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Are you in college and plan to live in a trailer full time or partially? Then this is for you. You can spice up your college fun RVing. It is doable, cost saving and you get to enjoy what you love most traversing the nature.

Recreational Vehicles (RV) have become popular in the modern life for both students and non-students. Unlike normal car or vehicle, an RV can be said to be a moving home on the road since it can have all home amenities in the vehicle. Can you imagine moving around with your home, its fun.

As an RV newbie, you need RV tips and RV camping hacks that will make your college life easy as an RVer engaging in RV life full time or part time RV living.  

Many believe in a myth that you can only do retired RV living. That is a big lie. RV living can be done when working and even in college. College life RVing is fun and needs a lot of discipline from you to be able to balance your academics. Besides, knowing key RV tips will go along way to help you easily adapt to RV living.

This guide to RV living aims to provide you with details on how to start RV life successfully in college:

  • Reasons why you should live in RV when in college
  • Must know camping hacks RV living tips
  • Downside of fulltime RVing
  • Pro RV tips on successful RV living for college
  • Visual taste of trailer life (Video)

Reasons Why You Should Live in RV When in College

You are new to RV life? Then this guide will greatly help in starting RV life. RV is a dwelling in itself. However, it is a moving dwelling. Sounds good. You move around with all your home essentials and sleeps wherever and whenever without having to worry much of getting home late.

Living in an RV year round can be a thrilling experience and educative. You can choose full time RV living or part time RV life to suit your needs. Furthermore, you do not have to complicate life as simple RV life is what you need as a student.

Here are more reasons to choose RV living include:


Unlike living in a rental apartment where you need to pay rent on monthly basis, RV living cost requires one time purchasing fee and you are rent free as long as the RV is still in your possession.

Generally, an RV including a used RV can cost about $11,000 and is well furnished with basic home essentials you need. On the other hand, rent is expensive.

Example, in California staying on a public campus you may end up paying rent worth US $11,510 and in private colleges $12,990.

Do the math, if you are to spend say 4 years in college it is evident that living in RV is less expensive than paying rent. Besides, you may opt not to live in college hostels and choose and apartment.

However, living in an RV full time cost can vary depending with the life choices you make whether to do cheap RV living or luxury RV life. You need to set a budget for full time RV living.

So, which one is cheaper: living in RV or living in an apartment? It will all depend with lifestyle choices you make but if you lead a simple life then go for RV since you can do well when you engage in cheap RV living. Thus, to pin point exactly how much does an RV living living cost can be hard and it is only you who can track your expenses.

Flexible Lifestyle

Unlike living in an apartment where you still have to come to the same place to spend a night after college, life is different for an RVer. Actually, you choose where to spend your night. Besides, in the days you have no classes you can choose to travel and visit USA RV campgrounds near me

Work Flexibility

Despite being a student, living in a camper can go a long way to enhance your life quality. It is because once done with college classes you can do workamping. Yes, you work in your RV remotely.

Furthermore, if for instance you desire to sell commodities you have an already means of travel for delivering the goods to your clients. Storage space is also enough to store your belongings and even commodities that you sell.

Easy To Pay Student Debt

Most students have unpaid loans. Living in RV can help you clear in bits your loan. Think it this way, you can rent expenditure, and you can also run income generating errands to raise money and clear your student loans.

Diverse Networking Opportunities

As an RVer, you end up meeting other people while camping. You can create friends, do business together and join people whom you share common things such as leisure. Furthermore, you tend to get more RV hacks from other RVers on how to maneuver common challenges.

Experience Nature to the Fullest

Having an RV gives you an opportunity to explore the planet as much as you want. Once done with your academics then it is a good way to relax while out on the road exploring nature. Besides, you can have fun with your friends.

Get your camping essentials and spend plenty of hours in a national park that is affordable to a students if any fee is to be paid than spending limited time in expensive hotels. The RV can still be the hotel you desire. Be sure to use a camping list to help when preparing for full time RV living so you stock what you need.

Must Know RVing Tips

Despite the RV living seaming to be fun, you need to have the necessary camping hacks to be able to overcome common challenges with RV life. Mastering essential RV living hacks will enhance your new lifestyle experience. There are things to know about RV life before starting to live in RV.

What to know about RV living, tips for RV living you need include but not limited to:

Buying Your RV

Get RV newbie tips on how to buy brand new RV with zero experience. You can choose new or use. Although as a student you can start with a used RV since it has all its amenities tested, it is affordable, and you can add what you want at affordable price.

Holding Tank

One of the essential items in your RV is the black tank. It acts like a temporary sewer while you are on the road. Thus, you can freely use you bathroom and sinks. The black tank must be properly maintained including being emptied, cleaned and treated.

Maintaining RV holding tanks prevents bad odors from spoiling your comfort. Besides, flies won’t be a bother. Keep in mind that you must use a RV toilet paper, or you can use RV toilet paper alternatives that are safe to use in your RV to prevent blockage and messing up your RV.

Also, water tank should be regularly maintained. Overstayed water allows growth of bacteria that can cause water contamination as well as bad odor like a rotten egg smell in your RV. Be sure to clean and once in a while use bleach to clean the RV holding tanks to get rid of the bad odors.

Water Heater

Water heater keeps your water free from cold enabling you to enjoy using your RV water. Just like any other electrical equipment, water heaters can fail.

You ought to plan to replace the water heater once in 6 months especially if you frequently use hot water. Besides, find out more on what happens when you leave RV water heater on all the time.

Air Conditioner

RV airconditioning helps keep your RV cool when the environmental temperatures are hot. It is important that you schedule to clean the AC filters. Dust accumulation can reduce the lifespan of your RV AC.


