Teardrop Camper Vs Travel Trailer

Teardrop campers are quite small, are they really convenient compared to other types of travel trailer? Its time to get the facts.

Is the teardrop trailer convenient to the convention trailer? Yes. Teardrop trailers are convenient just as the conventional box-shaped trailers. A teardrop camper is shaped as a drop of tears falling from your cheeks or perhaps as a drop of rain.

However, these trailers are much smaller in size that in turn limits what can be carried.

Urban experience can still be realized in a teardrop camper trailer just as in conventional trailers. Teardrop camper prices are much affordable than conventional trailers. Besides, with skills its possible to design your diy teardrop camper.

Space upgrade can include using awnings for teardrop camper and teardrop trailer side entrance tent. Custom teardrop trailer such as expandable teardrop trailer have a great space.

Key issues discussed in this guide include:

  1. Comparison of conventional RV and Teardrop RV
  2. Benefits and limitations of conventional RV
  3. Benefits and limitations of teardrop RV
  4. What you need to build teardrop camper from scratch
  5. Comparison of buying vs building a teardrop camper
  6. Various methods you can power a teardrop trailer
  7. Must have teardrop additions
  8. Tips for easy towing of the camper
  9. Meal preparation tips
  10. Tour inside a teardrop camper (Video)

Comparison Of Travel Trailer And Teardrop RV

 The following is a general comparison between a teardrop camper and conventional campers/Travel Trailer. The teardrop camper prices is an average approximation of teardrop campers for sale in the market. Cheap teardrop trailer can cost about $7,000 or even less for a used teardrop trailer for sale.

Comparison itemsConventional RVTeardrop RV
Buying priceAvg. $7,000-$30,000Avg. $5,000- $15,000
Towing weight3,000 to 15,000 pounds1,000 – 3,000 pounds
Sleeping spaceLarge Occupies 4-10 peopleTiny Occupies 1-2 people
BathroomsYesGenerally not
Storage spaceMuch moreLittle or none
Camping comfort with kidsMore comfortMinimal to no comfort

Now let’s discuss some key features of invention on campers in terms of size, style, functionality and versatility.

Benefits of Having A Travel Trailer

Conventional Travel Trailer

 Large Space

It is more convenient when it comes to camping as a large group and even family including enough space for kids to play.  Beside you have a kitchen space, bathroom and shower, and you can have multiple beds for sleeping.

Also, the rooms can be divided in such a way that you can have privacy. In addition you can carry in more souvenirs using a conventional camper.

Highly Scalable

Since conventional campers are large enough then you have enough room to adjust the place, make some changes such as upgrading the furniture. Search options are limited  in a teardrop camper

More luxury and comfort

Comfort can be enhanced since you can add what you love in a conventional RV which cannot be done in a teardrop camper. Camping with pets in a conventional RV is much easier than camping with pets in a teardrop camper.

The Limitations of Having a Conventional Camper:

Costly maintenance and repair:

As the size of the camper increases even the cost of cleaning, maintaining and repairing is expensive. The larger parts to do replacement during repairs can be costly making the overall maintenance cost high in comparison to teardrop camper.

 Difficult driving

Experience is needed for drivers who drive the long conventional camper.  In fact if you are not experienced enough you might find it very difficult and sometimes stressful when you have to do a reverse, park, maneuver sharp bends, or drive on narrow roads.

Benefits Of Having A Teardrop Camper Trailer

Tiny Teardrop Trailer

Convenient and easy to tow:

Since the teardrop camper are small in size they can easily be towed even using very small vehicles.

Besides, the teardrop camper are more stable since they are small in size and they’re less likely to be easily swayed from side to side and even a newbie who is not very experienced in driving a towed RV can drive a teardrop camper

Furthermore you do not need much experience to attach or detach the teardrop camper from a towing vehicle unlike in a conventional RV that are large, you may need help to  attach or detach.

Thus, it is easy for you to run some errands using the teardrop towing vehicle as you can easily fix it once detached.

Highly flexible

Living in a teardrop trailers is quite flexible. The camper can be moved from place to place and they can easily maneuver sharp bends or small roads since they are lightweight and small in size. Besides, their small size makes the lightweight teardrop trailer easy to tow.

Smaller size teardrops can be drove in various locations where it may seem impassable for large RV that you have to park and walk to explore some places.

High scenic beauty: 

Just the shape of the teardrop camper is appealing to the eye let alone the decors.  Various materials can be used to design the finishing and the furniture’s as the camper barely carries heavyweight luggage. In the end the general appearance can be awesome.

Besides, luxury teardrop camper have more space and can be among the largest teardrop trailer you can choose to live in. Minimalist lifestyle has to be practiced when living in a micro teardrop trailer since its very small.

 Cheap and affordable teardrop trailer:

Unlike the large conventional RV that you have to go out of your pocket for a good cash, or perhaps use the hire-purchase to buy slowly on monthly installments, a  teardrop camper can be paid by cash the moment you desire to have it.

