What is Best RV Brand?

Presence of diverse trailer brands in the market has increased RV brands competition and diversification. Learn more RVtips including best RV for money, worst RV brands to avoid, RV warranty, RV insurance, and RV negotiation tips to inform your decision of buying an RV.

To pin point the best RV brand might be difficult because it depends with your needs. For instance, in terms of occupancy Winnebago is best for single, couples, and up to 4 occupants and Jayco for large families.

In terms extreme luxury Flying Cloud by Airstream brand can be a good choice. Thus, making comparison is essential.

Understanding each brand characteristic can help you get informed on what is the best brand of RV to buy. The brand to choose can be based on how many people you intend to travel with, your working budget, your taste of luxury and the warranty being offered.

This guide can help you make an informed decision when choosing your RV as it contains:

1)RV Brands Comparison
-Which travel trailer brand is the best?
-Which travel trailer is the best for full time living?
-What is the best 4 season travel trailer?
-What is the best used RV brand?
-What is the most reliable RV brand?
-Which RVs have the best resale value?
-What are the worst RV brands?
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2) RV Warranties Comparison Best on Brands
-How do RV warranties work?
-Are travel trailer warranties worth it?
-Who has the best travel trailer warranty?
-Which travel trailer has the best warranty?
-Are RV extended warranties worth it?
-Should you get an extended warranty on a new RV?

3) RV Insurance Cover
-How does RV insurance work?
-Why is RV insurance important?
-What does insurance cover on a camper?
-How much does RV insurance cost?

4) Buying an RV
-What is the markup on RVs?
-Is it worth buying a travel trailer?
Should I buy new or used travel trailer?
-Should I buy an RV at an RV show?
-Can you buy an RV directly from the manufacturer?
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5) RV Price Negotiations When Buying
-Can you negotiate RV prices?
-How much can you negotiate on a travel trailer?
-How do I get the best deal on a travel trailer?
-How much should I pay for a new RV?
-How much should I pay for a used RV?

6) When Things Go Wrong After Buying Your RV
-Can I cancel my RV purchase?
-Can you return a travel trailer?
-Can you back out of an RV loan?
-What happens of you default on an RV loan?

7) RV Features You Should Know
-What comes standard in most -RVs?
-What extra features can you add to your RV?
-What external features do you need for your RV?
-What sort of safety features should you look for RV?
8) 10 most luxurious RVs in the World (Video)
Table Showing RV brands Guide

1)RV Brands Comparison

Which Travel Trailer Brand is the Best?

There are diverse varieties of trailer brand in the market. The trailers do offer luxury and comfort but there is more to consider for you to determine which among the campers the best is for you. Also, do not forget to learn more about the best 50 amp dual fuel generator for RV you can have.

The following are some of the TOP 20 POPULAR and Best Travel Trailer Brands’ characteristics that can help inform your choice of a trailer to purchase or RV rental. In fact, they are among the top rated RV brands in the market.

1. Jayco

One of the most luxuriously designed trailers. The campers come in various models such as Eagle HT, Jayco Flight, Humming bird, Jay Feather, Jay Flight Bungalow, White Hawk, Jay Flight SLX7 and SLX8. 

The trailers is design specific to accommodate various populations such as 2 occupants like couples or even a family of up to 8 occupants.

Jayco trailer quality can generally be described as being of high quality. It has a large living spaces sufficient for RV living and is well furnished. The vehicle weight ranges from 1500lbs to 11000lbs when it’s unloaded.

The design is suitable for people seeking luxury and also concern about design and style. It’s also firm and strong.

Some of the key features of the model include:
  • Wall-mounted 8000-BTU A/C
  • Brushed nickel faucets
  • Microwave oven
  • 3-cubic foot refrigerator with temperature controls
  • 2-burner range
  • Large 50.50 acrylic kitchen sink
  • Seamless solid-surface look kitchen countertops
  • Fully integrated A frame

2. Rockwood

It is operated and owned by Forest River. The trailer comes in various styles and model to offer comfort. It is of high quality and comes in various brands such as Mini Lite, Ultra Lite, Geo Prom and Rockwood Roo.

The models differentiate in terms of sizes and design. If you enjoy slide outs, ROO serves best, Lite tends to have a much larger length than others, and for small and compact design Geo pro fits well.

The brand is much popular among RVers for having light weight such that they can easily be towed. Mostly, campers are made of aluminum. Unloaded weight ranges from 1100lbs to 6500lbs.

The brand stands out in the market from its unique construction design. Its interior cabinetry is made of solid wood and has other simple but outstanding features.

If your focus is more on high quality furnish and design than high end luxury, then Rockwood is the best choice.

3. Dutchmen

The company is well-known for producing expendables, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels. The trailer brand is unique in that is offers extreme comfort with a feel of coziness, and the campers have wide storage space.

The trailer body is made of aluminum which is of high quality and good material and is also light in weight making it reliable. The trailers can be towed by a large vehicles since their weight is average.

With its vast floor space, the trailer can host a large number of occupants. Besides, some of the trailers have been designed to also meet a smaller occupant population. Thus, supports diverse forms of RV life.

4. Aerolite

Dutchmen company operate the Aerolite brand. The brand is popular in the market for offering up to 10 varying floor plans namely 3303RL, 3153ML, 2933RL-DSO, 2923BH, 2843BH, 2733RB, 2682RK, 2573BH, 2423BH, and 2133RB.

Aerolite is light weight with compact designs that can easily be towed. Average trailer weights begins from 3000lbs. The trailer has extensive floorplans that are spacious enough to offer entertainment space. The storage space is large.

