RV Travel Hacks You Must Know

Get pro RV travel tips to make your trip fun, easy to maneuver around, and memorable.

Traveling in an RV can be exciting. However, you need to know the key hacks in order to enhance your traveling experience. Knowledge on what you need and how to go about an issue while camping would go a long way to help you overcome an obstacle you may encounter.

The best RV travel hack include storage hacks, RV camping tips, and RV essentials you must have. Backed up with these hacks would foster a thrilling experience when traveling.

These hacks helps you overcome possible limitations of storage capacity, waste management, and bad weather among others.

The hacks would be discussed in three categories namely:

  1. What Are The Best Camper/RV Storage Hacks?
  2. RV Camping Tips
  3. What Are Must-Have RV Features
  4. Hacks for exterior of your RV (video)

RV Storage Hacks

Managing space is essential when traveling. You do not want to have more items to pack yet you have no space. Also, you may have plenty of space but a poor arrangement would spoil the experience since you may easily tumble and fall to the ground when you encounter a wrongly placed object.

Since you would be traveling for a few days, learn to pack and carry only what you will need during the trip. Unnecessary items that you won’t use would end up filling your RV space for nothing.

Also, when doing arrangements, having shelves or well-fixed containers can go a long way in storing more things compared to the way you would arrange the items of the RV floor.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Make use of the shelves, hangers, and cans available. Some RV have shelves underneath the bathroom sinks. Also, to free up the toilet seat space, make use of the toilet paper holders to hang the toilet paper rolls. Specific hacks for


Place them in towel racks, flat toilet paper holders or in the shelves. Also, you can find a place in a shoe holder rack especially when RV occupants are many such as having a big family. You can install extra rod or simply tie a strong rope that would accommodate the towels.

To further create more space, once a rod has been put in place, use hangers to hang a towel. If you do not want to put a rod, buy hooks from any store and glue them in the bathroom walls. Then use hangers or simply hang the towel on the hooks.


Get a collapsible laundry basket so that when you do not use it, collapse it to save space. Also, you can store your laundry items in a laundry bag. Some prefer a hanging basket which offer better ways to free up more space in the bathroom.


Use wall mounted containers to store small light weight items such as toothbrushes, combs, and shavers among others. Shower pocket organizer, wall mounted spice racks, and stick buckets are good to store hair sprays, oils, and gels.

Along the storage containers, use staples, tapes, or elastic bands to further add more items such as creams. Items that have metallic lids, pins, or ending can be attached to a wall mounted metallic board with a magnet attached to it.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Creating more space in the bedroom as well as having as much empty space around your bed would enhance your bedroom comfort.

In the bedroom you may have more items such as clothes, lambs, souvenirs, laptops, and other luxury you may wish to have. Storing and organizing the bedroom essentials is key.

Make use of


Use hangers to hook on the closet rod. You hand more clothes with hangers that conventional arrangement where one item lies on top of the other.

Further, create a cascade arrangement of the hangers such that you can add 2 or 3 cascaded layers on one hanger to hang more items. One hanger can be used to hang belts.


Use drawers to place small items such as inner garments, and socks. You can further add small containers to separate drawer contents such that they do not mix for easy sorting. Use hooks or screws to hang scarves of items you frequently use.

Living Space Storage Ideas

You are likely to spend more time in the living space as you interact with your family or friends. Besides, it is the living space that can act as a playground for your children when the RV has been parked.


Keep the living space as spacious as possible with minimal to no objects loitering around that can cause damage is necessary.


So, you have your coats and the weather is warm. Instead of throwing to the flour or on the seats get hooks and hang them.

Remotes Organizer

Get a nice small tin where you can place your remote controls, earphones, and headphones when not using them. You can even buy a remote organizer to help you sort your remotes.


If you use some space for storage, get moderately sized bins to place the items. Used small storage bins to place different items. Label the bins and place them inside the bigger bin. In this manner you will carry lots of things and minimal space would be used.

Shoe rack

Shoes all over the place is not a good idea. Instead, get a shoe rack or perhaps a shoe cabinet or a shoe bags. They will go a long way to help you organize your living space making it not only appealing and orderly but also makes it easier to find an item the next time you come to check for it.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Cabinets and drawers

Have wall mounted drawers where you can place some of the items. Be sure the drawers are lockable to prevent messing your flour when the RV is on transit in an unlevelled ground.

Use drawers and closets to store other items such as uncooked food. The food ought to be placed in smaller bins that are well labelled for ease of access.

Hanging basket

Use hanging basket to place your fruits or put in small light containers of spices you used. Hanging allows free air circulation and prevent spoilage.


Get a dish cradle to stack dishes vertically. It minimize space as well as prevent dishes from banging against each other.

When purchasing cook ware, pots, kettles among others, buy the ones that can easily be stacked together when empty to occupy minimal space.

Hooks and magnetic strip

Use hooks to store items such as pans whose handles have holes that can be hooked. Also, a magnetic strip can help in storing items such as knives.

Tins and bins

You can also use small tins to place spoons, knives, and forks. Get a waste bin, if possible collapsible bin, to place all waste temporally instead of littering the whole kitchen with solid waste.

Pan organizer

If you do bake while travelling or perhaps it is your business, get a pan organizer to help sort bake ware and pans.

RV Camping Tips

Whether you are a newbie or you are used to RVing, getting to understand some essential tips would go a long way to enhance your trip. You need safety and survival tips for a successful camping.

Backed up with the tips you can avert possible challenges or perhaps know what to do when you encounter an issue.


Fuel is one of the essential you need as a power source for your RV. Before embarking on a journey, check your fuel and perhaps top it up if need be. Be familiar with places along the route you may run to get fuel although most camp grounds offer a filling station.

