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Find 41 creative camping fun categories of activities you can engage in to spice up the overall camping experience. The fun camping activities are safe for adults and children and can help create a memorable experience.

A blended list of diy camping games, camping games for kids, camping games for adults, camping games for couples. Other than games, get more camping activities you can do including how to make money on road.

So, what are the best events and activities when travelling the RV lifestyle? The best events and activities are the ones that follow along the interests or passion you already have.

Fun things to do while camping can offer opportunities to develop new interest or offer opportunities to get acquainted more with other people you meet along the way as you interact, share experiences, and learn from each other.

The guide will provide 41 main categories of fun camping activities you can practice when RVing with family. The list is endless, and the categories are an overview of some activities you can practice.

Please note that no specific order has been used to sort the activities. It contains both adults and suitable activities when RV living with kids that can be done when camping.

You need a checklist to jot down what you can do, what time, and for how long. The camping checklist will also help you pack what is needed. Effective planning and scheduling of activities would help you get organized and have more time for leisure.

1. Site Seeing

Many confuse sightseeing with site seeing. However, here it means exploration nature with your eyes through observation. You can travel around a city, town, campgrounds, marinas, and other places you desire, to see the intriguing spots that visitors generally visit.

Make your eyes explore the natural and man-made wonders of the world. You have lots to view including landscape shapes, animals, plants, water bodies, botanical gardens, and buildings among others.

Besides, you even do not have to incur huge cost of travel, sightseeing near me could be a good place to start your tour just around you.

2. Photo Shooting and Video Taking

Creating memories when RVing with family is important. Equipped with diverse photo shooting ideas, take as much photos and videos as you can to enhance the memory of the experience. You can even do birthday photo shoot.

For those who sell photos, camping sites are great place to find great photoshoot background. Involve your kids, friends, and any other you feel comfortable with to take photos of the scenes, events, and yourselves having a good time.

Make use of your phones, laptops, and even camera among other technological devices you have. You can as well do video taking.

 3. Crafting

If you enjoy crafting and building, make decorative images using your hands. It could be enhancing your skill, learning, or teaching others. The images can be inspired by the experiences you have during camping.

In fact, crafting can enhance bonding and teamwork among children when guided by an elder. Further, crafting with paper uses inexpensive materials and you do not need crafting table. You can do crafting for gifts and if you are more interested you can make more and sell for extra cash.

Types of crafting include:

  • Modelling using paper, or clay
  • Knitting, quilting, crocheting, weaving etc
  • Engraving
  • Woodcraft

4. Swimming

If the weather is friendly, go swim. There are various types of swimming you can do. However, if you are a beginner in swimming be sure to wear the correct swim gear and have a swimming trainer to guide you.

You can do swim in swimming pool, river, ocean or in your own specially designed pool. Ensure all safety measures have been considered. Do not allow young children to swim unattended. Have fun in water as much as you can.

5. Pet Walking

Have fun playing and walking your pet such as a dog. Remember to use a leash when walking big pets such as dogs to easily control them. It is a bad experience if your pet run out messing other people’s staff during playing.

Besides, you can also earn a few coins when you engage in dog walking jobs even at the camp. Simply market your dog walking services. Get more tips for camping with dogs.

6. Play Cards

If you have carried your deck of cards, playing cards games can be exciting. Card games doesn’t require too much of your energy. Teach each other playing cards symbols, and if you are all pro’s then you are good to try out. Playing cards enhances your social skills since you have to play with other people.

Critical thinking and cooperation is also enhanced since you have to think before placing a move. It is a good game to play when you feel you need to sit and relax. Besides, you can also have fun playing cards online.

7. Play board games.

Board games

There are so many types of board games you can choose. Classic board games even online board games can still be among your choice list.

Board games is where you move objects along a board depending with the game rules. If children are involved, it is the responsibility of the parent to try choose the most suitable board games when you are RV living with kids.

9 Popular list of board games


It’s a two-player board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares orchestrated in a 8×8 grid.


It’s a table game for two players which include corner to corner moves of uniform game pieces and compulsory captures by bouncing over rival pieces.


It’s a word game in which two to four players score focuses by putting tiles, each bearing a solitary letter, onto a game board separated into a 15×15 grid of squares.