Users are spoilt of up to 3 beautiful choices of elegant, well furnished, and comfortable décor and interior designs of their wish. The brand is popular for various family sizes who desires great living space with a touch of moderate luxury.

Specific features include:
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Jensen audio soundbar
  • LED lighting throughout
  • 8 cubic feet double door refrigerator
  • Dark-tinted safety glass windows
  • 16 different floor plans available

5. Winnebago

The brand is well known in manufacturing lightweight and small high quality trailers that can easily be towed by larger SUVs and ½ ton pickups.

Interiors and floor design are simple to average thus minimal in taste design. Weight ranges from 2000lbs to 6500lbs when unloaded.

The travel trailers of Winnebago brand can be categorized in 4 groups based on occupants’ sizes. Minnie drop and Micro Minnie models have been designed for couples or single users while Minnie and Minnie Plus models have been designed for up to 4 occupants.

The Winnebago trailers are quite affordable with comfortable sleeping space and primary living needs with average luxury. Suitable for those who plan to extensively spend time outdoors at minimal expenses. Extra storage space including slideout.

Some of the specific characteristics include:
  • Direct vent furnace
  • Refrigerator
  • Two-burner cooktop
  • Power bath vent
  • Full extension ball bearing drawer guides
  • AV system with Bluetooth/AM/CD/FM/DVD/USB/SD
  • Carbon monoxide/LP detector
  • Custom bedspread
  • Night shades
  • NXH engineering frame
  • Aluminum floor structure with plywood decking.

6. Sonoma

Forest River operates the Sonoma brand. The brand comes with diverse of 10 models: 201RD, 167RB, 290QBS, 280RKS, 270BHS, 240RKS, 240RBS, 240BHS, 240RBK, and 220RBS.

The main design material is aluminum. Unloaded trailer weighs 5000lbs to 7100lbs.

The brand is popular among large families though any family size can use it as it has a bunkhouse floorplans. The living space is larges and the trailer can easily be towed. The design is of high quality and has a standard taste.

7. Cherokee

Forest River also operates the Cherokee brand. Models of Cherokee include Cherokee Wolf Pup, Cherokee Destination, Alpha Wolf, Cherokee Wolf Pack, and Cherokee. Body of these trailers are made of fiberglass.

Interiors have several wardrobes in bedrooms, extensive storage spaces, and comfortable sleeping areas. Bunkhouse design is available for those with kids and large families.  Unloaded trailer weighs 2900lbs to 11500lbs.

Trailer are of good quality and the diverse models suits various needs based on the number of occupants you plan to adventure with since there are trailers suitable for singles, couples, and bigger families.

8. Palomino

Palomino trailer quality is good and has 7 models: Puma, Real-Lite Mini, PaloMini, Solaire Ultra Lite, Puma XLE Lite, Solaire eXpandable, and Puma Destination.

The trailers costs is affordable. Being light weight, Palomino can be towed easily. Unloaded Palomino weighs 3000lbs to 8000lbs.

Interiors are well furnished including a maple hand-glazed cabinets. The models are unique. Puma Destination is 2 bedroomed offering maximum opportunity of luxury and comfort. The choice of trailer depends with the number of occupants on travel.

9. Coleman

Dutchmen operates the Coleman RV brand. It has 5 models: Coleman Light Elevated, Coleman Light, Coleman Lantern LT, and Coleman Light LX.

Trailer walls are made of aluminum, cabinet doors are of maple, and flooring is vinyl. Unloaded weight 3000lbs to 7000lbs.

These RV are cozy, elegant and warm. They have vast storage space including overhead cabinets and under sleeping space for the nights. Elegant floors with maximum of 2 expandable sofas.

10. Wilderness

Heartland manufacturer operates the brand. Is designed based on floor plans: 2300DB, 3375KL, 3250BS, 3185QB, 3125BH, 2775RB, 2725BH, 2575RK, 2500RL, 2475BH, and 2400RB. Unloaded trailer weigh 5400lbs to 8600lbs.

Wilderness RV are popular for extensive living space and are light thus easy for towing. Interiors are comfortable and cozy. The walls, floor, and roofs are laminated.

The oversize glass windows are tinted and natural light can penetrate inside. It offers a standard taste for couples and families.

11. Vibe

Forester River manufactures the Vibe brand. Diverse floor plans for the Vibe model include: 33BH, 31BH, 29RL, 29BH, 28RL, 28BH, 26BH, 24RL, 24BH, and 22RB.

The designs are compact and light weight that can easily be towed. Floors are laminated and some are carpeted. Outside shower is also available.

Interior design can be based on either a booth dinette or 4 chairs with a standing table. Unique floor designs for choice by couples and families. Since the floor plans varies the weight of the RV also varies.

12. Coachmen

Several brands of Coachmen include: Viking Ultra Lite, Clipper Ultra Lite, Apex Nano, Apex-Ultra Lite, Catalina Destination Series, Catalina Legacy Edition.

Catalina SBX, Spirit/Northern Spirit, Freedom Express Pilot, Freedom Express Select, Freedom Express Ultra Lite, and Freedom Express Liberty Edition.

The RV ranges from being light weight to heavy weight. The Coachmen RVs are rich in taste and offers diverse luxuries for any group size adventuring or travelling. Unloaded weight is 3000lbs to 8000lbs.

13. Cruiser

Its rich features offers a wide range of luxuries. Diverse models for couples and families include: Embrace Ultra Lite, Radiance Ultra Lite, IIIMPG Ultra Lite, Fun Finder Xtreme Lite, and Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite.

The designs are light weight with solid hardwood cabinetry. Unloaded RV weighs 4000lbs to 7500lbs. The brand is suitable for those seeking luxury and diverse taste with minimal weight of RV and much affordable.

