What Should I Pack in My RV Checklist?

Now that you are in the camping world, forgetting to carry necessary camping essentials can really mess you up once you have arrived in an campgrounds. However, make use of a camping checklist to guide you with camping gear list, camping equipment, and camping accessories necessary things to bring camping.

So, what should I pack in my RV checklist? You need to pack food and snacks, water, kitchen essentials, clothes, towels, shoes, bedding, hygiene items, kits for games and entertainment, repair tools, your medications and first aid kit.

However, if you are camping with pets such as dogs you need a checklist for dog essentials.

The following is a basic camping checklist guide to help you pack the essential items for camping. Commonly used items by RVers has been listed in various categories that can help you in creating a first time RV camping checklist that fits your needs. RV travel hacks would help manage space when packing the essentials.

Expect to get a sample wholesome RV checklist guide on

  1. Nutritious foods to pack
  2. Healthy snacks for both kids and adults you can enjoy during the trip or in between main meals
  3. Must have kitchen essentials
  4. General Essential clothes, towels, and bedding
  5. Items for cleaning and hygiene
  6. What you need to pack for games and entertainment
  7. Essential repair tools
  8. Medicine and first aid kit
  9. Other items (non-categorized)
  10. Kids/Infant/Toddler camping essential
  11. Dog Camping essential
  12. RV trip planning and Travel Apps (Video)
  13. Camping mask

Nutritious Foods to Pack

camping food ideas

You need good food camping checklist. Food nourishes your body and provide you with the needed energy as well as other body nutrients to enhance your well-being during the camping.

From this camping food ideas list you can personalize to create:

  • camping food list for 5 days
  • camping food list for 3 days
  • 4 day camping food list
  • camping food list no fridge
  • full time RVing camping food ideas list , and many more

Besides, ensure proper storage of food to prevent spoilage. A sample food camping list checklist is as follows:

Dry FoodsCanned FoodCondimentsJars/bottle ContainerBeveragesOthers


Barbeque Sauce
Pasta Sauces
Chilli Sauces
Carry Sauces



Water Bottles




Camping food ideas

Healthy Snacks for Both Kids and Adults

camping snacks list

During the trip, you need something eat and even quench thirst. Other than snacks and fruits, drink enough water to make your body stay dehydrated for proper functioning of your body organs.

Below is a sample guide for snacks to bring to camp checklist for both kids and adults.

Road trip Snacks for Kids and Adults
Mini LarabarsDino Bars (great for year olds since they’re so easy to eat)  Perfect Kid Bars  
Kashi Cereal BarsRX Kids BarsMade Good Bars
Nature’s Bakery Fig BarsKind Breakfast BarsWhole grain crackers
Cheese crackersKixHomemade Granola Bars
CheeriosSoft Baked ChickpeasPeanut Butter Energy Balls
Chocolate Protein MuffinsMuffinsBlueberry Date Snack Cake
Blueberry Banana OatmealBanana Zucchini BreadSimple sandwiches
BlueberriesPearsDried apples
ApplesBananasBanana chips
Clementine’sRaisinsDehydrated or freeze-dried fruit
Apple chipsBaby food pouchesSnap peas
Coconut chipsNut butter packetsBaby carrots
Applesauce pouchesChia pouchesMini bell peppers
Mini cucumbersShredded or diced chickenString cheese
JerkyPizza RollsBabybel cheese
LunchmeatPizza PocketsYogurt pouches
Yogurt tubesOvernight Oats with Yogurt and BerriesSingle serve milk
Yogurt tubes  
Camping snacks list

Must Have Kitchen Essentials

Camp kitchen

Just as you need kitchen essentials at your home to prepare food, is the same way you will need to carry some of the camping kitchen set for your camp kitchen. Having the best camp kitchen require you to have the best camp cooking gear. Commonly used camping essentials for the ultimate portable camp kitchen is listed as follows:

Kitchen Essentials
PlatesGlassesDishesForks, Spoons, Knives, Spatula
Can KooziesGrillPropane /CharcoalGrilling Utensils
Lighter/ MatchesAluminum FoilCooler and IcePots
PansOven MittsHot dogs SkewerMarshmallow Skewer
Mixing BowlBottle OpenerCan OpenerZip Lock Bags
TupperwareTable clothClampsNapkins
StoveFuel for StoveTrash BagsCutting Boards
Water BottlesSoapDish SpongeDish Towel
Bins/Buckets to Wash Dishes   
Camping essentials for a camp kitchen

General Essential Clothes, Towels, and Bedding

camping outfit

You need proper clothing for camping. Cute camping outfit enhances your confidence and overall camping experience. Keep in mind the weather conditions so you carry appropriate clothing. Make use of camping clothes list to help you pack you camping outfits.

Travel towels are used to dry your body after a bath or swim. Pack towels that are soft and absorbent makes the best travel towel.

Comfortable warm bedding for the night is necessary. You need

  • camping bed sheets
  • camping themed bedding sets for kids (optional)
  • folding camp bed
  • camping bedding set

Check this guide to help you in choosing the items.

Clothes, Towels & Bedding
UnderwearSocksBeach Towel
t-shirtsWarm clothesNice Outfit
Swim SuitHatsSunglasses
PillowDish TowelHand Towel
Beach TowelTravelling SandalsSleeping Bags
PilllowsSleepwearDaytime wear
Camping outfits | Travel towels | Camping bedding set

Items For Cleaning and Hygiene

Camping shower

Maintaining cleanliness during camping is paramount. Good hygiene prevents illness and also helps in keeping insects such as flies away.