It’s a board game in which players move two six-sided shakers to move around the game board, purchasing and exchanging properties, and creating them with houses and inns


Is a homicide riddle game for three to six players. The goal of the game is to figure out who killed the game’s casualty, where the wrongdoing occurred, and which weapon was utilized.

Every player assumes the job of one of the six suspects and endeavors to find the right answer by deliberately moving around a game board representing the rooms of a house and gathering hints about the conditions of the homicide from different players.


Is a procedural tabletop game for two players, played on a 8×8 uncheckered board

7.Trivial Pursuit:

Is a board game in which winning is dictated by a player’s capacity to answer general information and mainstream society questions.


Is a technique prepackaged game of conquest, diplomacy, and conflict for two to six players. The standard variant of the game is played on a board portraying a political guide of the world, separated into forty-two regions, which are gathered into six continents


Is an interesting game where players attempt to think about what different players are drawing.

8. Do puzzles

Puzzle a game, issue, or toy that tests an individual’s creativity, know how, or knowledge. In a riddle, the solver is expected to assemble pieces in an intelligent manner, so as to show up at the right manner or fun solution of the riddle.

There are so many puzzle games including but not limited to:

  • Word puzzle games
  • Puzzle games for kids
  • Puzzle games for adults
  • Picture puzzle games
  • Jigsaw puzzle games

9. Socialize with new neighbors

Don’t stay bored. Talk to people and make friends. Get to know your neighbors and create friendship if possible. You can share stories, interact, and sometimes learn or get help from the neighbors.

Remember, it’s all about having the best time and in case you have a hitch it is a wise idea to ask your neighbor to help you out.

10. Pickleball Game

Pickleball game is a paddleball sport, like a racquet sport, that joins components of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Two or four players utilize strong paddles to hit a punctured polymer pickleball ball over a net. If you are a fun of watching videos, pickleball videos are great to consider.

11. Take Care of Kids

If you are camping with kids, definitely you have to set time to care for children and make them enjoy the occasions. Kids’ needs attention, help to maneuver new places, help them learn, and involve them in activities.

You should consider enhancing your family bonds through fun camping games, meal preparation, storytelling and many more to create a memorable experience.

12. Story telling

During harsh weather or at night when in a tent, or in an RV is a good time to story tell. Story telling while alternating turns engages the members. Story telling for kids not only enhances their thinking capacity, memory capabilities, but also soothes kids to sleep without throwing tantrums.

Besides, you can discuss how your daytime experiences was in order to know the effectiveness of the activities.

13. Reading

You can enhance your knowledge by reading books. Besides, you can make use of google maps to find out more places you can explore within the area you are camping.

Also, you can research more of a scene or a historical site you came across for purposes of knowledge.

14. Watching TV/Movies

With access to power, RVers can be able to watch movies. In fact, an educative movie that is well chosen for family watching tv can enhance learning to kids, and teenagers making parenting easier.

Watching TV cartoon can be a great way to spend time for kids watching TV. Also, if you are a fun of latest Netflix movies then do not be left out. Watch and enjoy.

15. Watch Sports

You can follow up a fun game such as soccer, tennis, athletes or any you are interested. Beat the boredom by cheering the players and have a good time.

16. Setting Up Campfire and Campfire Games

Cool things to do with campfire

In order for to engage in cool things to do with campfire, ensure all fire safety measures when camping are upheld especially when camping with kids. You can gather firewood if it is not provided. At night, you can set up a campfire.

Be sure to putting out the fire when not using and never leave the campfire unattended.  More fun can be derived at the campfire such as

a. Story Telling

Take turns to prevent monotony. Both the young and the adults should be given opportunity to speak. Communication etiquette to be observed to make the whole story telling activity fun and enticing.

b. Campfire Games

Several fun camping games can be played at campfire. The games would vary based on ages.

Campfire Games for Ages 6 and Above

1. I am Going to the Market

The principal player starts by saying, “I am going to the market to buy a ___,” including a thing she would purchase. For instance, “I am going to market to buy candy.”

The following player in line proceeds with, “I am going to the market to buy candy [insert the name of the first player item] and a ___ [adding another thing purchased].”

For instance, “I am going to the market to buy candy and a bunch of bananas. The third person has to start with what the first and second player said then add something new in that order. Repeat. It’s fun. When one fails, you start a new list.

