Hiking Face Masks You Should Have

Find out the best hiking face masks suitable for hiking and camping today. Face masks have become an essential item for personal protection.

The COVID 19 era has greatly revolutionized human behaviors and wearing a mask such as a hiking face shield, hiking face cover, RV mask, buff masks, surgical masks, and balaclava masks just to mention a few has become a norm of our society.

Mandatory laws on face wear have been imposed in various cities, States, and nations at large and wearing mask for human safety has been embraced. As a result, one has to wear a face mask especially when the activity is likely to involve human interaction.

Besides, nowadays it is normal to find people putting on face mask with filter when they exercise outside, doing yoga, running, walking, cycling, hiking and camping among others.

However, one is likely to contemplate the effectiveness and safety of the masks. Besides, whether or not wearing face mask would affect overall performance, breathing, vision, and the pandemic spread is still a concern for many.

Wearing Face Masks During Outdoor Activity

There are two types of face mask you can wear:

  • Disposable face mask: this is a face mask that is breathable but used once then disposed as waste.
  • Reusable face mask: this is an easy breathe face mask. The face mask are washable and can be reused more times before being disposed.

The chances of corona virus spread when camping in the wild alone such as when engaging in solo boondocking in an RV is slim. The virus spread when an infected person comes in contact with a negative person.

That is why, social distancing and wearing of the best face mask is key in reducing the virus spread and protecting yourself.

Thus, when doing an activity such as hiking in the wild where there is no crowd of people then you do not have to wear a mask or a hiking face cover.

However, be sure to have the mask handy just in case you have to traverse a place where there are other campers. Always maintain a safe distance even when wearing a face mask. Find more on USA campgrounds near me to find a suitable place to camp or hike.

How Face Mask Affect Outdoor Exercise

A face mask tends to obstruct free flow of air from the surrounding such that the air has to be filtered through the mask before you can either breathe in or breathe out as long as the face mask for camping has been worn correctly.

Consequently, the material component making the mask is crucial since the mask covers both your nose and mouth. Keep in mind that some outdoor activities such as running, or hiking in a rough terrain may require you to open your mouth to increase air supply to your body.  

When engaging in a strenuous exercise, it is advisable to workout alone or in a safe distance if you are being supervised so you do not have to wear a mask. Masks will generally reduce air intake and would in turn alter your performance as it can increase some discomfort.

3 Top Rated Face Mask for Hiking and Camping

In order for you to determine what kind of face covering is best for outdoor exercise it is important that you strike a balance between discomfort and the ability of a mask to control infection spread.

Here is a list of top 3 face wear for hiking and camping that you can add in your camping checklist.  

1. Buff Masks/ Neck Gaiter Face Covers

Buff mask is a face mask that is cool. The mask has a tubular appearance as a neck gaiter or a headband allowing more air circulation around the mouth and the nose.

Buff mask are cloth face make and some can be cotton face mask. The face buffs is large enough and some can have head and face coverings. The can be described as face mask bandana.

Buff masks tubular design enhances better barrier against any incoming or outgoing germs. Consequently, buff masks can offer protection against viruses. Besides, buff masks are face mask that are comfortable.

Also, high quality buff face shield are made of synthetic fiber that does not absorb heat. Thus, you are less likely to feel too much heat and sweat around the nose and mouth.

The material design thereby enhances comfort. Buff mask are among the homemade face mask that is diy face mask. Get a buff mask to wear when engaging in fun camping activities.

If you are to engage in strenuous exercise such as running, or long hours of hiking just to mention a few of outdoor activities then buff mask is for you. Buff mask is a good running face mask and a running face cover.

Athletes who practice outdoor running on regular basis opt to use face buffs as their training masks for running. The mask is much comfortable even for long hours of usage with minimal discomfort if any.   

Pros of Buff Masks

  • A good barrier to prevent spread of germs and viruses
  • most comfortable face mask
  • Plenty flow of air makes it the best for strenuous activity such as running and hiking a rough terrain
  • Minimum heating thus minimum sweating
  • Minimum dampness
  • Good for outdoor activities/sports face masks
  • One size for all
  • Reusable face mask

Cons of Buff Masks

  • When hanging around the neck, heat can build up and cause discomfort especially when the weather is hot.

2.Surgical Masks

As the name suggest, surgical masks are not ordinary mask and were initially used for surgery purposes since they are made of face mask best fabric. In fact, with advance technology reusable medical face mask are in the market.

However, since they are good barriers against microbes they can be used to protect against COVID 19 and other germs and anyone including non-medical personnel can wear.