14. Wildcat

Forester River operates the Wildcat campers. The brand stands out in the market for having a unique 4 slide outs allowing extra space for groups and large families. Body is build using aluminum. 6 Floor plans available: 343BIK, 338RKS, 312RLI, 292QBD, and 282KBD.

Unloaded Wildcat RV weighs 6000lbs to 8000lbs. Maximum storage space is available. It also has hidden beds, skylight shower, theater seating, and wood medicine cabinet among other features.

15. Airstream

Airstream brand is among other top selling Airstream company brands such as Flying Cloud, Basecamp, International Serenity, Sport, Tommy Bahama, Classic, and Globetrotter.

Occupants’ size for Airstream brand is 4 to 6. Couples could go for smaller RV such as the Basecamp and Sport. Unloaded RV weighs 2500lbs t0 7800lbs.

Interiors are modern and elegant with well-furnished floors, matte finish cabinetry, full amenities, and luxurious leather seats. The trailers are popular for being airy due to its open design that allows in natural air. Open designs allows more scenic view of the outside environment.

Its prices are high end but you get value for money and much luxury can be experienced. The model tends to be popular because of the Flying Cloud that makes its starting price about $67400.

Flying Cloud capacity is 4-8. Trailer length is 19-30 feet with a GVWR of 4500-8800. The model has 19 floorplans to choose.

Some of the specs of the Flying Cloud model include:
  • Moen faucets
  • Blackout and roller blind curtains
  • Rear-view monitoring system
  • Retractable awning
  • Handcrafted cabinetry
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Seats that converts to beds
  • High end kitchen appliances
  • Ultraleather seating
  • Quietstream climate control

16. Avenger

Avenger models are based on diverse floor plans including: 34DQB, 33RCI, 32FBI, 31DBS, 30QBS, 28RLS, 28RKS, 35RES, 35MBS, 32RBS, 32QBI, 32DEN, 32BIT, 31RKD, 28RBS, and 26BH. The trailers are high quality, reliable and luxurious even to the eye.

Avenger interiors have cherry furnishing. Interiors are rich of diverse luxury styles. Occupants’ capacity is ideal up to 7. Unloaded RV weighs 4800lbs to 9200lbs.

17. Surveyor

Forest River operates the Surveyor RV brand. The brand is of good design and quality. Diverse floor plans result in small lightweight trailers to larger and much heavy trailers.

Diverse designs offer varying taste of luxury and are comfortable. Unloaded RV weighs 3500lbs to 7500lbs.

Model exists based on floor such as the Surveyor Luxury travel trailers whose models include 33KRLOK, 33KRETS, 287BHSS, 27IRLS, 267RBSS, 266RLDS, 265RLDS, 251RKS, 250FKS, 247BHDS, 245BHS, 243RBS, 226RBDS, and 220RBS.

Surveyor Legend travel campers that comes in the following models 323BHLE, 322BHLE, 295QBLE, 285IKLE, 264RKLE, 248BHLE, 241RBLE, 240BHLE, 200MBLE, 19RBLE, and 19BHLE.

18. Flagstaff E-pro

Forester River manages the brand. Its models include Flagstaff Tent Campers, Flagstaff Super Lite, Sports Enthusiast Package, Shamrock, Micro Lite, Flagstaff hard side pop-up Camper, and Flagstaff Classic Super Lite.

Each of these models comes with a various floor designs that in turn adds more taste to luxury. Floorplans for Flagstaff E-pro include: E19QB, E19FD, E19BH, E17PR, E16BH, E14FK, E12SRK, and E12RK.

Unloaded RV weighs 1100lbs and 3200lbs. The designs are simple and offer comfort as well as maximum luxury designs. The models are suitable for couples and large families.

19. Salem

Salem RV are luxurious with a touch of elegance. Its models include: Salem Villa Series, Hyper-Lite Hemisphere, Hemisphere GLX, Salem FSX, Cruise Lite Forest River, and Cruise Lite. Unloaded RV weighs 6499lbs to 9100lbs.

Diverse floorplans for each models exists. Salem Travel trailer floorplans include: 37BHSS2Q, 36BHBS, 32BHI, 32BHDS, 31KQBTS, 30KQBSS, 28RLSS, 27RKSS, 27REI, 27DBUD, and 27DBK.

The brands offer comfort, warmth and luxurious feel of furnishes. Plenty of storage space is available. Most of the models have fiberglass insulation, electric slide out systems, and safety glass among others.

20. R-pod

Forest River manufactures the R-pod trailer. Its one of the smallest trailers and can be categorized as an ultra-lite travel trailers. Body is built using aluminum, roofs and floors have been laminated, fiberglass is gel coated, and has seamless fiber glass windows.

Floorplan designs for R-pod include: RP191, RP190, RP189, RP182, RP18-, RP179, RP178. RP177, RP176, RP172, and RP171. The models are suitable for 4 to 6 occupants. Unloaded RV weighs 2400lbs to 2800lbs.

Interior designs vary including the use of grey shaker style for cabinets, vinyl floors, wet bath or dry bath, and hard drawer fronts.

Which Travel Trailer is Best for Full Time Living?

Since trailer have most if not all house amenities, it can be considered as a home in motion. It is because you can move anywhere you wish and still enjoy all the home facilities including luxuries.

However, full time RV living requires a much larger RV that accommodates basic house hold equipment. It should also have sufficient storage for most of your belongings that you may need.

