motorhomes and you have to provide your tow bar. Note that hook-up services and towing apparatus are not provided.

Warrant towing weight should be less than 2,500 lb. No collision or liability coverage is provided. It’s free to attach your bike at receiver hitch but you must say it before you leave with your RV.

Camping with Pets

Pet friendly rental policy that allows you travel with your pets

Built in generator

A 4KW built in generator is able to power rooftop airconditioning, refrigerator, microwave oven, and all the 120-volt outlets as well as recharging an auxiliary battery. Great to use when boondocking with no hookups.

RV Refrigerator

Big enough RV fridge to cool your food. The refrigerator can either be a gas or electric refrigerator.

Microwave oven

It is found in all the cruiseamerica RV rentals. It is very efficient to warm meals and fix snacks along the way.

Hot water shower

The large RV water heater ensures you have sufficient hot water to shower

Cruise America Rental RV How It looks Like (Video)

Inside Cruise America 2020 Thor Majestic 28A Class C | Rental RV

Nobody Tells You This Before Renting RV from Cruiseamerica RV Rental

You need to be armed with pro tips to renting RV so you can be able to plan well, and work withing your budget.

Otherwise, renting an RV without some key facts can end up depleting your budget and you may find RV renting to be expensive.

However, backed up with knowledge it is very affordable to rent an RV. Besides, it is worth it to try renting an RV before you buy one since you will have plenty of needed experience.

9 Tips To Rent An RV From Cruise America

Here are 9 things I wish I knew before renting an RV from Cruise America for the first time.

1 Call In Advance

Cruiseamerica RV rentals are quite strict. Once you have ordered your RV you have to call them a day prior your coming to pick the RV so that it is set ready for you.

If you are flying or coming from overseas same day you expect to collect the RV, it won’t happen if you didn’t notify them you will be picking.

However, you can avoid any inconveniences by online registering for a pick up. In that manner, all required information about your pick up will be collected and it will be ready when you are ready to use it.

So it is safe when placing the order let them know the day and time you intent to pick your RV and you will love the experience.

2 Time To Collect

Cruising America RV rentals have an “early bird departure special” in which you pay extra fee to get your camper early morning for the early risers. The “early special” fee allows you to get the RV ready as at 9am.

However, it is not a must. As long as you have let them known the date you will be picking your RV, go for it collect it from 1pm so you do not pay for the “early bird departure special option or early special option”.

The charge is because the company receives too many booking and they have to prepare the RVs in advance based on occupancy and whatever extra amenities requested.

So, if you want to take it very early morning your RV will be scheduled as priority and you have to pay for that as the “early bird departure option or early special option”

3 Inspection Before Departure

Once you have signed a contract, a staff often accompanies you to you motorhome. The staff records the readings from the propane gauges and fuel/gas gauges.

The reading will help you pay only for what you used when you return the RV since fuel and propane cost is on you. Nothing to worry since it is not that expensive.

4 Winterization

If you are camping in winter be sure the RV is winterized. Otherwise the extreme cold temperature will free your RV water, and propane.

Normally, cruiseamerica RV rentals charge about $35 extra for anti-freeze services to enhance your comfort while camping in winter.

5 Have Plans For RV Parks

Once you successfully rent your RV, you are free to go. However, you have to keep in mind that not all places allow overnight RV parking.

You may be on the road the whole day but you need somewhere to rest at night. You need to know campgrounds or RV parks for an overnight stay and normally they charge. A guide of RV parks and Campgrounds in USA States can be helpful for you.

If you wish to camp for free and an overnight park and sleep for free then you should consider boondocking in RV.

6 Gas and Fuel Cost

Normally, the prices of gas or fuel do fluctuates depending on where you are camping. However, for gas you can pay about $3.13-3.89 per gallon of fuel but some states such as California are generally expensive. More tips on RV fuel and mileage relationship.

7 Refundable RV Bonds

RV bonds fee can be said to be a caution money you pay as a security for repairs. The bond can also be refunded when the standard has been maintained when returned.

Often the bond is deducted when you return your RV with problems you caused while RVing the money will be used for repair.

Normally, once you order an RV with cruiseamerica RV Rentals you will be required to pay $500 for bond when using a credit card. Alternatively, $1000 cash bond is paid which is refundable once you return the RV in good standard.

If anything is damaged then be sure you will get you money less a few coins depending with the damage.

It is also important to note that their will be an extra cost on your side if you return your rental rig without emptying the waste tank.

Also, you will get charged for using propane or fuel since it is a policy that you return it as it was given to you.

8 Age

You must be an adult of at least 21 years old. Minors are not allowed to book or even pick an RV. If a parent intends to order for a minor then the parent must ensure only a licensed adult driver drives the RV.

9 Drivers License

You must have a license to drive any of the rental RVs. The license must be valid and not expired. Otherwise, if you have no license documentation then be sure access will be automatically denied.