They cover both the nose and mouth. Unlike the buff mask, the surgical masks tend to hold tight to the nose and the mouth thereby reducing the air flow around the nose and mouth.

Thus, in strenuous activity you are likely to feel damp and wet since the moisture in air you breathe out gets trapped inside the masks. Thus, it becomes uncomfortable.

Disposable face mask made in USA, China and other global markets have made the surgical mask much affordable to many people. In fact, some disposable face mask are free.

Pros of Surgical Masks

  • Acts as a barrier against diseases causing organism and blocks particulate matter such as dust
  • Very good for activities that are not too involving in terms of demand for more air.
  • Good for indoor wear and less strenuous outdoor activity such as walking on a flat terrain

Cons of Surgical Masks

  • Easily gets wet and uncomfortable in strenuous activity
  • You will feel hot around your nose and mouth and you are likely to be tempted to remove.
  • Size may need to be adjusted to fit

3.Balaclava Face Mask 

What is a balaclava mask? Balaclava faces mask are masks that can cover your entire face, head, ears, and part of the neck while living out your eyes. Quality balaclava are cloth face mask with filters. Often the mask is good for extreme cold weather such as during the winter.

Customized face mask can end up becoming cute face mask. If you aspire to engage in mountaineering then balaclava mask is for you. The mask not only offers protection against germs, but also keeps you warm. Balaclava face mask are among the best reusable face mask.

Types of Top Rated Balaclava Face Mask

Choosing amazon face mask such as balaclava face mask depends on your personal preference and comfort you desire. Balaclava fashion face mask are diverse resulting in various designs of balaclava masks such as

  • balaclava headwear,
  • balaclava hood,
  • mens balaclava hood,
  • balaclava neck warmers,
  • balaclava face shield among others

Main grouping of balaclava masks include:

a.Summer balaclava mask:

Summer masks are good for hot weather such as in summer. Apart from offering protection against microbes, the masks are light, breatheable, and comfortable to wear.

Besides, the balaclava fashion can easily blend with your fashion. Custom face mask can be designed. You can even choose a pattern for a face mask thereby enhancing your overall outfit appearance. Example, a black face mask can blend so well in most if not all colors of your clothing.

b.Winter balaclava mask:

The best winter balaclava masks are suitable for cold weather including camping in winter. Balaclava winter masks no only protects your face from freezing but also adds warmth, comfort, and protects you against direct contact with diseases causing organism. Be sure to select the best balaclava for extreme cold if you are planning to camp in the cold.

c.Ski balaclava

Skiing balaclava masks are types of winter balaclava for skiing. They are breathable face mask. Often, skiing takes place in snow in extreme cold. Thus, selecting a ski balaclava could be a good choice for enhancing fun in the cold. Ski balaclava are warm, and cozy. The face shield design offers great protection against diseases.

Pros of Balaclava Face Mask

  • Suitable for use in cold weather and hike cold places
  • Keeps you warm
  • Summer balaclava masks can be worn during warm weather
  • Acts as a barrier protection to germs
  • Comfortable to wear in the cold
  • Stylish face mask
  • Reusable face mask

Cons of Balaclava Face Mask

  • You have to select a balaclava mask that is suitable for the weather. Balaclava face masks are not multipurpose.

12 Ways To Wear Buff Mask/Neck Geitar (Video)

Here is an illustration of various ways you can wear you mask as you have fun.

How To Wear Neck Gaiter

Wrap Up

Both buff mask and surgical masks can be used for hiking and camping. However, for strenuous activities such as running buff mask are better than surgical masks due to increased comfortability.

Besides, in a less strenuous activity both buff mask and surgical mask can be used. Balaclava face wear is best suitable for cold weather and some variations can be worn in warm weather.

Also, it is worth noting buff masks are easy to pull up from the neck when passing or interacting with someone since it will always hang around the neck.

However, a surgical mask has to be placed in a pocket when not in use and it can get lost although surgical mask can be lowered to hang over the chin for easy pull up when needed.

In terms of protection against microbes surgical masks have been proven to be the best as they are tested. Homemade masks or other fashion masks are not effective in protecting against all microbe but high quality face mask designs have great ability to offer protection against viruses.  

It is much effective to stay protected against the virus by not only wearing a face mask but also limiting interacting as a crowd. Maintain social distance. Besides, sometimes being solo is the best as you have no worry about your mask.

Unfortunately, someone my rush and meet you or perhaps a unique scene may caught your attention when camping then you find yourself in a crowd. Your mask should be ready before interacting with people.

There are various sources that have face mask for sale. However, buy face mask from legit sources to ensure you get quality disposable face mask or reusable face mask. One place you can find is face masks amazon.

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