Besides, teardrop camper plans are available for those who can’t afford to pay in cash at once including used teardrop trailers for sale

Convenience to store:  

Just like any other assets you need to store your camper well. Teardrop camper are easy to store. You can use your garage, build just a simple shelter that will spend less space in your backyard, or even it in an unused room your house.

On the contrary, you must have a dedicated place that is large enough to store a conventional large RV.

Ease of maintenance and repair: 

Since a teardrop camper is small, maintenance is very easy.  The cost of repair is affordable and manageable.

Creating extra space:

Despite the teardrop design space being small you can still create more space using tents, visors, RV awnings and other shades.

You don’t have to buy it:

You can build your own teardrop camper. 

Limitations of Teardrop Camper

It’s quite small:

Inside teardrop trailer is quite small. As a result you’re limited with the kind of items and luggage you will carry along your travel. You must leave a minimalist lifestyle or otherwise all your items will not fit inside the RV. 

Small teardrop trailer makes full-time living quite hard since you will not have enough space to store all your belongings. It is more beneficial to use in small duration of camping. 

Sanitation problems:

The small size does not allow the teardrop camper to have a washroom inside the camper since there is no space for RV holding tanks.  As a result you may have to use outside bathrooms and perhaps if you are in remote places you have to use the bush. 

However you can still equip yourself with portable toilet so that you do not have to be running in the bush when you need to relieve yourself. In few cases, best teardrop camper with bathroom tend to be luxurious models.

Not suitable for large occupants:

Teardrop can be suitable for one or two people but if you intend to go camping using the trailer and your family is large then teardrop camper is not suitable for you.

Actually there is no space. So you will have to rent another RV even if you own a teardrop camper. Thus it is not convenient when you’re camping with kids.

No kitchen

Most of the teardrop camper do not have an inside kitchen like the other large conventional RVs.  As a results you may have to use an outside kitchen in the camp sites where you use campfire pit, or you have to build a temporary cooking place in the bush, or you have to carry ready-made food.

However recent designs have a clamshell design at the back that can be opened and can hold some kitchen essential that can enable you to cook in your RV.

Which Is Better?

So in terms of choosing between the conventional camper and or the best teardrop trailer in terms of convenience it depends on your needs. Various factors such as the kind of comfort you desire, the number of the occupants, and the duration of camping among others should be considered.

Size is a personal choice and as long as you’re comfortable with a small teardrop then it is ok. You can even find the best teardrop trailer for a family of 4. However, if you need more space the conventional RV would be a suitable choice.

Also, the camper cost needs to be accounted for since teardrop are more affordable than the convention camper. However, new teardrop trailer would be more costly than used teardrop trailer.

Building Your Own Teardrop Camper

Making your own teardrop trailer is possible. You can actually try and build a teardrop camper from scratch. Design tools and resources are easily available and most are inexpensive.

If you have confidence enough and know how to build a teardrop trailer, then the following are some of the things you will need to consider before beginning your project:

1. Money:

You need to buy some items for customization including fixing and tying things together. You are likely to spend about 3000 us dollars for a beautiful design.

However the actual construction costs will basically depend on the materials you are using and whether or not you will hire expertise to help you do the construction.  

2. Time:

Depending on your expertise you may need a couple days to complete the project. It’s because you need to time source the materials and also time to fix them in place. In the instance you have someone to assist you then the duration reduces since there is division of labor.

3. Skills and knowledge: 

You need to have some idea of what you want to build. Skills are important in building something from scratch. As long as you’re comfortable and you’re sure you can build the teardrop from scratch then go ahead.

4. Construction materials:

You need construction materials. Examples of common tools include hammer, and cutting tools but you also need the body design materials such as metal or wood depending on what you want to build. You should be able to source for the materials.

5. Friendly environment:  

The place you intend to do construction should be well lit.  It should have electricity especially when you’re dealing with metals and in need of some welding work done.  

Now let’s make a comparison whether or not it is worth building your own teardrop from scratch or you should buy one. 

Buying Vs Building Your Own Teardrop RV

Do You Have Skills?

With sufficient expertise, it is worth building your own than buying a teardrop camper. You’re likely to build what you love most and bring out the designs of your dreams to reality. 

 However, it is not worth building it if you have no skills because it may cost you more especially when you need to hire an expert labor and raw materials are expensive.

Cost of Teardrop Trailer

You can weigh options of whether using 3000 US dollars to build your own teardrop from scratch or buy a new model which cost about 5000 US dollars. The difference is not that much but you decide which one is best for you.


Building requires enough time especially if your design is too complex. So if you do not have enough time for construction, then consider buying an already made teardrop camper.

You may require a week and even months to make your dream come true but buying a new teardrop simply requires you to go and shop, and perhaps have it delivered on time.

My Thoughts On Building Your Own Teardrop Camper

You do not have to experience all the hustle with building your teardrop camper from scratch. Simply have your custom teardrop trailer designed according to your preference by liaising with a teardrop camper manufacturer.