Some of the 5 best travel trailers for full time RV living include but not limited to:

  1. Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite Travel Trailer
  2. Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer
  3. Coachmen Apex Ultra Lite Travel Trailer
  4. Lance Lance Travel Trailer
  5. Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite Travel Trailer

What is the Best 4 Season Travel Trailer?

These are travel trailers that can be comfortable used in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn/fall winter. Not all trailers can withstand the harsh winter season and some may require safe storage in a building of tarp covering.

Manufacturers have designed a number of all season trailer. Some include but not limited to

  1. Heartland Bighorn
  2. Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer
  3. Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer
  4. Keystone Montana
  5. Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer

What is the Best Used RV Brand?

The above brands can help you decide on which used brand to buy to suit your needs. When buying an RV even if its used it should meet your needs. Since we have varying needs then pinpointing exact brand can be difficult

Before buying a used RV ensure its in good condition. It is because most warranties are only applicable to the original buyer. Thus, since you are buying the RV from a previous owner you are not eligible for warranty and all needed repairs will be on you.

Most RV models are of good quality. Although you also need to find out the reason why it’s being sold. For instance, if the owner is in dire need of cash and the only asset to sell is an RV to sort the bills then the RV is likely to be good since its being sold out of urgency

Generally, have a technician to help you check out the trailer status to identify potential hidden areas that may need further repairs or maintenance. Then consider the general reputation of the brand, what people say about it. You may also be interested in checking out the mileage of the used RV.

The pros of getting a used RV is that its quite cheaper than a new RV. Also, the used trailer has a lower insurance cost.

What is the Most Reliable RV Brand?

A reliable RV whether new or used is the one that can offer you the needed service in the longest period of time possible. It should be having normal maintenance such as cleaning and minor repairs if need be. Thus, spending cost on maintenance and repairs should be minimal.

In addition, the number of occupants is key. Winnebago brand is more reliable in terms of class and size options. The brand has variety to fit all your needs.

Reliability of RV in harsh weather should be considered just in case the weather becomes bad in your camping area. Consider Jayco brand for more reliability in extreme weather conditions.

In terms of luxury, and comfort consider Air stream brand. It is the most reliable in terms of customization to suit your needs and taste of luxury. Interiors can also be customized to bring about your ideal comfort.

Which RVs Have the Best Resale Value?

All brands can be resold. However, it is worth noting that Jayco brand fetches high prices even for used brand in comparison to others. Thus, Jayco brand has the best resale value in the market.

However, it also depends with the state the RV is being sold. It is because once the RV is out of manufacturer it begins to depreciate. The older the RV the less the resale value. Also, if the RV has more worn out parts that needs fixing its resale value would also be low irrespective of the brand.

What are the Worst RV Brands?

Buying the worst brand is a waste of your investment. Its one of the worst fears that can be confirmed for any buyer. However, using high recall rates and increased customer complains some brands can be termed as ‘worst’.

Wondering who makes the worst travel trailer? The following 3 brand are not worth your investment for now.

  1. Hurricane brand: Consumers have raised complains of the RV having been constructed using repurposed parts that in turn questions the trailers’ reliability and value for money.
  2. Gulstream brand: The company has been doing good until the raising complains of leaks has been evident. Leakage is one of the dreaded experience for any traveler since you won’t enjoy your comfort.
  3. Fleetwood brand: Complains of expensive maintenance and repairs needed once the warranty has been exhausted. You end up spending too much on buying parts and paying technicians to do the work that could be averted with better assembly of high quality and durable parts.

15 Huge Celebrity Motorhomes

Now you are well familiar with various brands and types of motorhomes. Its time to tour the lifestyle of celebrities and see what they choose as their motorhomes. Watch the video for more.

Celebrity RV trailers |Celebrity luxury motorhomes

2) RV Warranties Comparison Best on Brands

How Do RV Warranties Work?

With an RV warranty, the dealer whom you purchased your RV assures you to do repairs and replacement of specific equipment of their products as covered in the warranty document at no fee.

You can be broke or the money you have is committed somewhere. Besides, some repairs are very expensive when you are not eligible for a warranty. Thus, having an RV warranty will sort you out during breakdowns.

With a warranty, you save yourself from extra spending to fix failed equipment such as oven, leaking roof, deflated tire and the likes for free. Imagine having little to no money for repairs and your kitchen appliances fail, it will actually ruin your trip.

But when you have a warranty and the brand honors its claims then you will have less worries since someone else will be handle the issue on your behalf.

Please note that you must meet all the conditions stated in the RV warranty terms for you to be eligible for free repairs. Otherwise, damages as a result of poor handling, negligence, or irresponsible behavior would lock you out from enjoying a free warranty. You will have to pay.

Are Travel Trailer Warranties Worth It?

No RV will run 100% in its lifetime without you having issues of repairs, and maintenance. Besides, some of these RV equipment can fail anytime without warning yet they are costly to fix.

Thus, warranties are worth it because its not always the case that you will have ‘standby’ money waiting for RV to fail so you can fix it.

Who Has the Best Travel Trailer Warranty?

Each trailer brand offers a warranty with specific terms and conditions for you to be a beneficiary. Warranty duration as well as terms and condition vary from one company to another.

The following is a list of common brands’ warranty timelines you can make comparisons.