To enhance the RV fuel efficiency, regular maintenance is needed. Also, remember that the heavier the RV the more fuel is likely to be burned to provide sufficient energy to tow the cabin.

So, do not overload your RV. Carry what you need, not everything you think you need and you end up not using. Also, when purchasing RV camping gears purchase light weight items.

Besides, be sure to empty your waste tank before starting a journey to not only reduce the RV weight but also reduce possibilities of bad odors inside the RV.

Water Supply and RV Waste Management

Water is an essential commodity you need as you travel. Ensure your water tank is well cleaned and loaded with fresh water. Also, you ought to understand how long the water would last so you refill it when needed.

Water in the tanks can easily be contaminated especially if you forgot to empty the tank the last time you were on a trip. So, always have bottled water in handy that you can use for drinking as you sort the tank by cleaning it.

A temporary sewer, RV waste holding tank, needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. After every trip of when in a campground empty into a designated sewer line. Learn tips on how to maintain your waste tanks.

Besides, if the occupants are many then the high rates of waste removal is high including bathroom and sink waste. So you can empty the waste tanks within 24 hours to 48 hours of use.  

Also, use RV toilet paper to prevent clogging the toilet and the tank. You also need to treat the tank once in a while to put away the bad odors from the waste tank.


Definitely, you need food. Food is one of the items that makes camping experience thrilling especially if you are lucky to try new foods.

Besides, get a plan where you list down food items you need to buy. Ensure they are balance in nutrient not forgetting high energy foods.

If you have a fridge you may have the chance to store perishable foods much longer. Also, canned food and dried foods that you can easily prepare while camping is needed. Remember to have some snacks to quench your hunger while on the move.

Besides, you can make a habit of cooking the meals for the day before embarking on a trip. It would save you time since during the stop overs you will simply need to warm the food and enjoy.

It also prevents you from starving yourself especially when you do not have the enthusiasm to cook.


Always have spare bulbs in your RV just in case you may need to do a replacement. Also, when purchasing the lighting systems buy for high energy efficient and durable quality.

You will not only save fuel cost but also minimize maintenance costs if any. Preferably, get the low wattage bulbs since they consume low energy.

Depending with the scenic view you desire to obtain from your lights, fluorescent bulbs are bright and if you need more illumination, go for them.

You can also add a number of decorative bulbs that are often come in various color. They all enhance the glow of the RV and make your comfort even better.

Other than fixed lighting, have portable lights such as a torch or a headlamp. You can use it in the dark instead of distracting other people by lighting the whole RV lights.

A torch would do you good when going for a glass of water in the kitchen during the night.

Pest and Insects Control

The various openings in the RV can easily allow intrusion from rats, insects, snakes, and even monkeys. Be sure to lock RV doors and windows especially when you are not around.

Furthermore, once in a while get to spray the RV or apply insects, repellant powders to keep insects away.

In the instance you have no drugs to control some insects, use soapy water to prevent bees from invading your RV. Wasps tend to be attracted with the smell of propane. To get rid of them, use flea collars. Rodents can be controlled using glue, traps, or spring soap.

Use diced lemons and cloves to repel flies especially in the kitchen as flies are easily attracted by the smell of food. Above all, maintain proper hygiene and clean up the interiors of the RV as often as you can.

Furthermore, you also need tips for camping with kids. It is because unlike adults kids need more guidance and assistance to be able to embrace a new environment away from home in order to have fun and have a memorable experience.

What Are Must-Have RV Features

There are things that you ought to ensure are in the RV, they are in good condition and are ready to use anytime. Other than luxurious items such as portable heaters which you can do without, the following as some of the key essentials to check for:

Emergency kit

It is less likely to appear in your preparation list, but you ought to have some basic first aid kit with you wherever you travel. You do not necessarily anticipate to enter into a road accident.

However, an emergency such as being scratched with a stick in the woods while strolling, you kid falling down, or you accidentally cut your finger while chopping vegetables.

Some of the things to carry include gloves, bandages, and some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream. You need bottled water just in case your holding tank runs dry.

Also, pack some water purification tablets because when you load water in a new place, you may need to get it purified for consumption.

Be sure to pack a flashlight or headlamp, get a map either compass, hard copy, or GPS, extra batteries for back up, a fire starter, a whistle, and a pocket knife. Do not forget a spare wheel in case you encounter a flat tire.


Other than food, you need water to drink, cook, bath, and flash the toilet among other uses. Be sure to maintain all the RV holding tanks by cleaning and treating the tanks.

Your water tank needs to be filled with clean water before you start a new journey. Depending with the number of occupants and the usage, you may need to refill the water in the course of your trip.

Also, have bottle waters just in case the tank runs empty yet you have not reached your destination or perhaps a refilling station.

Besides, since you will be refilling water away from home, use filters as well as water treatment and purification drops or tablets to enhance the safety of the water for consumption.

Waste Tank

You need to properly manage the RV waste tank that acts as a sewer for your RV. The waste tank needs to be emptied as soon as you complete your trip or perhaps when you are in a campground. Empty the tank to designated sewer line.

Always have treatments in handy that you can use to treat the waste tank after cleaning with soapy water. Some treatments are scented to enhance the smell of the waste tank.

Also, use the appropriate RV toilet paper, and toilet sprays. Buy enough RV toilet papers enough for the trip or perhaps before you can order the tissue rolls.

Power Adapters

For a 50 amp RV, always have a 50 amp to 30 amp electrical adapter. You may need to plug it if the campsite has been rated 30 amps. Also, buy a high gauge extension cord that you can use to plug in an adapter to power the RV. Low gauge extensions are vulnerable to melting and can trigger fire outbreak.

Exterior RV Ideas For You (Video)

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