Powering A Teardrop Trailer

Just like the conventional trailers, there are several techniques that you can use to power the tear drop trailer. Despite having small amenities inside its compartment, teardrop trailers are powered just like a normal box-shaped trailers.

Common power sources that can be used in a teardrop trailer include:


Deep cycle batteries with varying capacities can be used as a power source. The number and arrangement of the batteries would depend on your utilities demand for power.

Mains Power Inlet

You can simply plug in your teardrop trailer to a power source and have all your amenities powered simultaneously including the AC and other kitchen appliances.

Solar Panels

If you are camping in areas where sunshine is sufficient then consider investing in solar panels. Initial cost is high but in the long run the solar batteries can efficiently power up your devices at a minimal running cost if any.

Vehicle Connection

A towing vehicle can be used to power up your teardrop trailer. Be sure to be an expert to do the wiring or consult a technician to do the connection.

Generator for Teardrop Trailer

The power requirement of your electronics would determine the wattage of the generator you should buy. It is a great source of power.

Teardrop Additions You Should Have

Awnings for Teardrop trailers

Few tiny teardrop campers have awnings premade by the teardrop trailer manufactures. However, if you do not have you can still purchase one. Awning provides extra space outside the trailer where you can relax. Besides, it provides extra shade.

Roof Rack/ Roof Rails

A roof rack provides extra space at the camper’s rooftop such that you can be able to pack and carry extra items. Remember a teardrop camper has limited spaces and a rack can create an extra space.

For instance, you can load your roof rack with items such as bicycles, kayak, paddleboard, fun toys, extra tent, or whichever items you wish to carry that cannot fit inside the teardrop camper.

Storage Organizers

Storage organizers helps you partition the storage space such that you can store similar items together. Besides, the organizers helps you maximize the spaces and even creates an illusion that you have plenty of spaces since you can store several items in the storage space.

Get more tips on how to maximize spaces with the travelling storage hacks.

Bug Protection

Sprays, repellants, or oil whichever is suitable for use is necessary to protect you skin from being attacked by bugs. Furthermore, repellants would prevent bugs from getting inside your trailer when packed.

Emergency Gear

Specific emergency kit you should have in your checklist include first-aid kit, and repair toolbox. Others include a fire starter, flashlight. Checklist

Portable Electronics and Cell Phones

Since you have electronics such as phone, fully charge the battery before embarking on your trip. If possible, carry extra batteries. When not using the electronics have them shut off or put them in energy saver mode.

A cell phone signal booster would do you good in the instance you traverse a remote areas. Do not forget chargers, cables, and extensions you may need to recharge your batteries once in a while during the trip when you access a power source.

Tips For Easy Towing of Your Teardrop Camper

Observe Speed Limits

Do not have an illusion that since a teardrop camper is small you can tow it at high speeds. Such an illusion can trigger a catastrophic aftermath. Instead maintain the recommended speed limits throughout the trip including when negotiating bends and traversing new routes.

Cargo Weight

Try as much as possible not to overload the camper. Besides, when packing your items in the camper balance the load such that the weight is evenly distributed even though you may not be accurate. Balancing weight enhances stability and reduces chances of the trailer toppling over.

Double-Check Connections

Before starting your long awaited trip, be sure to crosscheck all connections and ensure they are all in good status. Check the hitch and ensure it is well secured. Safety chains should be well crossed, and all lights operating as expected.

Besides, test your brakes, lights, and blinkers to make sure all are working properly. Double checking all these connection enhances your safety while on the road.

Tips For Meals Preparation and Cooking

Preparing a checklist, packing, and even cooking in a teardrop camper may seem a difficult tasks since you have to forgo so many items due to limited space. However, consider these tips when planning.

Save Space

Pack recipes and food that will need few ingredients to prepare, and serve such that you can pack few food but nutritious. Besides, utensils, pots and appliances to be used should be minimal. You can even measure the ingredients just to carry what you need. Get more tips on storage hacks.

Avoid Items that Are Breakable

Do not carry glass, ceramics, and heavy items. Besides, fragile items require more space to be well packed and you do not have luxury of space in a teardrop camper. Get more hints on how to safely pack your utensils for a move.

Breakable Foods

If you can minimize carrying breakable foods such as eggs the better. If you have to carry eggs be creative in packaging. For example packing the eggs in a plastic container and fill it with water then tightly cover the lid could minimize risk of breaking.


Have a spice rank where you can place all the spices you will be using. Spicy food enhances the overall camping experience. You can have new recipe to try with the species.


A cooler would help you preserve your perishable foods for a much longer duration. In fact, using a cooler is the best option if you know the areas you will be camping have no access to power such that using a refrigerator can be a problem.

Tour Inside a Teardrop Camper (Video)

Seeing is believing. Watch this video to rule out any doubt that teardrop campers may not have enough amenities. Actually, manufactures have become creative and made teardrop camper have amenities as conventional trailer even though teardrop campers are small.

Look inside, a teardrop camper tour

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