Winnebago 10-year limited parts-and-labor fiberglass roof warranty; 3-year/36,000-mile limited structural warranty;
1-year/15,000-mile basic limited warranty
Tiffin 10-year construction limited warranty, 5-year delamination limited warranty; 1-year limited warranty; 1-year coach roadside service
Thor 1-year limited warranty
Roadtrek 6-year unlimited mile limited warranty
Newmar 5-year limited structural warranty; 1-year limited warranty
Monaco 3-year/45,000-mile limited structural warranty; 1-year/15,000-mile basic limited warranty
Leisure Travel 3-year/36,000-mile limited structural warranty; 2-year/24,000-mile limited warranty
Lance 2-year limited structural warranty; 1-year limited warranty
Keystone 3-year limited structural warranty; 1-year limited base warranty
Jayco 2-year limited warranty
Holiday Rambler 3-year/45,000-mile limited structural warranty; 1-year/15,000-mile basic limited warranty
Heartland 3-year limited structural warranty; 1-year limited warranty
Gulf Stream 3-year limited warranty on Ultra-Lite structural components; 1-year warranty on Super-Lite structural components
Forest River 1-year structural warranty
Fleetwood RV 3-year/45,000-mile structural warranty; 1-year/15,000-mile limited warranty
Escape Trailers 2-year warranty
Entegra 5-year structural limited warranty; 2-year limited warranty
Dutchmen 3-year structural warranty; 1-year warranty for all standard items
DRV Luxury Suites 3-year limited warranty
Crossroads RV 3-year limited structural warranty
Casita 1-year
Bigfoot RV 3-year structural warranty; 1-year warranty for all standard items
Airstream 3-year limited warranty; 3 years of 24/7 roadside assistance

Which Travel Trailer Has the Best Warranty

You may be wondering among all those brands listed above, which travel trailer has the best warranty? According to most customer review, Tiffin brand tops the list of the best trailer warranty.

Tiffin brand offer you a 10-year construction limited warranty, 5-year delamination limited warranty, 1-year limited warranty and 1-year coach roadside service that you cannot get in any other brand’s warranty.

This is not to say other warranties are not good. However, be sure to check the terms and condition of the brand you desire to purchase. Get a brand that fits your interest the most.

Are RV Extended Warranties Worth it?

As a buyer, of a new RV you may enjoy some privileges such as free repairs just in case your RV gets a problem. However, the benefits cannot be enjoyed by a person who buys a used RV since the warranty is not traferable.

Besides, each warranty is time limited and as an original buyer a time comes when you are no longer eligible for warranty. Worse is when the company does not honor its promise to claims even when you are under warranty.

So before buying an RV do research to ensure the company honors its commitment in the warranty.

When you find a good company that serves you well and you have actually enjoyed your first time warranty as a new buyer, you can consider extending your warranty. But, read careful and know what will be covered.

It is expensive to extend your warranty period since the risks of having more repairs is high as the RV is in constant use, but it is worth it. Although the extension can only be done by a few people since its quite expensive.

If you have the ability to extend your warranty, please do so only after you have exhausted your initial warranty and you are sure the company keeps its words.

Thus, you need to have done your homework well to decide whether or not to extend your warranty. Still, if you are not capable to extend your warranty proper management and use of the RV can save you some maintenance and repair cost.

Should You Get an Extended Warranty on a New RV?

Not immediately. Once you buy an RV, you are already eligible for a default warranty whose duration varies from time to time. So, exhaust the original warranty before thinking to extend your warranty.

Extending a warranty is another investment depending on the years you need coverage. So, no need to hurry to extend yet you haven’t exhausted the current duration.

It is because some dealers may show laxity to fix repairs, some may take too long to repair, others may do shoddy work, while some may not show up at all to fix your problems.

Besides, depending on the services offered during your warranty you will be in a better position to know whether or not to do an extension.

3) RV Insurance Cover

How Does RV Insurance Work?

Insurance cover covers you based on the policy you chose. Some of the common ways for your RV to be covered include:

  1. If in the instance you are at fault, your insurance cover will be liable in case the other driver files a case against you.
  2. In the instance your RV has been damaged and requires towing, the insurance company will take responsibility and even compensate you.
  3. When your RV gets stolen, damaged by stray falling objects, damaged by animals or nature such as hail storm and any other, RV insurance will sort you out.

Why Is RV Insurance Important?

The cost of purchasing an RV is a large investment on its own. The cheapest RV can go for $10,000 usd and the most expensive RV can even go for $400,000usd and above depending with what you want your RV to have.

Imagine such a large investment without an insurance cover then by bad-luck your RV is crushed in an accident. What a loss! Its better to insure your RV just in case you encounter a problem the insurance company will sort you up irrespective of the cost depending on the policy you chose.

What Does Insurance Cover on a Camper?

It will depend with the package you choose. However, some of the things that can be covered include but not limited to vacation and campsite, replacement of total loss, expenses due to emergencies, and full time coverage where RV is permanent residence among others.

Besides, the cost of coverage will vary depending with the RV type you are insuring, adds on the basic things to be covered, and the insurance company you choose. Class A, B, and C RV have different coverage.

Class A RV include motor coach, luxury coach, and converted bus. These vehicles can be long up to 75 feet. Class B RVs are the smallest.

Often, Class B have no cab-over and include travel trailers, camper vans and cargo vans. Class C include 5th wheel vehicles.

Class C vehicles are more of standard cargo van being the RV driving portion and cab area having the camper portion.

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance depends with a number of factors. Hence, your friend could be having a similar model to your RV but you both pay different costs of insurance because you might have chosen different things based on what your adds on.

Some of the ads on include roadside assistance, personal belonging, and additional riders coverage other that other basic coverage in a policy. So, insurance covers with no adds on can be much lower than for someone who has added extra needs to be covered.

The cheapest insurance cover is class B and per year it can cost between $1000-$2000. Moderately expensive is class C and very costly covers is for class A that goes for about $2000 per year. Permanent residence RV insurance cost is not the same as occasionally used RV.

The cost is also influenced by your driving history, past claims, and your history of accidents. When you decide to select high deductibles, your overall costs is likely to be lower but out of pocket payment can be high.