Always park your RV in a leveled ground. It is because unleveled ground affects the functionality of your RV fridge and can actually result in problems. Be sure to practice levelling your RV for proper functioning of fridge.


Be sure to check for water leaks near water or drain sources frequently. Do not ignore a slight leak from the roofs or walls since it may cost you dearly to reseal your RV roof when the damage becomes too much. Water leaks significantly reduces RV roof life expectancy.

Propane Tank

Learn how to estimate how long a propane tank can last so you can work with your scheduled. Besides, you need to know proper maintenance of the propane tank and where you can be refilling your tank when it is empty.


All RV have their keys. However, there is also a master key that can open most RV of the same brand. As a precaution measure, use a deadbolt to truly lock your RV and prevent vandalism of your property by someone who can use a master key.


Not all places allow free parking of RV and parking fees can be costly for you. There are several free places to park your RV especially when engaging in RV boondocking camping. Get ideas on what stores allow overnight parking?

Beat Boredom

Do not stayed bored like you have nothing to do. Get your friends and enjoy a ride in RV. Get this 41 categories of fun activities you can do when camping. Enjoy life.

Downside of Full Time RVing

Everything has a positive side and a negative side and full time RV life is not an exception. There are also pros and cons of RV living. However, it is important that you psychologically prepare yourself with the dark side of RV life so you plan an escape route even when transitioning to RV life full time.

Here are common downside of RV living:

1)Unplanned Maintenance

Life on the road in an RV can have its own challenges. For instance, despite some maintenance being planned, some are unplanned. Example you park your RV under a tree and a branch fells on the RV, the damage needs urgent unplanned repair.

So, you need to pay for repair fee. Use your warranty to help sort some maintenance bills if you have it. Besides, some dealers can offer you RV warranty for life. Be sure to do your research well.

2)Unable to Save

It is not always easy to save especially when things get beyond your budget. For instance, fuel prices are not fixed and you must have it whichever the cost.

Unless you get free parking slots you may be forced to park in expensive RV campground for the night. Plan well and try boondocking for free where you can also get free parking for days. However, you can always practice minimalist RV life when you focus more on needs rather than wants.


Generally, RVs have limited storage. You need storage ideas for RV living in order to carry the most items. As a result, you may easily have the temptation to eat in a restaurant due to limited storage. RV storage hacks will help you pack the most for your RV travel. Also, find easy and fast cooking recipes for RV life to help you enjoy food delicacies with minimal preparation time.


It is possible to work on the road. There are several remote jobs to do while living in an RV. Several online platform offer best online jobs for RV life that can help you pay your bills.

However, it is not easy. In the instance you rely on the internet, sometimes even the best internet for RV life may be weak or perhaps no internet coverage. Also, you may not have hook ups to electricity unless you pay for a spot in a camping ground to have full hook up.

5)Living in Constant Changing Environment

Since you will be moving from one place to another to camp, get supplies, spend a night or even get hookups such as sewer, water and electricity, you have to acquaint yourself with new environment every time.

It is not easy to always find time to figure out where to get what but with proper planning it is manageable. Besides, when others would be in a campground for a vacation they are likely to cause much noise and disturbance to you as an RV fulltimer as they are having fun experiencing new things you are already familiar.

Furthermore, always practice safety including parking your RV in safe places. It is because imagine you have choosen to do a full time rv living and you have no house. Then your RV gets vandalized, stolen, enter a greasly accident for careless driving, what next?

Although such example rarely happens but those are some of the severe dangers of full time RV living. Make use of your warranty in such a case. Also, insurance for full time RV living will help you.

Pro RV Tips on Successful Fulltime RV Living for College

a)Go Slow

Having a camper does not mean that you have to see everything and tour the whole country within the first six months. Remember you are still in college, so balance your studies and leisure otherwise live in an RV full time without balancing other staff such as your education can mess you big.

Also, traveling allover is likely to cause exhaustion. Remember there is cost such as gas you have to buy and you may deplete your savings faster than you can recover.

b) Practice

Do not wake up one day then since you can buy your RV you start RV fulltime living, you may not like it. Practice in advance. Know how to do basic thing such as hook up water, electricity, and sewer line.

Know how to use stove, and how to prepare for all weather. With that in place, it will be easy for you to transition to a pro RV fulltime RV life.

C) Buy Used RV

As an RV newbie, buy a used RV where you learn from experience then later you can be able to buy a perfect ideal new RV if you wish. Besides, you will have a better idea of what really works for you as you do fulltime camping.

Buying new RV is not a good idea since not all RVs have been designed for fulltime RV living.

D) Be Flexible

You need to easily adapt since RV living entails changing environment from time to time. The faster you adapt, the better your camping experience since in many occasions things may not work as you had planned. Besides, your mistakes can ruin your day and try create humor out of it as you learn.

E) Maintain a Budget

With a budget, you can be able to spend on things that you need rather than what you want. In fact, even if there is unplanned expense such as high prices of fuel you can be able to make an estimate for the future.

Visual Taste of Trailer Life (Video)

This video is to give you an idea of what RV life is on a luxury Jayco Eagle RV for illustration purpose. However, you can still live well in any RV of your choice.

TRAILER LIFE | Walk Through Tour Jayco Eagle HT Luxury Travel Trailer


Having a luxurious college fun is possible. Create a schedule so you can be able to balance your academic life and camping life. Have a budget. Travel one place at a time. Make use of RV life App and RV life hacks.

These places won’t go anywhere, so do not get overexcited to an extent of exhausting yourself and your account. Have realistic goals. If you still have fear to start, then watch Netflix documentaries about RV living or YouTube cheap RV living to help you get started. Good Luck!

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