2. Sound Train

Players agree and choose an underlying sound, for instance sound ‘n’ or ‘t’, and members alternate saying a word that starts with the picked sound within a short time (for older persons).

The game proceeds until a player can’t think about another word to include. The last individual to give an answer picks another sound for the following round.

Time can be quantified by say tapping knees thrice and afterward applauding once. Every player must state his word before the beat is done.

3. Once Upon a Time

The first person starts a story beginning the first few lines. Then clap twice to usher in the next player. Then then next person adds up to the story to make it interesting, claps twice usher in the next player until the last person.

Immediately after the second clap one is expected to say something. The story is imaginary and fun. Example, 1st player. One evening, I sat on a mat. (Claps twice). 2nd player. Then I saw a huge (claps twice). Third person. Buffalo….etc.

4. Telephone:

Sitting in a circle perhaps round a campfire. Then the first player whispers a short message to the next person on the ear. Then the second passes the message to the third.

Until the last person is told who then announces the message. Then each person says what they heard. Variation of the message makes it more fun.

Campfire Games for Ages 8 and Above

1.20 Question Game

It is all about questions and answers. It is played as follows:

Stage 1: Think of an item

Think about an item that can be delegated a creature, vegetable, mineral, game or any category. Tell different players which classification your puzzle object fits into.

Stage 2: Have one player pose a Yes or No inquiry

Have one player pose a Yes or No inquiry to attempt to become familiar with the puzzle object. Answer the inquiry with a Yes or No.

Stage 3: Have the players keep posing inquiries

Have the players alternate posing Yes or No inquiries up to a sum of 20 Questions.

Urge players to pose inquiries that expand on answers previously given. Follow “Is it greater than a lunchbox?” with “Is it greater than a pony?”

Stage 4: Let the players guess the secret item whenever

Let the players guess the item whenever by expressing their speculation as an inquiry, for example, “Is the puzzle object a bag?” Count this as one of the 20 Questions.

Stage 5: Have the players guess the secret item

Have the players guess the secret item after they have posed the entirety of their 20 Inquiries. The champ is the person who effectively guess the puzzle object.

Increment the trouble of the game by diminishing the quantity of inquiries permitted each time you play.

Stage 6: Let the champ pick the following riddle object

Let the champ pick the following riddle object. On the off chance that nobody guess your item accurately, pick the following article yourself and continue baffling your companions with your picks.

2.Name Game

A category is chosen, say animals, plants, or vehicles, anything of interest. Say you agree on animals. So the first person names an animal starting with letter A.

The last letter of that animal becomes the first letter for the next person to form a new name.

Example: 1st player, antelope. 2nd, elephant, 3rd, tortoise etc….claps of 2 can be used as a time to user in the next. Until one is unable to name. They are removed.

The remaining few participants continue until only one person is left as the winner. Then u start another letter. No repetition of an already named animal.

Campfire Games for Ages 11 and Above

1. Fortunately and unfortunately game

Is a turn taking game in which the next person builds up a story using the other term. For example: 1st player: Fortunately, I have a bottle of water. 2nd player. Unfortunately, there is no water….etc.

Continue until the story is fully build up, becomes logical, and can be concluded either happily or unhappily.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

The main player shares an event in which two are true and one event is a lie. So other players’ guess which one is a lie. The winner takes the lead and shares another idea.

17. Go for Dinner

Going out for dinner is a great way to spend time with loved ones. Share dinner with friends, and family including the new acquaintances at the campgrounds. Explore various cultures and even meals at dinner. Share stories and have a good time.

18. Fishing

If you are in a site that you can do fishing, do it. However, be sure to abide by the rules since in some places you need a license to do fishing.

Besides, you should practice all safety measures when going fishing. Have a campsite ground guide to accompany you if possible.

19. Tree/flower planting

You can plant trees as part of conserving the environment. Also, plant a tree as part of creating memories that you can look up to in some years to come.

You can also plant flowers to enhance the aesthetic beauty if the activity is allowed especially if you can contribute in a botanical garden.

20. Visiting Towns

If the campground is in a place where your parents or grandparents were born then it is worth exploring the place. Learn of the culture and traditions and explore more.

21. Cooking and Baking

Cook meals. You can explore various dishes. Cook what you love. You can teach others your skills in cooking and baking classes. You can also fish and cook the fish for fun. Explore new recipes.