13 Reasons to Rent with Cruising America RV Rental?

1. 24/7 Support

Cruise America offers both day and night roadside assistant. In case you incur any hitch simply call their number and you will get assisted.

2. Diverse Discounts

You can always check out for discounts and promotions. You can get a discount from rental rate, extra kits, and many more discounts including Cruise America hot deals.

Besides, if you can take advantage of Cruise America promo-code you can get another discount. Discount and hot deals can bring about a win win scenario. The consumers gain extra benefits while Cruise America RV sales can skyrocket significantly.

3. Availability of Travel Trailers Rentals Near Me

There is much convenience for RV rentals when working with cruiseamerica RV rentals. Wherever you are in America there is always the nearest place you can access RVs from Cruise America RV.

4. Affordable and Cheap RV rentals Availability.

 The cheap RV rentals can go for as low as $1 per day. Am pretty sure you can afford a taste of RVs even if you do not own one.

If you are working with low budget, simply go for One way RV rentals and enjoy the rid. The charges is not fixed and can increase.

Example of Actual RV rental

A normal RV renting has a wide pricing plan that can fit your budget. Assuming you are to travel the two of you going for a 30 day trip.

Here is a table to illustrate likely charge to incur when using an C19 Compact RV in winter from Cruise America. The charges vary from one RV to another and also depends with season.

Renting RV for two people in WinterCharges to incur in USD
C19 Compact RV$34.80 per day
30 day trip$34.80 per day x 30=$1,044.00
Unlimited miles (option)$984.50
Personal kits for two$110.00
Sales tax$168.75
Total With Tax$2,307.25
Example of RV Rental Price

Here is what the personal kits for two comprises

6 plastic cups4 mugs6 large plates5 bowls1 large pot
1 small saucepan1 frypan1 kettle6 coathangers1 spatula
1 large blunt knife1 small sharp knife6 steak knives6 butter knives6 table spoons
5 forks5 teaspoons1 bbq prong1 can opener3x 9v battery
Kits Provided by Cruise America Rentals for 2 camping in in a C19 compact RV.

However, for better RV living you need more than that. You need to buy your own dishwashing detergent, extra blanket, garbage bags, bottle water and many more.

Use this wholesome RV camping checklist to get more ideas on what to pack.

Average Peak Season Cost of Renting an RV

How much does renting an RV cost? Generally, prices for RV rental in the United States vary. However, an ideal price for peak season camping here is a table for RV rental prices per night.

The prices can be more when the demand is even higher than normal. Besides, the set prices are based on specific miles and if you wish to go beyond those miles than you will incur incur extra cost per mile.

RV TypeRV Renting Prices USD per night
Pop-up trailer$50-100
Fifth wheel$60-150
Travel trailer$50-125
Class C$150-$200
Class B$100-$200
Class A$175-$275
One way RV Rental$200-$600
Peak Season Average RV Rental Prices Per Night | Cruise America Rental Prices

5. RVs are in Good Condition

High maintenance standards of motorhomes has earned Cruising America RV Rentals great reputation. Their campers are clean and in good condition.

All the tanks including the waste tanks, the toilets and all the interiors are often extra clean and ready to be rented.

6. One Way RV Rental

Cruiseamerica RV Rental offers a flexible plan for one way RV rental that you can easily drop-off or pick up from any of the nearest Cruise America locations.

Much convenience can be experience especially when you are looking for RV rentals near me. One way RV rental can be affordable and sometimes cheap especially when you can take advantage of the Cruise America hot deals.

7. Good Privacy

The RVs have beautiful curtains for privacy. Some travel trailers have tinted windows. No need to worry about someone looking inside your RV, once the curtains are closed you are free to enjoy RV life inside your rented RV.

8. Lighting

The RVs are well lit both interior and exterior lights have been properly fixed. Variety of colored lights are available to brighten up the ambience.

You feel at home, comfortable and not worrying about the dark. A great scenic beauty is brought about by the lights that can be a great background when taking memorable photos.

9. Functioning Alarm System

Well position alarm buttons are in place and ready for use. They work pretty well and can be used in time of emergency when you need help. Alarm systems are all inspected before you are handed over an RV.

Furthermore you still have 24/7 support help just in case you need anything. Therefore, with Cruising America RV Rentals you are safe and actually feel safe as you enjoy your road trip.

10. RV Fridge

The RV fridge are in good working condition. The sizes for each RV are big enough to allow you store most of your perishable foods for camping.

Besides, all the fridges have a freezer compartment that allows you to store food or medication that require extreme cold temperatures to prevent spoilage.

11. Water Heating

RV water heater works pretty well and you do not have to worry about drinking or showering with cold water. Besides, the water heater consumes less power and you do not have to worry about your fuel.