4) Buying an RV

What is the Markup on RVs?

Markup varies and depends with the dealer. However, most dealers mark up is 30-40%. To give you an idea of the profit a dealer gets: a 50% mark up bring 33% profit, and a 33% mark up brings 25% profit. Others take a 20% mark up.

Markup price often accounts for the cost incurred to deliver a bought RV and its investment incurred leaving the dealer with some percentage profits.

Besides, dealers would often hike up there show prices just to allow room for negotiations but in real sense they have set a standard markup price which they will try to maintain.

Thus, if you do your research well and get to know an average standard price including the minimum price dealers are likely to sell, you are likely to win. But, if you just wake up and go to a show room you are likely to pay more than what you should have paid.

Is it Worth Buying a Travel Trailer?

In comparison to conventional vehicles, travel trailers are not only expensive to buy but also maintain it. It is because these trailers are most often for luxury, having fun moving about or even make the trailer your home.

Not everyone can afford to purchase a luxury motorhome, but if you can it is worth it. It is because these trailers have some luxuries and comfort that you cannot enjoy in your normal vehicle.

Besides, since the trailers have been modified to posses equipment just like your home its much fun to move around with your home. You enjoy all the comfort of your home as you have fun during your adventures with no worries.

Should I Buy a New or Used Travel Trailer?

For you to decide whether to buy a new or used travel trailer, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Justifying your choices is essential for your choice of new or used.


Consider your working budget. Often, new RVs tend to be more expensive than used RVs. Although sometimes some new RVs tend to be much cheaper than used RVs depending with the amenities and the brand you wish to buy.


A good research on your model can help inform your decision. Besides, consider discussing with your dealer on the money you are willing to spend so as to be advised on the varieties of models that fit your budget.


RV dealers have actual vs advertised cost. Actual cost can be higher or lower than advertised cost. Its because sometimes other hidden cost exists that are not often included in the advertised cost.

Hidden cost include: warranties, upgrades, dealership fee, and finance charges. Discounts can lower the cost.


RVs are expensive and majority of users buy them through payment plan. Besides, new RVs have warranty which can be hard to get for a used RV. Thus, if you go for used RV be ready to pay out of pocket because most dealers loan on new RV.


Buying a new RV is expensive but once you leave the dealer store it depreciates. Purchasing a used RV can be cheap since it has already been affected by depreciation.

Reselling a used RV can be at a loss most of the time unless you are lucky to overcome depreciation.


Maintenance of new RVs can be cheaper since you are the first to use the trailer from manufacturer, all items are new, and there is a warranty you can claim.

With used RV, extent of damages depends with how responsible the previous user was. As a result, you could end up spending too much on repair since you have no warranty. More caution and survey needs to be done before purchasing a used RV.


National dealership are cheaper than local dealership. Besides, national dealers have a vast models with varying taste of luxury compared to a local dealer.

However, local dealers value consumer loyalty, they can be easy to find in case of trouble, and they can negotiate prices better that the national dealers.

Private sellers are much cheaper than dealership on selling a used RV. Some sites you can get better deals is the RV trader and Craigslist. You can also get new RV posted by dealers in these sites.


Ask for discount. With a discount you can get either a new or a used RV at a much cheaper prize that can suit your budget.

Some of the conditions to be eligible for a discount include:

  • customer loyalty,
  • new clients,
  • purchasing old model,
  • lump sum payment,
  • cash payment.

Lot rot:

RVs that just parked for some days end up getting something spoiled. Ensure the batteries are at least 50% charged and don’t let it go dead.

Issues such as leaks, water damages, and damaged exteriors are common in used RV whose repairs can be costly.

Floor plans:

You can be spoilt for choice in selecting a suitable floor plan of a newer RV model. Old models tend to have a common floor plan hence quite cheaper.


New RVs have warranty. Getting warranty for used RV is hard since its not transferable and can be expensive since it has higher risk of getting damages in the near future.

Should I Buy an RV at an RV Show?

It depends. If you desire to select the best model, then RV show could be the best place to buy since many dealers showcase their best. A variety of RVs would be displayed for you to choose.

The shows also give a good discount. You can see it being much cheaper that what the dealers have advertised. However, you can also get better deals at dealers stores than in RV shows.

Do your homework before a show and you will know whether or not to buy.

Can You Buy an RV Directly from the Manufacturer?

If you are a dealer yes. But if its just one RV for your own use no. Most manufacturers sale their RVs in bulk at a much cheaper price to dealers. The dealers then add their mark up price and sell to the end user consumers at a much higher price to cover all costs involved.

Dealers that can be said to sale the RVs in wholesale via online sites include the RVWholesalers and RVDirect. You can consider checking those site and see their prices then compare with what your known local dealer sells.

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5) RV Price Negotiations When Buying

Can You Negotiate RV Prices?

Yes. Majority of sellers have room for negotiations. However, the dealers won’t tell you that their mark up prices are very high to allow for the RV negotiations and still get a profit out of it. It is a win win situation.

Besides, one of the essential RV negotiation tips is to buy whichever RV brand in the low season especially in winter where most people are not planning to go camping due to cold. Business is low during this period and making a sale can be hard.

That is why RV are expensive since they are seasonal and the profits need to be sustainable even in low season.

How Much Can You Negotiate on a Travel Trailer?

Its not fixed. It depends with the delear, the brand, the season, model, whether or not the trailer is new or used, peak season or low season. Thus, negotiations cutoff will varry.

Some sellers can give you a discount of 20%-30% or lower. Others can give you a discount of some few thousands off. Since dealers would like to maintain you as a loyal customer, they can always give you some discount however little it may seam.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on a Travel Trailer?