22. Kayaking

Do not forget to add your kayaking equipment in you camping essentials list. Use a kayak to move on water. Make various moves and have fun kayaking on the waters. Kayaking for beginners if possible when you can have a willing tutor to take you through the training.

23. Play with pets

If you are camping with your pets, then find time play with them. Playing is fun and enjoyable. You need to know the possible games to play with dogs or whichever pet you have.

24. Do exercises

Do some workouts, yoga and other relaxation exercises. Kindly not that if you are under medication or have a health problem be sure to consult your doctor before attempting to engage in some strenuous exercises.

25. Listening to Music

Turn on the music you love. Music brings about a soothing and a relaxation feeling. If you are camping as a group role play in choosing the music to listen to especially when you are sharing the media.

26. Dancing


There are so many kinds of dance including popular dances you can do. Get you dancing shoes and dance. Dance as a couple, with kids, solo, and even as a group whichever way you are comfortable.

 27. Share Experience

You can write letters, messages, or go live in various platforms such as Facebook. Tell people of the experience you are having and let them have a feel of the events even though they are far.

28. Go shopping

You can do window shopping or actually shop items. Move around the places, malls, and stalls. The site viewing of commodities in the market is interesting. You can do junking or second hand shopping if you wish.

29. Painting

If you have some paints, and crayons try drawing and painting objects. Everyone can draw, it doesn’t have to have a good finishing but sketches are a good way to draw.

Let the young children share their experience by drawing and painting. It is very essential in enhancing communication between you and young children who may not very well express themselves with words.

30. Writing

You can write your journal of the day experiences before going to bed. Also, you write poetry. Besides, the events can be an inspiration and if you are a singer you can actually compose a song. Fill in your memory book of travel with the events of the day.

31. Play Musical Instruments

The list of musical instruments to play is endless. However, you need to learn but if you have a mastery in skill try practice it. Just to name a few, you can play and even learn some musical instruments while camping.

Musical Instruments Examples

  1. Keyboard
  2. Piano
  3. Recorder
  4. Guitar
  5. Drums
  6. Violin
  7. Saxophone
  8. Flute
  9. Cello
  10. Clarinet
  11. Trumpet
  12. Harp

32.Bird watching

Explore the birds’ species. See what types of birds live in the area, their habitat, and social life. Take photos as some birds are so beautiful.

33. Untangling Pets Leash

Camping with pets such as dogs may require the use of a leash to be able to control their movement.

However, sometimes the dogs especially when they are two or more may easily tangle each other with the leash then get stuck. Untangle their tie out cables.

34. Take a Nap

Take some minutes to hours just napping. After a hard day’s activity and movement, it is worth taking a nap in order to freshen up.

35. Cleaning

Clean the dishes, or the RV spaces you have used. Proper hygiene should be maintained at all times even when camping with kids.

Children can easily mess up the surfaces and you should clean for purposes of maintaining hygiene and ensuring your health is not compromised.

Besides, clean surfaces are less likely to attract intruders such as ants and rodents that would negatively affect your comfort.  You can also do some laundry and clean the RV washrooms.

36. Geocaching Games

Geocaching is a genuine world, open air treasure hunting game utilizing GPS-empowered gadgets.

Members explore to a particular arrangement of GPS coordinates and afterward endeavor to discover the geocache (holder) covered up at that area.

37. Spelling Games

Engage in spelling of words and award points. The winners chooses the next category of words to spell.

38. Volunteering

You can volunteer to help out in the park. Liaise with the campground authorities to notify them of your intent and help get some task done. Especially during the peak camping season where the campgrounds are full.

39. Play Golf

Have the golf equipment handy. Enjoy playing golf. Include other RVers at the site who can be part of a team of players as others form a cheering squad.

40. Bicycling/Biking/Cycling

Get you bikes and ride. Teach the children how to ride a bike. You can even do competitions. Explore various places cycling.

41. Workamping

You can work and still camp at the same time. Several works can be done remotely as long as you have access to internet. In fact, some people do full-time RVing while workamping.

Example, you can actually use your photos to create digital scrapbook kits, post on Pinterest among other sites to earn money.  Also, have ever thought of being a campground host? Yes you can. RV work camping as a campground host is possible. Have a look at this video and feel the experience:

What It’s Like Being a Campground Host |RV Workamping |RV Work Camping

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