12. Sufficient Storage

The RV have been well designed to offer you more drawers for storage. Overhead storage shelves near the roof and underneath storage such as below the seats, beds, and sinks create more space.

Actually, you may end up not using some of the spaces but they are there just in case you need extra space.

13. Camping with Pets

You are allowed to camp with pets. Be sure to notify them in advance. Further it is expected of you to clean up dog mess as you need to return the RV as clean as it was or get charged extra. Learn more tips for camping with dogs.

Limitations Of Cruising America RV Rentals

Not Being Ready

Often, you have to book your RV in advance especially in the peak season. During the booking process you will be required to pay a deposit to show commitment prior to the D-day.

Then in the next 1 week or 2 weeks, it will depend with the agreement, you will be required to disburse the remaining amount.

In the instance you fail to pay your debt on time there is high chances your order will be automatically cancelled and you will incur a penalty fee. Avoid cancellation by ensuring you have all the monies needed prior RV booking.

RV Rentals Minimum of 7 days

RV can be rented for a minimum of 7 days. However, if you desire to rent for less day your rate will be calculated using the minimum 7 day period. Besides, the longer the period you rent say rent an RV for 2 weeks the cheaper it becomes.

Customer reviews of Cruise America RV rental (video)

Watch this video to see Cruise America RV Rental review.

Cruise America Reviews

Cruise America Phone Number

In the instance you need more details such as reserve RV America, contact Cruise America RV Rental. Below is a table of cruise America phone number for specific locations.

Cruise America RV Rental Danbury, CT, United States Opens 8AM · +1 203-739-0657  Cruise America RV Rental Tyngsborough, MA, United States · In Forrest RV Center Opens 9AM · +1 978-649-6252Cruise America RV Rental Lake Hiawatha, NJ, United States Opens 8AM +1 800-671-8042Cruise America RV Rental Poughkeepsie, NY, United States Opens 8:30AM · +1 845-473-0573
Cruise America RV Rental Kenvil, NJ, United States Opens 10AM · +1 973-252-6880Cruise America RV Rental and Sales Manassas, VA, United States Opens 8:30AM · +1 703-565-1875Cruise America RV Rental Cumberland, RI, United States Opens 8AM · +1 401-728-8998Cruise America RV Rental Newburgh, NY, United States Opens 8AM ·  +1 845-561-3177
Cruise America RV Rental Cliffwood, NJ, United States Opens 8AM ·  +1 732-970-7334Cruise America Oviedo, FL, United States Opens 8AM · +1 774-530-6100Cruise America RV Rental Central Square, NY, United States Opens 8AM · +1 315-668-1052Cruise America RV Rental Fort Myers, FL, United States Opens 8AM · +1 239-992-6114
cruise America RV rental Worcester, MA, United States Opens 9AM ·  +1 774-420-2031Cruise America RV Rental New Haven, CT, United States Opens 8:30AM · +1 203-782-0023Cruise America RV Rental Middle Island, NY, United States Opens 7:30AM ·  +1 631-345-2532Cruise America RV Rental Germantown, MD, United States Opens 9AM ·  +1 301-972-4207
Cruise America RV Rental Mt Laurel Township, NJ, United States Opens 9AM ·  +1 856-866-7422Cruise America RV Rental Limerick, PA, United States Opens 8AM · +1 484-369-8349Cruise America RV Rental Elkton, MD, United States Opens 9AM · +1 410-287-6700Cruise America RV Rental Jacksonville, FL, United States Opens 8:30AM · +1 904-778-8777
Cruiseamerica RV Rental USA Contact Information|Cruise America Phone Number

3 RV Apps to Make your RV Life Easier

Once you have rented your RV, you need RV apps to ease your road trip. The Apps usage vary but here are the 3 RV Apps you need as you engage in RV life:


Gas prices fluctuates. However, you can use the Gasbuddy to locate the nearest refill station with the cheapest prices for gas. You can filter to get more result according to your preferred gas type or brand.

FreeRoam App

The app works best on free RV park near me. It shows you the nearest RV park you can park. Several RV campgrounds can be listed so you can see which one fits you.

The app can be very much helpful for an overnight parking. Furthermore, from the app you can see customer reviews based on their experience of a place you intend to choose including

  • cell reception,
  • how crowded the an RV campground is,
  • ease of access,
  • safety and many more.

RV Checklist

Allows you to pack the essential items you need. The RV checklist is an essential tool for first time RVers.


Cruise America RV rentals are among the best RV rentals companies in USA and Canada. One way RV rentals offers maximum flexibility to consumers who desire an RV rental near me.

With Cruising America RV Rentals you can get cheap RV rental. Furthermore, Cruise America hot deals and Cruise America promo code can give you more discount and make luxury RV rental more affordable.

Cruiseamerica is a good place you can consider when choosing RV rentals companies.

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