Learn how to maintain your holding tanks to prevent bad odors in the RV. A sample camping checklist guide for cleaning and hygiene is as follows:

Cleaning and Hygiene
RV Toilet ChemicalsSpongeHand Soap
Wash BasinSoapShampoo
Hand SanitizerHousehold Cleaning DetergentsHousehold Spray
RV Toilet PaperToilet PaperTissues
Paper TowelDish DetergentClorox Wipes
Trash BagsBroomDust Pan
Camping hygiene hacks list of cleaning essentials

Games and Entertainment Essentials

camping games for kids

Various forms of entertainment including games are often done during camping. Check the 41 categories list of camping games guide to help you know what to pack for

  • indoor camping games,
  • night camping games,
  • camp games for large group,
  • camping games for kids,
  • camping games for couples,
  • games to play adults.

Depending with the activity, you may need to carry some games and entertainment items such as the once shown in the following checklist for camping games

Games and Entertainment
CardsTV/DVDBoard Games
Swim ToysPrisbeeHorseshoes
Coaxial Cable TVCameraTravel Guides
BooksHeadphonesLawn Chairs
Charger for GizmosBatteriesLaptop
Fishing Gear and License  
DIY camping games essentials

Essential Repair Tools

Camping tool kit

Sometimes you may need some tools in handy for minor repairs. Although tools are a wide category, a sample guide of what you many need to have include:

Emergency FlaresBungee CordsJumper Cables
Alarm ClockDuct TapeStocked Tool Box e.g Mechanic Tool Set
LevelFlashlightsClothes Line
Disposal Gloves30-50 amp extension cordWater Filter
Sanitary HoseLeveler BlocksSmall Axe
MatchesVice GripScrewdrivers
HatchetZip TiesHose Clamps
DrillRivetsRivet Gun
Tow StrapRatchet Tie DownsCutter/ strippers
Repair Kit for mattress, pads, tents, tarps  
Simple camping checklist for tools

Medicine and First Aid Kit

First aid kit list

Maintaining good health status is important. In the instance you are under a medication be sure to carry them. If you run out of medicine try find places you can source.

Walmart stores can help you source for medicine from various pharmacy and have it delivered to you. First aid kit is necessary to help you manage minor injuries.

Medicines and Outdoor First Aid Kit
All Prescription MedicationsPain KillerAllergy Medicine
Neosporin OintmentFirst Aid KitPoison Ivy Cream
Burn CreamOther Over-The-Counter Meds 
Basic camping checklist for first aid

Other Essential Items

General Items that you should also remember to carry include:

Credit CardSmartphoneCash
Nail PolishBaby MonitorNoise Machine
LaptopLanternLantern Fuel
CameraDisinfectantPhone Charger
Other essential camping kit

Kids/Infant/Toddler Camping Essentials

camping snacks list

When you are camping with kids, there are specific items that you need to enhance the comfort and well-being of the baby. The following is a sample for baby camping checklist of clothing and footwear essentials for camping.

Camping Clothes and Footwear for Kids/Infant/Toddler
Sun HatWarm HatCool Clothing
JacketOnesies for LayeringMultiple Pants
SwaddlesSwim Gear 
Kids camping set of camping outfits

It is the responsibility of a parent to ensure the baby’s health is catered for. Since you are going for an outdoor event away from home be sure to carry baby medications if baby is currently under prescription.

Also, you need basic healthcare essential to be able to monitor baby’s health and administer first aid. Use the following checklist sample as a guide to help you design the best first aid kit for camping.

Kids Health Care Essential
All Prescribed MedicationsNasal BulbThermometer
Allergy MedsBug SprayTylenol and Syringe (Pain Killers)
SunscreenFirst Aid Kit 
Kids first aid kit

During camping, it is essential to keep kids entertained. As a results, be sure to pack safe baby toys that the baby is likely to use for playing. A sample toys and entertainment baby essentials checklist is as follows.

Baby Toys
Rubber ToysPlastic ToysBalls
Sand Toys such as Shovel, buckets, Rake,“Digger” truck ToysBubbles
Craft MaterialsDrawing BookDrawing Papers
 kids camping chairs  
Kids camping toys

Dog Camping Essentials

Dog needs list

For the lovers of dogs, you may have your pet as a companion. Just as plan and pack your own camping gear, do not forget to pack dog essentials. The following is a camping guide checklist for dogs.

Dogs’ Camping Essentials
Dog FoodCollapsible Food BowlsWater Bowls
Dog collarID TagsOutdoor Dog Bed
Outdoor Dog BlanketWaterWater Cooler
Dog Warm JacketDog Sleeping BagDog Swim Gear
Dog First Aid KitLong Lasting TreatTie-out/Leash
Poop BagsDog TentDog Toys
ShovelPaw Pad Healing BalmHigh Absorbency Towel
Dog CoatDog JacketDog Mat
Dog BootiesDog Liner Socks 
Dog camping gear

RV Trip Planning and Best RV Travel Apps

Other than having a checklist, watch this video to get better insight of RV trip planning. Furthermore, you also need RV travel Apps to enhance your camping trip.

RV trip planning and RV travel Apps

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