Its not always the case that everybody who has bought an trailer had the best deal, some have been coned, and some have payed more than what they should.

How do I get the best deal on an RV? (RV negotiation tips)

Consider the following tips:

  1. Know how worth that RV is. Do research. Compare prices, brands, qualities, and reviews
  2. Don’t fall for the first price. With proper research you will know the price ranges. Negotiate.
  3. With back up knowledge from RV forums, NADA RV price guide, and personal interviews you will know how best to negotiate
  4. Don’t be bullied to pay for dealer prep fee. Its not legal to get added fee that what you agreed. Check the contract and only sign after the final price is what you agreed
  5. Shop during low season such as winter when demand for trailers is low
  6. Do proper inspection on the trailer to ensure you get what you actually need and want.
  7. Have knowledge of book prices for both new and used RV models so that sellers don’t take advantage of your ignorance. Check NADA value to get more details on the same.

How Much Should I Pay for a New RV?

The cost of a new RV varies depending with brand, model, and its features. However, new RV average ranges from about $10,000-$300,000.

Example, a motorhome can go for about $100,000, a fifth wheel for about $40,000, and a trailer pulled behind a truck for about $20,000.

The table shows a sampled list of some brand price in the market. Please note that prices can fluctuated depending with the model upgrade. So you may not find the listed exact price but it should be close to that price.

Model/Brand Price(USD)
2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome $295,200+
Northwood Arctic Fox 28-5C Fifth-Wheel $42,985+
Keystone Passport Express 239ML $18,595
Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45AT Class A Diesel Motorhome $429,660
Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29J Class C Toy Hauler $123,450
Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel $50,682
Winnebago Cambria 27K Class C Motorhome $129,394
Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Camper Trailer $13,495+
Keystone Sprinter 312MLS Travel Trailer $36,994+
2015 Palomino PaloMini 177BH Travel Trailer $10,000+
2017 K-Z RV Connect C191RBT Travel Trailer $20,402
Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome $280,041+
Thor Motor Coach Compass 24LP Class B Motorhome $114,975
Coachmen Leprechaun 240FS (450 Ford) Class C Motorhome $68,700+
Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome $144,675
Prime Time RV LaCrosse 339BHD Travel Trailer $46,727
Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M $80,118+
Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler $49,999
Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter 17RD Travel Trailer   $11,999
Average Market Prices For New RVs

How Much Should I Pay for a Used RV?

It all depends with the brand, motorhome model, and the season you are buying the trailer. Some brands are generally expensive whether new or used.

Also, the model affects prices since luxurious models tend to be more expensive that a basic featured model. Winter season tend to be the best and cheapest period to purchase and RV.

The average cost of a used RV from $10,000 upwards. Class A tends to be the most expensive. However, it will also depend with the condition you buy the RV. A month old used RV is much expensive than a 5 year used RV. Do your homework well.

6) When Things Go Wrong After Buying Your RV

Can I Cancel my RV Purchase?

Yes. The cost of an RV is another huge investment whose unintended purchase can have a significant consequences on your finances. You are legally allowed to cancel an RV purchase but some specific conditions must be met for the cancellation to be a success.

Cancelling a trade is one of the last options any dealer would have to undergo. As a result, negotiations are often done to come up with an agreement.

Besides, if too many cancellations are a success the dealer risks poor reputation especially when the dealer is to blame for trade gone wrong.

With sufficient proof you can cancel an RV purchase when

You bought it under mistake.

For instance your child could have unknowingly ordered the RV when using your computer on the internet.


You unintentionally ordered the RV but you did not intend to order that. It happens. Especially when your mind wonders away perhaps when stressed up.


You were forced to order the RV and it was not your wish.

Under influence.

Sometimes you could be under the influence of alcohol that result in a misjudged decision.


You could order one type of an RV but the one delivered is quite different.

Wrong delivery destination.

You ordered the RV and want it delivered to your residency but it was delivered somewhere else you did not intent to have it delivered.


Rescission is the term for order cancellation by either parties involved to cancel a contract such as an RV purchase. Other than the consumer, even the dealer can cancel the order.

Rescission is valid with the first 3 days of purchase.

The following are some of the things involved in a rescission contract.

  • The dealer should inform the buyer of the right to cancel the order and the conditions
  • 2 Copies of cancellation form to be provided to the buyer. In case of order cancellation, one form to be handed back to the dealer and the other to be kept for formalities and future reference if need be.
  • Details such as contract date, and details of seller such as name and address
  • Once contract is being executed, you are not supposed to transfer, sell, or assign the debt or contract to any other person before midnight of the 5th business day.
  • The trade should not be transferred, assigned, or sold before the 5th business day during the execution of the cancelled order.

NOTE: You are not eligible for a 3 day rescission when

The sale was completed after successful negotiations, you established of financing, and signed all paperwork pertaining to the contract that you undertook in the business establishment. The trade should be completed by the dealer and you should clear the bill.

Once the order has been canceled the dealer should
  • Refund the customer after 10 business day
  • Within 10 business day the dealer should ask to consumer whether he or she would receive the RV or abandon (formality)
  • Dealer may not require consumer to ship back the the RV
  • If dealer doesn’t show intents to repossess the RV in 20 days after cancellation, consumer can keep the RV even when refund has been made
  • Its not mandatory for selling dealer to compensate services performed under cancelled contract

Some dealers may not be willing to accept a rescission.

You as the potential buyer you need to know that the dealer is liable for:

  1. Damages you suffered due to cancellation
  2. Reasonable court and attorney fee
  3. Amount equal to the total trade cost
  4. Dealer may loose the right to possess the RV
  5. Attorney general can sue to force the dealer accept liabilities

Can You Return a Travel Trailer?

Honestly, its very hard. Legally, you are allowed to return and some contract have written sections that you can return the trailer. But in reality it is more than difficult to do so.

No seller would easily accept a product return then do a refund easily. Its an uphill task and if you are lucky the process can be long. It is because no seller would want something troublesome returned. Besides, it has already depretiated.

Thus, dealers will do all they can including negotiations and even carrying out repairs just to make it work and not get it returned for a refund to be ordered.

Besides, the sellers are knowledgeable on laws concerning return and the dealer will beat about the bush just not to have it back. Worse if you as buyer are ignorant of the laws you won’t go anywhere.

Also, return means huge financial losses of refunding and repairing which no seller can be willing to take all at once. However, you can still get an attorney to help you out in worst case scenarios.

Can You Back Out of an RV Loan?

Yes you can. Sometimes you could have bought the RV by mistake and you want to back out. The question that comes to your mind is what do I do if I have purchased/bought an RV by mistake.

How can I get out of an RV loan? You have 3 days to back out after purchase. Even if you have signed all the agreements prior, but you realized you do not need the RV for reasons such as by mistake or perhaps you think you won’t be able to pay the loan you can surrender.

You are legally allowed to cancel your order and get a refund through a rescission (Cancel) process. But, its not always the case since you have to meet specific conditions for rescission to be successful.

But, what if 3 days have already elapsed and you have received your RV? Now you have to think of selling it. Although since the asset depreciates you are likely to go in loss worse is if you bought the RV for more than its worth.

To get started research the price range of your RV, and compare different companies prices. The difference is likely to be the loss. Advertise and sell.

Besides, you can renegotiate with your bank to allow you more time to pay the RV since you are looking for a buyer. You could be lucky.

What Happens if You Default on an RV Loan?

This one of the last resolution you could have since its consequencese are dire. Just like any other loan, once you sign a contract and agree the installements to pay you need to honor your pledge and keep paying.

But sometimes things don’t go as planned. You could be in a financial crisis due to job loss, or unplanned damages to your business that has made it difficult for you to pay your loans on time.

Most dealers won’t care about your issue and sometimes your RV can be repossessed and you can be sued for defaulting. The court process may be long until the dealer recovers their investment.

However, you can get an attorney to help you get debt forgiveness depending with your financial crisis. Some crisis are worse and only forgiveness can help.

But not everyone is lucky to get debt forgiveness, You can still work out a good payment plan with your attorney to settle your debt.

7) RV Features You Should Know

What Comes Standard in Most RVs?

There are specific areas and equipment that any RV must have irrespective of the brand. Other than addition of items to add luxury in an RV, basic
components just like in your home should be there.

It should have a living room that has staff like chairs, recliners, couches,
television and many more. The RV should have a lavatory area that includes a bathroom perhaps with a shower, a toilet, and can have an extra sink.

A bedroom that has either a queen bed or a double bed is a must. You need to rest during your adventure. Number of beds depends with trailer size. Sometimes the bedroom area can have closets and/ or drawers for storage.

A fully furnished kitchen with cooking stoves, microwave, and can also have a fridge. A water tap with a sink for cleaning is always fixed in there.
Besides, extra chairs and a table for dining area could be included.

What Extra Features Can You Add to Your RV?

You may wish to upgrade or perhaps add extra items to enhance comfort and luxury of your trailer. Although additional upgrades entirely depends on the RV model you own.

Most bedrooms could be upgraded. Normally, you can buy the RV with a queen size bed or a double bed. You can upgrade the bed to a king size bed.

Most RVs do not come with a washer and a dryer. So, if you intend to travel
for long you can add a washer and a dryer for cleaning and drying your garments in the course of your trip.

Depending with your family size or items you carry during your trip, you may realize that the existing storage space is a little bit small for all your
luggage. Consequently, adding extra closets and shelves would expand your
storage capacity to accommodate all your items.

For those who enjoy to watch specific programs, you may consider adding a
satellite dish to enhance your TV signal. It is because most RVs have no
satellite dishes installed and therefore you may be limited in choosing your

What External Features do You Need for Your RV?

Its evident that you will still spend sometime outside your RV and you still need to enjoy. You may consider upgrading the outside of your RV to enhance your comfort.

You need retractable awnings and sun shades just in case you need to relax outside your RV and the sun is too hot. Besides, the sun shade would provide sufficient shade and also protect your skin from damages such as sunburns and other damages by the harmful rays of the sun.

You might need a grill mount. It allows you to attach your electric or charcoal grill at a much safer distance from your trailer. Thus, you can comfortably heat your meals or snack outside your RV in a safer place

You can also invest in solar panels. The solar power could save you power costs for your devices. In fact, in your traverse an areas with enough sun shine then you could power all your devices without worrying about cost.

What Sort of Safety Features Should You Look for RV?

Other than enjoying the ride, comfort, and luxury in your RV, it is important for you to ensure you are safe. Safety measures have been documented in the manual. However, be sure to engage in RV safety practices yourself to enhance the overall safety.

General safety precautions include checking the safety of your chassis. Inquire from your dealer or read in the dealers website about the safety and materials used to build your chassis.

Often, the chassis is built from quality materials such as a mixture of aluminium, steel, fiberglass, and wood.

Check the safety of the handling features. The features should be stable and perhaps have some shock absorbers just in case you are touring a rough terrain.

A reinforced roof would enhance your comfort in a rough weather. It will protect the inside of your RV from falling objects, snow, branches, rain, and even hail among others.

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